Last minute … Arikochu congratulates the boxer who won the gold medal

At the World Women’s Boxing Championships hosted by Turkey, crescent-shaped athletes won a total of seven medals, five gold and two bronze. Five of these medals, four gold medals and one bronze medal are from Fenerbahce athletes. Ali Koç, president of the Fenerbahce Sports Club, celebrated the success of boxers and trainers by participating in a program in which athletes speak proudly on the club’s television. Kochi said he has maintained a competitive sports club culture despite Fenerbahce’s contribution to Turkey’s sports and the economic problems he has experienced.

Made history at the World Women's Boxing Championship!

Made history at the World Women’s Boxing Championship!

President Ali Kochu, who began his speech in congratulations to the players who won the medals, said: “I think it’s a turning point for women’s boxing in Turkey. I talked to the president of the federation today. I became the world champion for the first time as a team. This is the first time I have won so many medals in one tournament. If we can continue to do this as a country, I think we have taken an important step towards becoming one of the major countries in Turkey’s women’s boxing permanently. Several medals in the past. I’ve won, but this is the first time I’ve won so many medals as a team in a tournament. We participated in 12 athletes, 8 of whom are Fenerbache athletes, for a total of 7 medals. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Congratulations. Thank you for your continued support. Not only have you entered the history of women’s boxing in Turkey, but also the history of the Fenerbache Sports Club. I wrote my name in letters. Team sports such as soccer and men’s boxing are in the spotlight, but if you look at the history of this glorious club, there are many historic sports and non-sports events. In the glorious history of Fenerbache, I wrote your name in golden letters, so in front of Serahattin Bay and Boxing, I sincerely congratulate all teachers, all athletes who received medals, and they Hope to continue to succeed. Hopefully it will be repeated. The path for all athletes who did not receive the medal is always open. Good luck. “

“Thanks to Minister Casapol”

Dr. Kochi, Minister of Youth and Sports, pointed out that he had met Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, saying: Olympic-level organization. Serious investment has been made and every detail has been taken into consideration. That is why we congratulate our entire federation in front of Eyüp Gözgeç. They have created a great organization. This is the source of Turkey’s pride. Our sports minister called late last night. He also thank him. It is very important for our club and community to communicate how valuable our efforts and efforts are. Unfortunately, when it comes to individual sports, the name of our club is often not mentioned-intentionally or unknowingly. Thank you to Minister Casapol. He motivated us a lot and said he knew what we were doing and showed it. It is important that he is there, hug you and make you feel that our condition is always with you like the Olympics. I would like to thank him on behalf of myself, my board of directors, and our entire community. Hopefully, success in all sports sectors will continue to increase. “

“You always set the bar high”

President Ali Kochu said he was spoiling athletes and raising expectations, saying: We hope that the Paris Olympics will clarify our path, that luck is on our side and that we will once again achieve what we can call a “turning point” in Turkish sports. The fact that you spoil us shows how successful you are. You always set the bar high. Buse Naz kept it so high that she even said she could run for President Fenerbahce. These show how determined you are and, jokingly, how much you are aiming for the hills. You have all the qualities we seek from athletes, and note the fact that all of this was done on May 19, Ataturk Memorial, Youth and Sports Day, and in line with those days. Is a necessary problem. Daughters of our ancestors, daughters of our republic, I think it’s a matter of caution that you have shown what Turkish women can achieve on such an important day. .. “

“Fenerbahce is the only big club to aim for the top of all competing branches.”

Kochi, referring to the success of the yellow-navy blue team at the amateur branch, said:

“Whether Mr. Ficklet, Mr. Serahattin or Mr. Ilkar, as the Fenerbahce Sports Club, we have taught us under what conditions we are doing these activities. Believe me, it’s easy. Not. Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas These clubs are run by many branches due to their obligation to spread the sport to the young countries of the Republic, but how difficult it is to maintain these activities in the current situation. Everyone knows. Of these clubs, Fenerbahce continues to work at the amateur branch as the only big club to aim for the top of all competing branches in all areas. I don’t know how long it can last, as it is. I think it’s very important for our state to recognize this and give us shoulders and support. In the future, We hope that our efforts are worth it from an objective point of view, and that clubs like us are encouraged and inspired by other clubs and that our state supports this. The last time we went to the Olympics, as Turkey, we went with the largest convoy in history. Yes, this is a success. We received a medal, which is great. , We are far from where we should be. In order for us to be one of the world’s leading countries, we need to be leaders in certain areas of sport. Materials to do this. There are young people and there is a population bonus. But unfortunately, a short-term approach can avoid long-term lasting success. We do something with one effort As a country, we think we can do better with our comprehensive opportunities, youth, and institutions. You have shown this right idea. Congratulations to all of you, your family, teachers, and branches. Congratulations to everyone. “

“Greetings to those who did not mention Fenerbahce in this success”

Congratulating the athlete’s success again, President Ali Kochu concludes his words:

“Greetings to those who have not seen all of Fenerbahce’s efforts, efforts, investments, patience, beliefs, efforts, and those who have not mentioned Fenerbahce’s name in this success. Whatever you do. , We will continue to do our best for our country and sports, and we will do our best to know that we are right. By not saying our name, you will motivate us more. Thank you everyone. I’m glad to welcome you, I’m glad you’re a fan of Fenerbahce. I’m alive to your heart’s content. I’ve shown to you. I’m also very fortunate that you are our athlete. Congratulations. Thank you, we exist. “