Last minute: Arda Guler’s storm at Fenerbahce! Even Korean journalists were surprised …

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In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Fenerbahce’s 17-year-old star Arda Güler, a guest of Aytemiz Alanyaspor, scored his first goal in his professional career and marked the night with his assistance.

Arda Güler, who started the match as a substitute for the match, finished Fenerbahce’s advantage in Alanya 5-2 and scored a goal to lead the team in the 73rd minute on behalf of Mesut Özil. The 17-year-old talent, who met Diego Rossi’s pass 78 minutes into the match, continued to equalize 2-2 and scored 3-2 with a single shot.

Fenerbahce is making history

Arda Gurel thus scored the first goal of his professional career. The star soccer player has also become the youngest player to score a goal in the history of the Super League at the Fenerbahce jersey.

Most talked about assist

90 + 4 of Fenerbahce. Arda Güler assisted with five goals scored with Berisha in the fifth minute. The stylish support of successful players has become a hot topic on social media.

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What did Arda Gurel do to Alanyaspor?

Arda Güler, who achieved an 83.3% success rate with six cakes against Aytemiz Alanyaspor, was able to keep this rate at 75% with half of his opponents. A young soccer player who found the frame in one of the two shots taken towards his opponent’s goal managed to score on this shot.

On the other hand, Arda Gurel, who won three of the four double fights he participated in, recognized his opponent’s advantage with an air ball. The 17-year-old player who caught two balls in the defense once left the dangerous position.

Celebrated the goal with Mesut Özil

Arda Güler rushed to the bench after Alanyaspor scored a goal on the net, hugging Mesut Özil instead of the match and enjoying the joy.

First after Ozan Tufan

Arda Güler has been the first soccer player to score and assist in a match at Fenerbahce since Ozan Tufan in November 2020. 17- and 16-day-old Arda Gurel is the youngest player in the league and has been in the match since 2014-15, providing goals and assists.

Last minute: Arda Güler's storm at Fenerbahce Even Korean journalists were surprised ...

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What did Arda Gurel say after the match?

“Brothers, it was an important match we had to win. I am very happy to be able to participate and contribute later. It is a gift to the fans. Thank God. Thank God. I scored a goal and I am very happy. I am happy. I am very proud. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you to all the foreigners on the team.

Description of Arda Gurel from Ismail Cartal

“Arda is a son who has served both Turkish football and Fenerbahce for many years. We had Arda in the match at the right time, planned and played. There was an environment for him to play. He did what he needed with one goal. One aid, he didn’t embarrass us. His way is clear. We are future actors. We trust him. , We love him, he is our son, and I thank him too. “

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Korean journalists enjoyed

Korean football writer Jason Hanshin Lee thanked his compatriot Kim Min-jae for playing at Fenerbahce after Arda Güler performed at Alanyaspor.

“I would like to thank Kim Min Jae for moving to Fenerbahce,” said Jason Hanshin Lee. “He gave me the opportunity to see his talent as a symbol of the next generation of Turkish football.” .. I used the phrase.

GÜNTEK dry NONAY: The goal he showed was great

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Hulliette newspaper writer Guntekin Onai devoted part of today’s column to Alda Gurel’s performance. “While the momentum was returning to Alaniya, goalkeeper Altay’s super save saved Fenerbahce from destruction. In the second half, only Mesut, who was seen while taking a penalty, was replaced by Gull. , Regained balance. Percus is included in the game. In the Navy Blue team, the young successor really made a difference with one goal and one assist, especially the goal he scored against Melgimberisha. ” I have written.

Last minute: Arda Güler's storm at Fenerbahce Even Korean journalists were surprised ...