Last minute: Diplomatic emphasis from President Erdogan: I continue to have contact with Zelensky and Putin

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Ankara. After tete-a-tete, after a meeting between the delegations, the two leaders held a joint press conference.

The headlines for President Erdogan’s remarks are:

* The meeting evaluated various aspects of bilateral relations. We exchanged views on global issues as well as the relationship between Turkey and the EU. We talked in detail about the trends in Ukraine. He provided information with the Prime Minister on Turkey’s diplomatic efforts between Ukraine and Russia.

“I maintain contact with Putin and Zelensk.”

* Since the beginning of the crisis, we have sought a common sense dialogue. Unfortunately, Ukrainian humanitarian dramas continue to grow. To end this trend as soon as possible, we are doing heavy diplomatic traffic. I am in contact with Zelensky and Putin. We are aware of the difficulty of the condition. We continue to take a sincere initiative that sees diplomacy as the only way.

Trading Volume Target $ 20 Billion

* We have a common will to improve our relations with NATO’s ally, the Netherlands, and our dialogue on regional issues. Our trading volume reached $ 11 billion, an increase of about 30%. In this way, we exceed the $ 10 billion target we set for 2016. Well, we set a goal of $ 15 billion in the first place and then $ 20 billion. The Netherlands is the country with the largest investment in Turkey at $ 27.5 billion.

“I want to start negotiations with the EU”

* The EU hopes to open the chapter on accession negotiations and start negotiations for the renewal of the Customs Union promptly, without giving in to the interests of the EU.

Rutte: We are a major financial partner

The highlights of Rutte’s speech, which began his speech in gratitude to President Erdogan, are:

* We are a major economic partner. Transaction volume has increased from 8 billion to 11 billion. We have set an intermediate goal of $ 15 billion and a final goal of $ 20 billion. Our focus today was not just on our bilateral relations. We also focused on what is happening in the world. We are also cooperating at the multilateral level. Both countries are NATO member countries. Turkey is of great political and economic importance to the alliance.

* We both condemn the invasion of Russia. As President Erdogan said, it will have a major impact on the peace and stability of the region. Bombardment in Mariupol has no purpose other than terrorizing civilians.

* Turkey has played an important role in this conflict and we are very pleased that Prime Minister Erdogan has taken on this role. Thank you again. We would also like to thank his ministers.

Montro contract

* Turkey has fulfilled its obligations under the Montreux Convention on vessels passing through the Bosphorus Strait. Congratulations. Thank you for this role.

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Question-and-answer session

Turkey is doing everything it can. “

Dutch leader Mark Rutte answered the question posed to him as follows:

* You are already accepting more refugees in other countries around the world, and for that I would like to thank you. Our conversation tonight has further developed our relationship. Turkey is already doing everything it can. It plays a very important role. It is one of the rare countries in contact with both Putin and Zelensky. It plays a good role in both countries. It is one of the rare countries with open lines to two countries. I would like to say that we are supporting Turkey on this road. On the occasion of Chabshuol, he continues to negotiate with both Russia and Ukraine.

As NATO countries, we need to be solidarity

President Tayyip Erdogan responded to the question posed to him as follows:
* Of course, we will open it to NATO member countries, so we will consult with you. We will continue to talk to them about this issue. If we are with NATO, we need to fully demonstrate our solidarity. As NATO members, we need to be solidarity. This is especially true of the measures that should be taken towards the defense industry. The world’s defense industry is no longer the only manufacturer of products. In fact, this was seen during the Russian-Ukraine War. Then you know who sees where and what. This was seen in Libya and Azerbaijan. It is our desire to build a world where peace does not exist and peace spreads together.

Danger of the Black Sea mine

* This is currently under discussion. In this regard, the Department of Defense has taken all precautions. Whatever you need, these are also done. please do not worry.