Last minute: A stunning comment on the red card Zolbay Kuchuk showed to Ilfan Kang Kavechi in the Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor match! UEFA advice and VAR intervention …


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In the 28th week of the Spor Toto Super League, the red card that Ilfan Kankabechi saw in the 18th minute of the match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor was widely discussed. Zolbay Kuchuk’s decision to show Ilfan Khan a red card on the advice of VAR referee Mete Kalkavan was on the social media agenda, but Fenerbahce also made a half-time statement.

Ismail Kartal and Ismail Kartal are very angry

After Zolbay Kücchuk showed his red card, Fenerbahce soccer player Ismail Kartal, especially Irfan Küc, strongly opposed Zolbay Kücchuk.

Foreign items from Tribune

The people of Fenerbahce on the stand responded not only to the field, but also to the red card decision. After Zorbay Küçük’s decision, a foreign object was thrown from the stand into the field. Bakasetas, who came to the corner post to steal a corner, was injured shortly after the substance hit him.


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The goal comes in 4 minutes

Fenerbahce, who left 10 in 18 minutes against league leader Trabzonspor, saw the goal four minutes later.

Nuwakaemme, who hit the ball diagonally, advanced the team when Abdülkadir Omühl, who had descended from the left to the line in the attack of the rapidly developing Trabzonspor, stole the ball from the ground toward the penalty spot.

Announcement from Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce rarely shared a statement about referee Zorbay Küçük on his official Twitter account during the half-time of the match.

The statement of Fenerbahce is as follows:

He expressed concern to the referee appointed at midnight! Throughout Turkey, we found that we were right in 17 minutes. Anyone who forgets to be a member of the TFF Board and helps appoint a referee will sooner or later be held accountable.

Split social media

The red card seen by Ilfan Kang Kavechi was one of the most talked about topics on social media, but football fans were split into two.

Some fans claimed that the position was not a red card, but some said the referee’s decision was correct.

Position was rated by “trio”

The location where Ilfan Jean Carvech received the red card was evaluated by Lale Orta, Deniz Çoban and Bülent Yıldırım in the “Trio” program of the broadcaster organization beIN SPORTS.

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The comments of the former referee are as follows.

LALE ORTA: UEFA training package has this position

Position decisions have a big impact on the game. I think the red card is wrong. There is no intentional and cruel press. The ball is in the middle, Siopis slips in, and Ilfan Kang wants to play with the ball. There is a press position on the foot that slides on the ground. The UEFA training package has this one-on-one position. UEFA’s recommendation for these positions is a yellow card. Never give a red card. We also found that the VAR intervention was wrong. It only seems to push very hard in slow motion from an angle, but such positions need to be studied as a whole. Yellow card with the least controlled movement.

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Bülent Jurdilim: No malice or violence

Let’s start from the beginning, this decision is wrong. Both players have a chance to play the ball. While his opponent slides towards him, he tries to get the ball on the outside of his left foot, but Shiopis blocks it and tries to get the ball. Both players were completely focused on the ball. Serious misconduct requires malicious intent. There is no malice here, they are both completely focused on the ball. Both have a chance to play the ball. Let’s see how unfortunate contact happens. Siopis slipped in and Ilfan Jean tried to save the ball on the outside of his foot as he continued to slide, but unfortunately his right foot was on the ground and he stepped on his opponent’s foot. There is no bad intention. The ball was jammed, bounced, and touched. You can see that Ilfan Kang bounces back and reduces his strength. The red card is wrong here. Only if the uncontrolled movement is a yellow card. The VAR intervention is also wrong. It is not a position that can be seen in black and white. This interference made both the referee and the match a problem.

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Sea Shepherd: Maximum is Yellow Card

Cruelty, hurt, and cruelty are essential to a red card. The movements made with the cleat screws can be seen as a level of brutality, but … not a brutal push in this position. Even unintended movements can turn red. We’re confirming our intentions here because we don’t know the harmful nature of the event. It is clear that he has no bad intentions. The intent is good, but there is no power transfer as a result of the press. He immediately turns around and tries to step into his foot. And your heels are not on the ground. When the heel is on the ground, force transmission is not fully achieved. This contact is important when you push his ankle in a struggle, but here the player is slipping. Considering all these factors, this position is the largest yellow card. Some may come out and say it’s red. But that’s fine for you and me. VAR cannot interfere. VAR intervention is wrong in this position.