Last-minute Fenerbahce news! Click here for details on the signing ceremony …

Fenerbahce had a signature show yesterday. Yellow Navy Blues has extended contracts for Arda Gurel, Ferdi Kadiol, Muhamed Gumshkaya, Ertur Lucetin and Melivostan. The 15-year-old new transfer Isak Vural also attended the ceremony. The happiness and pride of young stars were read on their faces. Click here for details of the ceremony …


“We gathered for positive issues that will contribute to the future of the club. I attended a meeting of the European Club Association last week. Turkey is the most popular soccer player in Europe over the age of 30. Turkey is giving time. Players under the age of 22 have the least 4% of the time. At Antalya camp, 11 youth players were trained in Team A. We were four years ago. I think it’s a lot closer to what I said. We held a signing ceremony with six football players who are enthusiastic about Fenerbache. We are proud to share the same table with them soon. ” It’s teacher’s time. “” Hodja قsmail (Kartal) will help us more. Hopefully it can continue. Probably a chaotic environment to work with a foreign teacher after 6 months .. He took the team at a time of the problem without talking about money or looking ahead. He put on a hat for him who took on this responsibility. Hopefully we If the conditions develop as desired, we will be together for a longer time. It’s almost time for a new teacher. “

Ferdi Kadiol: I grew up here!

“I came here as a little kid four years ago. I was 64 kg and had no beard. Now I have gained 9 kg and have a beard. I grew up here. I’m proving myself every day. I’m very happy with this year’s performance. This season was great for me. I can say I’m doing the best. Today is big for Fenerbahce. It’s a day. There are a lot of talented players here. I hope one day I can fight for this team on the field. I’m ready to fight for more matches and trophies. I want to win a trophy here. I’m currently injured. I don’t know if I can go to the national team. I know. I hope I’ll be well again soon. What about this? I can’t say that. Finally, I’m happy with Fenerbahce. “

Year: twenty two

sign: 4 years

position: Full back, midfielder, wing

legs: right

size: 1.74 meters.

He became a Fenerbahce joker this season. He was applauded for his performance. Ferdi also preferred Turkey as the national team.

ISAK VURAL: I was born in these colors

“I received a message this morning about what I need to say, but I don’t tell them. I express my love for these colors in my heart, Yellow Navy Blue. Born in the color of, I grew up with the dream of playing in this beautiful stadium in front of the best fans in the world. I am very happy to be here. My father and grandfather are big fans of Fenerbahce. I’m glad they told me that. I’m grateful to them. I came here with all my heart. I’m very happy. I want to help the team I’ll do my best. Good luck, Fenerbahce. “

Year: 15

sign: 3 years

position: Midfielder

legs: right

size: 1.82 meters.

I tried it in Barcelona but it was transferred from Benfica’s infrastructure. Isaac is noted for his high technique, dribbling ability, and creative path.

El Tour Lucetin: I’m proud

“I am very proud to be here today. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to being here. I came to the club at the age of 11. Fikirtepe Facility, Dereağzı, Can Whatever you want to see about Bartu, Şükrü Saraçoğlu, Fenerbahçe is right in front of you today. We are children of Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we grew up in Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we have Fenerbahce. “

Year: 18 18

sign: 2 + 1 years

position: Goalkeeper

legs: right

size: 1.88 meters.

In the last five minutes of the Antalya match, the third goalkeeper, Ertugrul, was in charge for the first time. Against Altai, he protected the castle for 90 minutes.

Muhamed Gumshkaya: The signature of life!

“I am very happy. Thanks to the president, Dr. Tahil (Kalapnal), my family, and the managers who brought me to the club. I went through this door when I was 11 years old. The love of Fenerbahce was given to me when I was young. I am very happy. The contract we sign is a small opportunity, because I have a lifelong contract with Fenerbahce in my heart. I am honored and proud. There are many talented brothers here. I hope it will be good for all of us and our community. “

Year: twenty one

sign: 4 years

position: Midfielder, wing

legs: left

size: 1.77 meters.

In the first half of the season, he had the opportunity to play in Fenerbahce. During the interim transfer, he was lent to Giresunspor.

MEL0054 HBOSTAN: My dream goal!

“I came to Fenerbahce when I was 12 years old. I’ve been here for 6 years. I’m very happy to be here. I’m very proud. I’ve been in Team A since I was a kid. I dreamed of playing and scoring a goal in Chubukuru. My club gave me the opportunity to make this dream come true. I work hard and pay for it. Good luck, Fenerbahce. “

Year: 17 17

sign: 5 years

position: Forward

legs: right

size: 1.67 meters.

The young striker scored the highest in the younger category. This season he is playing for the U19 team and training for the A team.

ARDA GULER: This is a procedure

“Thanks to my family and teachers. It is a great honor and pride for me to be with you. I hope to serve Fenerbahce for many years. We have been very successful. Come here. I’m very happy. As my brother Muhammed said, the contract is our procedure. We are Fenerbahce. We have played. We will continue to play. We would like to contribute more. Alex. Alex has been my idol since I was a kid. I wish I could be like him. After I scored my first goal, there was an emotional outburst. I was so happy. I’ve been watching since I was a kid, so I was unaware and happy. We are players. We play, go. Hopefully we are for this club. There will be people who will come to our place after making money in. We hope that our other friends will also realize their dreams. “

Year: 17

sign: 3 years

position: Midfielder, Wing

legs: left

size: 1.76 meters.

He became the youngest player in the history of the Yellow Navy Blues to score goals in the league. It has already attracted the attention of many European giants.