Last minute: Bulgaria moves from the United States due to the war between Russia and Ukraine

Bulgaria is moving from the United States!

Breaking News … US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who are on an official visit to Bulgaria, held a joint press conference after the bilateral meeting.

Bulgaria: “We are NATO”

According to the latest AA news, Prime Minister Petkov, who thanked the United States for his support for Bulgaria, said: Unfortunately, no country can live alone anymore, being fooled by its safety.

In this complex environment, no one can secure their own security alone. Our security also relies on common defenses with NATO allies. “We are NATO,” he said.

“America sends striker armored squadrons”

“The United States will send a’striker’armored vehicle company to the European NATO High Command in Bulgaria,” Petkov said, adding that he hopes to provide Bulgarian officers to the commander of this unit. NATO allies contribute to the unit.

“Supporting NATO’s East Wings”

In a meeting with Minister Austin, he emphasized that the issue of military aid to Ukraine was never discussed, Petkov said: At this stage, military aid decisions are not possible and (such decisions) can only be made by Parliament.

“Thanks to Zelensky”

Petkov noted that humanitarian and other aid was provided to Ukraine and immigrants were accepted, and that Ukrainian President Zelensky thanked him for this at their meeting.

“War in Ukraine is a tragedy”

“The war in Ukraine is a tragedy,” Austin emphasized. “The Russian attack has caused terrible casualties to brave Ukrainian soldiers and innocent civilians, but at the same time, the Russian invasion has caused Ukraine. “Our cooperation in the field of defense is stronger than ever. Ukraine continues to work with determination in the field of defense,” he said. ..

Pointing out the importance of the multinational military unit that the country has established under NATO’s command, Austin continued:

“We support Bulgaria”

“We fully support this important step taken by Bulgaria. Our joint efforts will set an example for other allies. Europe is the greatest security for generations. Faced with one of the security threats, strengthening Bulgarian military readiness and cooperation with its allies is really important these days. “

Lloyd Austin added that he will continue his efforts to achieve lasting peace in Europe.

Collaborative training and exercise

On the first day of the visit, Austin reviewed the joint training and exercises between Bulgarian and US soldiers in the Novocello ground forces in southeastern Bulgaria. Austin will meet with Bulgarian Defense Minister Dragomir Zakov before leaving the country today.