Last minute … EuroLeague Final Four press conference was held

The press conference at the Star Quay Arena in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, was attended by the head coaches and team players of the Final Four organization, as well as the press conference. Head coaches Elgin Ataman and Shane Larkin on behalf of Anadolu Efes, Georgios Barzocas and Georgios Printezis on behalf of Olympiacos, Sarnas Jasikevisius and Nikola Milotic on behalf of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid A conference in which Pablo Laso and Walter Tavares attended the press.

ERGIN ATAMAN: Only 2 games left

Anadolu Efes coach Elgin Ataman said last season’s trophy acquisition was very important to them, “The trophy acquisition was great. Celebrating this happiness with players, coach teams, families and locker rooms. But I’m sure the whole country has celebrated this victory to the fullest. If we can win this trophy again this season, we will raise our fists again for our fans and be happy. “

Anadolu Efes in the EuroLeague final

Anadolu Efes in the EuroLeague final

Ataman said the season didn’t start well, but over time he found his own rhythm: “It was a very difficult season. After winning the Cup last year, I couldn’t start this season well. Late season. Rhythm, I was convinced that if the team went out into the playoffs, the usual basketball wouldn’t be playable and would come back. At the most important moment of the season, we had the right way to play our game again. I found. With this confidence, I motivate the team. It was really difficult to knock out Olympia Milano without the field advantage. Like any other team, we are here to win. There are only two games left. “

“I’m an ambient coach. I keep my point. We’ll be champions.”

Celebrating May 19th to commemorate Ataturk Youth Sports Day, Ataman said he would play an important match on an important day: “A holiday given to Turkish sports by Ataturk. Tomorrow is an important holiday for Turkish people. Congratulations. Of course, this is an important game. After all, there are serious opponents. We will play against one of the most flash basketball teams of the season. Of course, on May 19th. Win, enthusiasm for the final on May 21. It will definitely be a difficult match. I am an ambitious player. “I am a coach and continue to insist. We will be champions. Team A team with such excellent players and it is the last champion and no other claim can be made. “

LARKIN: Our goal is to leave the championship again

Anadolu Efes’ successful player Shane Larkin emphasized that they wanted to win the trophy again, “celebrating the championship that won last season. Returning to the final four. As always, for success. You have to act hungry. We know we need to enjoy every moment here. Our goal. “Leave here in the championship. We focused on this goal. It is very important for the players that the coaches trust and feel the team. We trust each other as in the last three years. “

Olympiacos Front

“I’m honored to be here again. I told the players that I needed to focus on my match. I’m confident of my city and club,” said Olympiacos head coach Barzocas. I have to play for it. “

Giorgios Plantezis, an experienced player on the Greek team, said: You have reached the end. I am very happy for both myself and my team. ”

Barcelona front

Barcelona head coach Sarnas Jasikevisius said in his statement:

“The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the EuroLeague Final Four is, of course, an important match. Of course, it doesn’t matter if it’s Classico or not, as we’re all here to reach our goal. No. I know it’s difficult. I hope I’m ready by tomorrow night. “

Barcelona star and most valuable player of the season, Nicola Mirotic, said: You can enjoy every moment here. “

Real Madrid front

Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso said he would like to win the last EuroLeague championship here and become the champion again here. Walter Tavares, an experienced center for the Spanish team, said it was very difficult to win the trophy and he had to fight to achieve it.

Owner wins season award

The winners of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Season Awards also won the award at the ceremony held before the press conference. Nicola Mirotic from Barcelona has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the season in the EuroLeague. Anadolu Efes’s Vasiliye Mick won the Alfonso Ford Best Scorer Award for the top scorer of the season. The best defenders of the season award went to Kyle Hines in Olimpia Milano. Rokas Jokubaitis of Barcelona won the Rising Star of the Season Award. The EuroLeague Coach of the Year Award was presented to Olympiacos Greek Head Coach Georgios Barzocas. Shane Larkin, Mike James, Sasha Wezenkov, Nicola Mirotic and Edy Tavares have joined the Top 5 of the EuroLeague’s regular season.