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As of tomorrow, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Vallan announced that it will launch a budget support program of 300 million lira to install more than 1,500 electric vehicle fast charging stations.

Valank at the Hepsibrada Artificial Intelligence and Geographically Shown Products Cooperation Ceremony in the Billisim Valley, today we live in a different world in the fields of education, health, agriculture, industry and trade. I said there is.

Minister Valank said that the time when traditional entrepreneurs were leading trade is gone, and that global trends are determined by demand, not supply, and everything is shaped by customer demand. Was emphasized.

Keeping in mind that customers are always looking for something better and new, Varank explained that innovation and cooperation are the way to meet these needs.

In the very near future, innovative and uncooperative companies will not be able to find a place in this market, Varank continued.


“In short, in a constantly changing market, the job of doing business isn’t easy, but it’s going to be even harder. Look. They visit us during every transformation process. When shopping malls were in fashion, a small shopkeeper came to us and said, “These shopping malls have ended us. We can’t sell. These shopping malls are unfair competition. I’m doing it. ” Now, when e-commerce is on the agenda, when the share of e-commerce increases, it comes from the shopping mall and says, “Create a place like this and the rent will go up. How can I handle e-commerce? E-commerce is me. We are weakening our trade. ”We can see that the Metaverse is currently on the agenda. Today, many for-profit companies are already starting to open stores in the Metaverse Universe. In particular, the e-commerce sector needs to follow this trend very well.

How can all Turkish sectors, instead of complaining, deal with these trends and improve themselves? It has to find a solution. You may be able to stay a little above the surface by swimming against the flow, but you have no chance of progress. So we don’t go against the flow. Let’s look at the trends where the world is heading. What we can do in this sense is to improve ourselves. As a ministry, we are looking for ways to offer you the best conditions. As a state, we are trying to show a dynamic approach to regulation. “

Emphasizing that one of the most important agenda items of this period was the electric vehicle, Varank reminded them that they hosted the TOGG in the Valley of Informatics.

“All sectors have no remedy other than keeping up with the times.”

Varank noted that he is trying to lead the enterprise and private sector in electric vehicles, and said the government is actively working on fast charging stations.

Recalling that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly announced a support program for fast charging stations two weeks ago, Valank continued his words:

“Our President has announced a budget support program of 300 million lira to install more than 1500 fast charging stations in Turkey. We tell the private sector, which is all subsidized, we. Is leading you. Here. Bring the necessary infrastructure to Turkey and become a pioneer in the electrification of the automotive industry. ”Tomorrow we will start recruiting support programs. From now on, the private sector will start. Let’s see together how good results can be obtained by combining the efforts of the public and private sectors. In that sense, our business actually has a great responsibility. Your ability to improve your position by keeping up with change, it is actually the future guarantor of this country. “

Minister Valank emphasized that as the public side, he will continue to provide all sorts of support that paves the way for the sector, and that the great and powerful Turkish road will pass through technology, value added and innovative entrepreneurs. Was emphasized.


“We are working together to develop artificial intelligence solutions in many different regions of Turkey.”

In an increasing graph of innovative entrepreneurs, Varank said, “Unless we compromise on innovation and cooperation,” emphasizing that they will move resolutely toward the goal of being among the world’s top 10 economies. said. Said.

Valank said he would like to announce a new support program that includes cooperation and innovation in line with today’s meaning and importance.

“We recently designed and implemented a new support mechanism to accelerate and trigger the development of artificial intelligence technology. With the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Call, we are supporting new solutions in the field of smart production systems. Decided. Smart Agriculture, Food and Livestock, Financial Technology and Impact of Climate Change The way to apply for this support is by cooperation. Customer organizations, technology providers universities or public research centers, that require artificial intelligence solutions. And the TÜB0054 TAK Artificial Intelligence Institute can benefit from this call in this sense. Applications are still ongoing. We are very pleased with the high demand and in this sense we are applying for this call on May 25. It has been extended to the day. Both the private sector and the public sector will apply for this support. Artificial intelligence in various fields of Turkey will analyze and develop together. “

Minister Valank thanked Hepsibrada, TÜB0054TAK and TÜRK PATENT for signing important cooperation today and hoped that this kind of cooperation for the country would continue more and more. (AA)

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