Last minute: A statement from Saduk Chiftnal from the team after discussing with the stand of Yeni Malatyaspor! “Comparison with Pascal Nouma …”

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In the 30th week of the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Chark season, the match between Yeni Malatya Suporu and Kasımpaş increased tensions between Yeni Malatya Suporu fans and team captain Saduk Chiftnal.

After scoring goals in the 71st and 74th minutes, Yeni Malatyaspor retreated 2-0 and fans whistled defender Saduk Chiftnal every time he got the ball. Sadik, who responded to the fan whistling with his hand, couldn’t stand the reaction in 77 minutes and headed to the side.

Sadik’s teammate, Kasimpasha player, and referee Ali Shansaran tried to convince Sadik to stay in the match. Ryan Donk of Kasimpasha talked to Sadik for a while and encouraged his opponents to stay on the field.

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Despite all these convincing powers, Sadik, who didn’t want to continue the match, made a side change and was replaced by Philip Auk in the 80th minute.

Kasumpasha wins the match

Kasımpaş won 2-0 in the battle characterized by this move of Saduk Chiftnal. The guest team’s goal was Jackson Muleka in the 71st minute and Ahmet Engin in the 74th minute. After this result, Kasimpasha raised the score to 38. Yeni Malatya Spaul stayed in the last place with 20 points.

Post-Squad “Outside Squad” Statement

Yeni Malatya Spor has announced that it has been decided to exclude Saduk Chiftnal from the team after the match.

In the announcement of the Maratiya team, “Our professional soccer player, Saduk Chiftnal, has been excluded from the team indefinitely due to his chaotic behavior in the Kasımpaşa SK match that took place today. It is open to the public. “It contained a statement.

Last minute: A statement from Saduk Chiftnal from the team after discussing with the Tribune of Yeni Malatyas Paul. To compare with Pascal Numa ...

SADIKÇقFTPIN ARTALKED: The reaction started at a moment I didn’t understand

Sadık Çiftpınar has issued a statement to Beyaz Futbol on Beyaz TV about the tension and the club’s decision to leave the team.

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I joined this club in 2014 with a lot of success. We are very sorry to be in the position we are in now. Despite being injured, I once went out and played at the expense. I fought to the end in the last match between Antalyaspor and Kasimpasha who played in the home field. After the second goal we acknowledged in today’s game, the stands began to react in ways I didn’t understand. I never do anything malicious. There is psychological destruction that months have given. All of them left an impression on us.

“After that move, I wanted to be in the field.”

Maybe hundreds of people are screaming at the stands. After making eye contact with someone, I made that move. We also acknowledge that it is not true and apologize to everyone. I am very sorry. After acknowledging the second goal, insults were added to me and my family. My heart rate is already 180. Hearing this from a community supporter you’ve worked for for 6-7 years hurt me. I’m not claiming that what I’m doing is right, but that’s right. After making that move, I wanted to disappear from the field.

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“It’s not correct to compare with NOUMA”

It is the club’s decision to leave the team and I respect it. I wanted to go out because it might have been bigger if I stayed in the field. It’s not fair to compare with Noma. We apologize for this and apologize again.

Social media sharing from SADIK Çق FTP INAR

After what he said to BeyazTV at night, Sadık Çiftpınar apologized for speaking on his social media account at noon on Sunday.

Yesterday, wearing the Jeni Malatya Sport jersey, which I played for the first time in the 2015-15 season, I had the worst day of my life and took part in a prestigious battle for promotion to the Super League. I can’t go into details at this time, but I’m doing my best for the team and making material and moral sacrifices regardless of the situation, without getting a seven-month salary.

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In particular, foreign teammates who want to contribute to the team by risking their health and pain even when they are injured on the field are more motivated than themselves, despite our poor condition. I will try to make you. He persuaded him to return to the team as a team captain who applied to FIFA and verbally guaranteed promises that were not suitable for the level of the Super League, which has the right to unilaterally terminate, but these promises were not kept and he admitted yesterday. From the second point onward, he protested the players and his family, cursing curses that dignified people couldn’t do, and exploding his anger, as if he was the only one responsible.

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We apologize to all football fans, especially the city of Malatya, for the completely untrue reaction caused by the accumulation of trouble and the complete loss of control of anger for 7-8 months.

Regardless of the psychology of the relegation fight, it is never acceptable to cause an image that is not suitable for a professional soccer player. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to me and my family as well as everyone else. Thank you.

Last minute: A statement from Saduk Chiftnal from the team after discussing with the Tribune of Yeni Malatyas Paul. To compare with Pascal Numa ...
Last minute: A statement from Saduk Chiftnal from the team after discussing with the Tribune of Yeni Malatyas Paul. To compare with Pascal Numa ...