Last-minute Devlet Bacheli talked about the actions of the Fulkan Foundation. Turkish police intervened in time. Kiss the forehead.

The actions that the Fercan Foundation recently wanted to take in Adana were intervened by police. Many people were detained in the incident, but nearly 50 members of the Fulkan Foundation were injured. After the incident, opinions were shared on social media that police used disproportionate forces.

AK PARTY FRONT: Unacceptable

In a statement last night on the issue, AK Party spokesperson Omer Celik said harsh interventions were unacceptable and “the use of disproportionate forces is unacceptable. Investigating those who intervened in this way. Has started. ”

Comment from BAHÇEL0054: I kiss their face

The assessment of the events in Adana was from MHP leader Devretbacheri. “Turkish police intervened in time. I kissed my forehead,” said Mr. Baseri, who disagreed with Celic. Bacheli also described Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle as “he is a noble person like his name.”

Bahçeli continued his words, stating that many fictions were circulated after the event in Adana: In our understanding, the nation means the law. Turkey is neither the Republic of Banana nor the state of tents. We do not tolerate organizations, structures, or groups that dilute sovereignty, one of the three basic elements of a nation. The event in Adana last weekend was fictitious back and forth. An undesired image was experienced after the provocation of the Furkan Foundation organization, which was clearly and closed to hostility to Turkey.

“They were lucky to try the coup.”

The Foundation’s work, which brought good luck to the coup attempt, flooded the glass. There is a mixture of what is right and what is wrong. Turkish police have timely intervened in these religious traffickers. What the so-called Foundation’s crazy president said to our Interior Minister is invalid for us. Mr. Suleiman Soil is a soil like his name. I congratulate all police and kiss the foreheads of all police officers working in Adana.

“FISAT slots must be requested to your account”

Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood. Abuses and opportunists must be held accountable. These are treason. The price has to be paid very much to the recipient. Protect the nation. We do not surrender.

“Nevrez is the eternal holiday of the Turks, not the separatists.”

Nowruz is the name of an exceptional day. It is a clear fact that the Nevles, celebrated with a large geography from the Balkans to Siberia and the grasslands, is a bridge between the past and the present. The hearts gathered with the same beliefs and aspirations from east to west and from north to south made these lands their home. I believe that the saints of the nation who weep and laugh together will not pass the purpose of the separatists. Nowruz is the eternal holiday of the Turks, not the holidays of separatists and those who were prey to terrorism.

“The location of the terrorists is behind the Iron Guard.”

The so-called Nowruz celebration hosted by HDP over the weekend has become provocative. They fought for the celebration of the pirates. CHP members who call the terrorist Demirtash a peace ambassador are the product of a confused and depressed heart. The location of the terrorists is behind the bar, not the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

“The Turkish Medical Association cannot represent Turkish doctors”

They cannot prevent the rise of Turkey. They will not be able to put stones in front of us. All members of our country and the profession that serves the country have a place above our heads, and this is indisputable. No one can be prejudiced. Our standards, our standards, our understanding are very clear. Those who hate Turkey are our opposition. People who support betrayal, praise terrorist organizations, and talk about human rights are rootless. Blinding the traitor is a partnership of sin. A separatist organization called the Turkish Medical Association cannot represent Turkish doctors. Our doctor is our soulmate. Wherever there is a curse, the TTB’s head is there. These are in favor of the PKK and promote separatism. Calling them doctors is the greatest insult and doctor for the Turks.

We are saddened by the situation in which our sergeant was exposed to Mula. We accept, without preconditions, a bill submitted to TGNA and referred to relevant committees that proposes amendments to the law to end health violence.

“It’s the fact that you can’t win the war.”

The Foreign Minister’s statement shows that the positions of Ukraine and Russia have converged. It is clear that the first four articles of the six negotiated terms have been agreed. The country that wages the war in the most balanced way is Turkey. It is our expectation and hope that Putin will become common sense. It is either a perceptual game or a great danger to say that Russian mines may come to the Black Sea. It is true that neither winners nor losers are in peace in the war.

It’s time to close the gun. It is possible to end the war through diplomatic routes. Turkey’s prudent policy plays an important role in ending the war. The games in the game-making countries are broken one by one. No country is as benevolent as Turkey. The only way to end the Ukrainian-Russian war is for state leaders to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for example in Istanbul.

“We can’t forget the one who leaves you alone on our difficult days.”

A country that makes the President of Ukraine speak regularly in parliament is not honest in our opinion. No theater needed. No one will be fooled by this. When will the country where the President of Ukraine speaks in parliament oppose the United States, which fuels the war? As you know, sanctions will take Russia’s breath. What kind of alliance is this? Turkey is the only NATO member country subject to sanctions. Look at the people who support the terrorist organizations we fight. We are under the same roof of NATO. A country dressed in sheep cannot teach us the lessons of justice. Mankind cannot be reminded. I can’t say why I don’t agree with the sanctions. The Turkish people have established this nation, the last words and decisions belong to the Turkish people. I will never forget the people who left us alone in difficult times.

Police intervened in a demonstration in Adana!AK Party Statement on Severe Reactions: Disproportionate Use of Forces Is Unacceptable