Last minute: Arda Turan’s surprise claim! His new position at Galatasaray …

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Breaking news continues from Galatasaray, who is preparing to elect a new president. Arda Turan’s new role in the yellow-red team has been announced, a matter of curiosity about quitting football. Meanwhile, Galatasaray, who continues to operate under the control of Domenek Trent, is preparing to make a surprising move to the transfer.

Domènec Torrent, who has another year’s contract with Galatasaray, said he would team up with Turkish players if he stayed on the team. The Spanish coach described the environment he encountered at the club upon arrival and continued:

There were no computer programs, no cleaning staff, no hygienic environment. There was something on the floor and the cable was pulled out and left in the middle. It was as if it had been abandoned. But if we are dispatched, we promise not to leave Floria as we have found. I’m not saying I’ll win this way next season, but I’ll be the champion this way. We rented out good players, they need to get back.

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Fresh blood for defense: METEHAN BALTACI

Meanwhile, Metehan Baltachi, who played a key role in the promotion of Iskenderun to the second league, will join the Galatasaray A-team team for the new season. Saba reports that Metehan will be the new backup defender for the yellow-red people who broke up with Semih Kaya.

The 19-year-old defender, who plays an active part in the 1.89-high airball, is considered to be the star of the future.

Surprise claims for Arda Turan’s new mission

Meanwhile, Arda Turan, whose contract with Galatasaray has expired, has not officially stopped playing football. Arda, who received offers from the United States and Qatar, was found to have been waiting for an election in Galatasaray on June 11. Sabah reports that if Dursung Ozbek becomes president, he will set sail for his new career at the Yellow Red Club as an experienced-named infrastructure manager.

The 35-year-old star, who hasn’t missed an infrastructure match at Floria recently, followed Derby, whose U19 team defeated Fenerbahce 2-1 from Kadikoy’s stand.

Having received the football infrastructure in Galatasaray, Arda Turan will be happy to start his job at Floria if he chooses a coach. Dursun Özbek and Erden Timur on his list also want experienced players to continue.

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“That’s why I go to infrastructure games …”

In his special interview recently published on GS TV, Arda Turan said of following a youth match:

All players in Galatasaray Infrastructure are trying to make their kids feel invaluable, so go to Infrastructure. You have the eyes of a professional soccer team from Galatasaray A Team. I go there to tell him you can come here (team) at any time.

I love playing with Galatasaray’s infrastructure, so going there myself makes me emotional. They were both fun, happy and incredibly successful times.

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Galatasaray Infrastructure was another training site. May God have mercy on him. I have worked with many teachers since Salih Hoca, Ahmet Keskinkılıç, Zafer Koç and Ahmet Genç. All of them do a lot of work for me. I think they have done a great job. Of course, when Hakan Balta starts from there, people are obliged to like it. He is proud because I always support ex-soccer players and ex-players working there. I love infrastructure. The hopes of the parents there, the hopes of their children’s lives, and being from Galatasaray are invaluable.