Last-minute: Explanation of Taraweef’s prayer from President Ariel Bash on religious affairs

Breaking news: Ali Elbash, president of religious affairs, said that Taraweef prayers are held in the congregation at the mosque, like the five daily prayers in Ramadan. We breathe together in the spiritual atmosphere of the mosque. The whole family will work together. “

Elvas spoke at the 2022 Ramadan Promotion Program on the presidential palace campus.

They say they are delighted and excited to approach Ramadan, and Elvas begins Ramadan with the first fast on Saturday, April 2, after the first Tarawih prayer on Friday, April 1. I remembered that.

Elvas has pointed out a new period of measures for the Covid-19 epidemic that has affected the world for over two years. “This year we hope to experience the peace of Taraweef’s prayer, Saul, Iftar, a revival of many unique beauty that makes the month of Ramadan meaningful and unforgettable.” He said.

“The most basic moral value that leads people to good in this world and in the future is honest. From the perspective of honesty,” Elvas said, saying he will be hosting a Ramadan event on the theme of “Ramadan and the Truth” this year. From, it means that the intention, attitude and behavior of the mind are the same.

Emphasizing that honesty is the most basic moral principle that surrounds all life, Elvas continued:

“Every relationship, from individuals to society, families to human-themed environments, can only develop at a healthy level by establishing an environment of trust. In an environment of trust, everyone is honest with society. Honesty is our motto. Where there is no peace, there can be no talk of peace, brotherhood, solidarity, or cooperation.

He pointed out that social media is one of the places where truth is most ignored and lies are the fastest to spread, and Erbaş said some people create and share all sorts of lies on the internet and social networking platforms. .. Above all, Elvas said it was a right to spread the lie by sharing the news without investigating its accuracy.

“Retaining our brothers as needed will be of utmost psychological benefit.”

Recognizing that it is very important to help, share and heal wounds during difficult and difficult times, Elvas said: It would be of great spiritual benefit to us if we could alleviate the worries of our brothers who are waiting for help rather than receiving all the blessings of the world. ” Said.

Emphasizing that Ramadan is also a shared month, Elvas advised to use Zakat during Ramadan. Elvas said, “Zakat is the sharing and right of wealth between the poor and the poor. Therefore, ignoring Zakat or refraining from giving Zakat is an infringement of the rights of the servants and Allah.” I used a phrase.

Emphasizing that Ramadan is also an important opportunity for children’s faith, worship and compassionate education, Elvas continued:

“As parents, it is our duty to strive to maximize the blessings of the month and the spiritual atmosphere of the mosque. It is Islam to create an environment that contributes to being with our children. The principle of life-giving and beautifying. For this reason, they need to personally experience the blessings of the mosque, the taste of fasting, and the joy of Iftal. The prayers of time, the prayers of Tarawi, and the round-trip children. Let’s enjoy the beauty of worshiping together. Let’s accumulate the sweet memories of the moon of Ramadan in our hearts and minds. “

“Cleaning and use of masks will continue at our mosques and mosques.”

Elvas explained that he would be happy to pray for Tarawih with the congregation for the first time in two years, saying, “But we must adhere to the sensitivity to ongoing measures in the process. Cleaning and masking. Necessary measures such as use need to be taken, taken by our President and will continue to be carried out in our mosques and masjids. I will. “Warned.

Elvas announced that most of his leadership activities will take place face-to-face during Ramadan, saying, “Like the five daily prayers, Taraweef prayers will be held in the congregation at our mosque. Participates in Taraweef’s prayer. Conversations and reactions with the whole family, and breathes together the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan. Our citizens who cannot participate in the reaction at our mosque, You can follow the reaction read daily on Diyanet TV during the month of Ramadan. “

The theme of Ramadan in 2022 has been decided

It was announced on a social media account on religious issues that the theme of the month of Ramadan in 2022 was decided as “Ramadan and the Truth”.

ALO190 Religious Information Line will be in service for 7 days

Keeping in mind that Taraweef prayers are held using Hatim at mosques and masjids that Mufti deems appropriate, Elvas said that from 8 am to 2 pm in Ramadan, the Aro 190 Religious Information Line became a citizen seven days a week. He said he was going to serve.

Elvas said that books, magazines, other printed matter, visual and audio material on the theme of “Ramadan and the Truth” created by the Bureau of Religious Affairs will be available on the “” website. Stated. Diyanet TV, Diyanet Radio, Diyanet Qur’an Radio, Diyanet. He said the iftar and sahur shows will be held on Risalet Radio.

The Turkish Religious Foundation said, “You are expected to be blessed with intelligence in our brotherhood,” Elvas said. With the help, we hope to reach out to nearly a million brothers and sisters. ” He said.

sauce: DHA, AA