Last minute … exchange rates and inflation … President Erdogan: These are the transitional costs we are experiencing

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The main highlights of President Erdogan’s speech are:
Next November, our party will be 21 years old. On every occasion, we try to explain how we started under the banner of the AK Party. The AK Party was formed through discussions.

On Tuesday, we held the fourth meeting of conversations with our agents. We will convene MYK on Monday and then meet with a former agent at a dinner party.

The 2023 election explains the diversity of our country

The fact that we have emerged as the overwhelming first party in all 15 elections so far shows, without exception, that our country appreciates our attitude. I am. We are on the eve of a new test, the 2023 election. Without a doubt, all choices are important. However, the 2023 election will be at a crossroads in our country beyond the future of the AK Party and the People’s Union.

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Canakkale Bridge will be one of the most important bridges in the world

In the present era of our republic’s history, the AK Party, in terms of justice, foreign policy, agriculture and energy, the 1915 Canakkale Bridge is almost crowned. It is one of the most important bridges in the world and can be said to be number one. It makes sense. This is Canakkale. You can’t cross the road if the sea is rough, but we made a 6-minute investment from Asia to Europe on this bridge. This was lucky for us. We built the Yaves Selim Bridge, they stuck to it. As the main opponent, we built an airport over the sea in Ordu-Giresun. Do you have any news? Rize Altvin Airport is about to end. It will open next month. I went from 25 airports to 56 airports. My citizens, who go from one place in our country to another, are at home 30 minutes and 45 minutes after getting off the plane.

The price of the transition process at the exchange rate

Exchange rate and inflation fluctuations are the cost of the transition period we are experiencing. We are working, not stopping. These are prices. Look at my beloved citizens, we never stop. It takes a lot of time to make these investments. Use Build-Operate-Transfer to perform these steps. But they don’t understand it, they say, “Please explain what that means.” Come and learn. Contractors make this investment on their own and then pay the state price in the bids we make, but 10 or 15 or 20 years later. Not one cent coin comes out of the state’s financial resources. Here, the contractor does this. However, citizens who cross the bridge but pay for the highway have a deficit, and the government pays the deficit to the contractor.

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Some people ask purely: “Do you really love Kurds?”

We have sealed every corner of our country’s land with our services, without ignoring any state, district or village in our country. There is no distinction, but what did you say? We said that what happened on the west side is the same on the east side. Some people simply ask: “Do you really like Kurds too?” Fear Allah … there is no distinction between us. In black and white of all the creations of our Lord, these are all our brothers. The advantage lies only in ittiqa, not in this tribe, not in this tribe. We have to ask them, do you know Ittica? They don’t know. Because they are busy with something else. We have made the greatest health reform in the history of health. Ask them to explain what to add. Let them go out and tell you. We know to look for justice under the stairs. Currently, we are taking steps to help judges and prosecutors work more comfortably by building a modern and highly luxurious judicial palace. They criticize it.

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The MIT building is the second largest organization in the world after the Department of Defense.

Our MIT is probably the second largest organization in the world after the Department of Defense. Hopefully the construction of all TAF units will continue near MIT. We are there with him to more strongly represent our safety. We have added great power to the gendarmerie. Our police are in a very good position in this regard. Let them explain what to do. They have a metropolitan area. Let’s see what they are doing. Cheese ships cannot be described in words. We have seen what happens to the location of the municipality in the event of a flood disaster.

Proposing a new election law gives CHPMEP the most peace of mind

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These arrangements in the election law submitted to Congress will be the most remedy for CHP’s agents. These party members are presented to other parties in groups on a golden platter before the election. We hope that the new regulations will prevent CHP agents from encountering shameful statements that represent the will of the people to wander the political table like salt shakers. Election law eliminates the need for politically designed relocations and never encounters a confusing table again. We are changing the system in which the parties to the alliance have power and agents that far exceed the potential for voting. This arrangement is most beneficial to CHP’s agents. I believe that CHP’s agents sincerely support regulation, if not publicly. Of course, it is impossible for those who cannot even decide how to sit at the table to think and implement such a drastic reform. We are accustomed to the contradictions and constant turns of Kılıçdaroğlu. I believe our country is fed up with him. We hope that the 2023 election will help our country to get rid of this caricature type.