Last minute … Expected snowfall began in Istanbul, paralyzing traffic

The Directorate General of Meteorology warned of snowfall in Istanbul and announced that cold weather would be valid until the beginning of the week. Professor of Meteorology, CNN TÜRK. Dr. Şen OrhanŞen said in a live broadcast, “Snowfall will continue until Monday. In Istanbul it will be even harder on Friday. Do not use our car for 3 days. If you don’t have winter tires, never go out. Due to the expected heavy rain, all private and public education and training institutions in Istanbul were closed until March 14. After a meteorological warning, snowfall began in several areas of Istanbul, and traffic was blocked by rain. Traffic density reached 71% at 17:40.

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High snow warning from meteorology to Istanbul

The heavy snow warning was issued by the Istanbul Meteorological Bureau.

The meteorological statement included the following statement:
“As of Thursday, March 10, 2022, heavy snowfall, northeastern storms, and strong cold (6-10 degrees below the seasonal normal) are estimated to be effective throughout Istanbul.

Heavy snowfall (10-20 cm snowfall) is expected throughout the state, with strong winds and storms blowing from the northeast in the northern part of the city and Bosphorus, and heavy snowfall (snow cover). 20cm or more) It has the effect of the sea.

It continues at the beginning of the week

According to the latest assessments, Istanbul’s cold, snowfall and strong winds are expected to continue until early next week.

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You need to be aware of negatives such as transport interruptions, icing and frost, types, poor visibility during precipitation, trees, falling poles, and flying roofs.

It is important for citizens and authorities to follow current weather forecasts and warning reports issued by the Directorate General of Meteorology.

Professor. DR. Warning live from ORHANSEN

Professor of Meteorology, CNN TÜRK. Dr. Şen OrhanŞen warned in a live broadcast.

Professor Dr. Şen Orhan Şen used the following statement.

We cannot stand in the cold. We are in a very difficult place to stand. The temperature keeps dropping. It will be minus 2 at night. We are in a colder system than January 24th. It’s snowing on the way.

“Don’t drive for 3 days”

The main snowfalls fall from the northern district and the European side around 06:00 to 07:00 on Thursday mornings. From Sarıyer to Arnavutköy. It covers the entire Istanbul and then the Sea of ​​Marmara and is readily accessible. It does not happen in Thrace. Inside the western Black Sea, snow can affect the transport of the Istanbul-Ankara road. Snowfall will continue until Monday. It will be intermittent. Friday seems to be a little too much in Istanbul. There is a lot of snow around Düzce, Kokaeri and Bol. Don’t use your car for 3 days. If you don’t have winter tires, don’t go outside.

Snow thickness

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The snow on the ground is not very thick on the first day of snowfall, but tomorrow it will be 15 cm thick in Istanbul from Friday to Saturday. The height will be 30 cm. Because the temperature is low, it does not melt on the ground and it snows. There is more snowfall in the form of blizzards. It is important for your health as well as the wind. Please do not go out during this cold season.

AFAD also issued a warning: Attention to defects in transit

In the AFAD statement, “Heavy snow is expected in Istanbul.

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In Uskudar, citizens were caught in the snow during rush hours

Istanbul school holidays

The Istanbul Governor’s Office has taken new steps against the expected heavy snowfall throughout the city. All private and public education and training institutions in Istanbul have been suspended until March 14. It has also been decided that civil servants, workers and other employees will be on leave on Thursday, March 10, 2022, with the exception of safety, health and transportation services.

The following statement was made by the Governor’s Office:
“According to data received from the Regional Meteorological Bureau today at 10:30, an orange warning was issued to Istanbul on Thursday, March 10, 2022 due to predicted reports and expected bad weather.

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From Thursday, March 10, 2022. All public and private basic and secondary education and secondary education centers, mature institutions, private education courses, car driver courses, various courses, special education and rehabilitation centers, public school support and training courses, and private schools. Supplementary course,
Includes 4-6 year old Quran course and main class. Educational activities at all educational institutions will be suspended until Monday, March 14, 2022.

Activities at private kindergartens, day care centers and children’s clubs under the Ministry of Family and Social Services will be suspended until Monday, March 14, 2022.

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In consultation with the President of the University of Istanbul, higher education in our state will be suspended until Monday, March 14, 2022.

Aside from security, health and transportation services, civil servants, workers and other staff are on March 10, 2022, provided that we have the lowest level of personnel for the enforcement of compulsory services by our agency. It has been decided to take a leave of absence on Thursday.

Traffic lock

Expected snowfall in Istanbul has begun in many districts. When snowfall begins, the traffic density in the city will increase. Location of the TEM highway Mahmutbey The direction of Edirne has become one of the points where traffic is gradual. According to the IMM traffic density map, the density was measured at 17.40 at 71%.

Last minute ... Expected snowfall began in Istanbul, paralyzing traffic

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The Ministry of Transport Infrastructure shared the message, “Because of heavy snowfall in Istanbul, Marmaray flights will serve citizens from March 9th to 13th until 2pm.”