Last minute: A critical statement from meteorology! Snowfall enhances its effect!

Snowfall enhances its effect! Pay attention to these areas.

In our country, eastern Marmara, Central Anatolia, the Black Sea, eastern and southern Anatolia, the coast of Kırklareli, the interior of Canakkale, Kutahya, Afillon Karahisar, Marcin, Adana K. Marash, according to the latest assessment by the Meteorological Administration. It is estimated that there will be intermittent rains in the northern and western parts of Othmanie and Hatai. Sleet, snow and precipitation are generally expected to be seen in the form of rain and showers on the eastern Mediterranean coast and southwest of Anatolia at night around Rize and Hopa east of Trabuzon and east of Marmara. It is estimated that heavy local snowfall will occur in the West Black Sea, the Central Black Sea coast, the East Black Sea, northern Eastern Anatolia, Istanbul, Elajig, Bingo, Bitlis, Musch, and the north and east. Of Diyarbakır and Batman. There is a risk of avalanches inside the Black Sea and in the highlands, as well as in the snowy slopes of Eastern Anatolia. Ice and frost are expected in the north, inland and east.

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It is estimated that temperatures drop by 2 to 5 degrees Celsius in the inland and western regions, with no major changes elsewhere, and are lower than normal for the national season.

Winds are estimated to blow in the form of strong, short-term storms (40-70 km / h) in Marmara, the Aegean coast, and the western Mediterranean, generally from the north and southeastern south. From the south.

Heavy rain warning: Precipitation; eastern Marmara, western Black Sea, central Black Sea coast, eastern Black Sea, northern Eastern Anatolia, Istanbul, Elazig, Bingöl, Bitlis, Muss, and northern and eastern Dyalbakir and Batman are in transit and in highlands You need to be aware of and be careful of harmful events such as turmoil, floods, floods, freezing and frost.

Avalanche danger warning: You need to be aware of the negatives that can occur due to the risk of avalanches on inland areas of the eastern Black Sea and on slopes with heavy snowfall in eastern Anatolia.

Ice and frost warning: Accretion and frost are expected in the north, inland and east, so you need to be aware of adverse conditions.

Strong wind warning: Winds; Marmara, the Aegean coast, and the northward direction of the Western Mediterranean are expected to blow as intense short-term storms at 40-70 km / h, so you need to be aware of possible negatives.

It started in the morning

The snowfall that began at night in Istanbul after a warning from the Directorate General of Meteorology continues to show its impact on the Anatolian side. Citizens who left home early in the morning and went to work were waiting for buses and shuttles in the snow.

Snowfall, which began to show its effects at night after a warning by the Directorate General of Meteorology, remains valid during the morning hours on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. After intermittent snowfalls in and around Pendik, the roofs of streets, cars and houses turned white.

Citizens who left Pendik’s house to go to work early in the morning also encountered a white landscape. Citizens were waiting for buses and business services in the snow.

Ali Topalor describes the snow as follows: No setbacks, what about these benefits?

Imamoel: Don’t go to the traffic

Mayor Ekrem Imamoul of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has asked citizens to use public transport as it is expected to snow tomorrow.

Imamoul issued a statement at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) before the expected snowfall in the city.

Imamoul congratulates the citizens of Bella Tokandiri, “Advising all citizens of Istanbul to use maximum public transport. It is also advisable not to go out with a car if it is not necessary. Look at the last snowfall of the year together. So, in the most prudent way, another day, one business day. This really makes our job easier. “

Mr. Imamoul expressed his hope that snowfall would be effective as of the morning in Istanbul, saying, “I am in a city where both traffic and the fight against snow on Friday are not so easy. We all know that the snowfall started tomorrow, but it’s getting harder and harder on Saturdays and it keeps snowing on Sundays, so I want to spend this weekend without any problems. “

Istanbul ° C, 3 ° C
Very cloudy, with intermittent sleet and snowfall expected. Strong precipitation is expected locally.

Ankara ° C, 1 ° C
Mostly cloudy, light snow in the afternoon

Izmir ° C, 9 ° C
Partially and mostly cloudy

Antalya ° C, 18 ° C
Partially and mostly cloudy

Zonguldak ° C, 3 ° C
Very cloudy, with intermittent sleet and snowfall expected. Strong precipitation is expected locally.

Trabzon ° C, 3 ° C
Very cloudy, sleet and snowfall are expected. Heavy rain is expected.

Erzurum ° C, -2 ° C
It is expected to be very cloudy due to intermittent snowfall. Heavy rainfall is expected, with heavy snowfall starting at noon.

Diyarbakir ° C, 6 ° C
Partial and very cloudy, intermittent rains and sleet, and high altitude snowfall are expected. Precipitation is expected to be high in the north and east.