Last minute: A critical statement by Domenek Trent and Taylan Antalyar before the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona!

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Galatasaray coach Domenek Trent and soccer player Taylan Antalyar evaluated at a press conference before the second match against Barcelona in the last 16 UEFA Europa League games.

The description of Taylan Antallyalı is as follows:

All the players in the middle of Barcelona are very high quality players. Busquets is more experienced than others. We think they will come out with the most valuable team they have tomorrow. I think we can get good results by showing the same fight in the first match.

Does passing through Barcelona create the last excitement for you?

Barcelona is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, but I think all the teams in the Europa League today are very strong. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but after passing the round, the rest of the opponents are at least as strong as Barcelona. Tomorrow’s match is a big challenge for us.

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You are sometimes criticized … in which position do you play the most?

This year is the third year in Galatasaray. I have played many positions since I came here. When I first came, I even played the striker. In the last match of the season, I played in the centre-back. We will do our best in the assigned place for each match. I played defensively for most of my career at Galatasaray. I am now happy with my position.

Domenec Trent’s description is as follows:

You played two very tough matches. I was hoping for a rotation in Besiktas Derby, but I made only two changes. How is the team feeling before the match tomorrow?

The Besiktas match was very important to us. The best way for me to win a match is to win the previous match. The match was also a Besiktas match. If I had lost to Besiktas, you would have asked me, “Why didn’t you play for a better team?” Is saying. I will meet the team today. I did a review training yesterday. Today we will train together with the whole team. It wasn’t a mediocre week, so the players were tired during the Besiktas match. After the match in Barcelona, ​​our plane couldn’t land in Istanbul, we trained in Izmir. We came on Sunday and played on Monday. The actors worked hard physically, but made incredible efforts. I’m trying to fight until tomorrow’s last minute. After Barcelona, ​​we will both travel and play in two days. Whatever we have …

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It is difficult to play against a team like Barcelona, ​​which is made up of high quality individual players. Our goal is a tour. Our understanding of the game is also directed towards this. People who are not familiar with Barcelona in Turkey scored four goals in the match after playing with us. They can see this. The struggle there has to be fairly evaluated. Barcelona is currently one of the top five teams in the world.

Immediately before: A critical statement from residents of Domenek Trent and Tyran Antalya before the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona.

At the beginning of the first match, when Adama Traoré was very effective, Barkan’s move came and he failed his plan to kidnap Pedri very well. In the Besiktas match, he scored five points in the midfield in two waits. Will you see a surprise torrent plan for this match?

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Of course I do. I didn’t want to move the full back too much in the Besiktas game, so I wanted to go against the counter. He personally plays against a good team. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the game together. This applies to all teams around the world. When you play against Barcelona, ​​you have to play behind. For this reason, we need to prepare for some difficult moments.

I always like to talk about probabilities. Our fans help us a lot in our field. They were very helpful when the team was struggling during the last 15 minutes of the Besiktas match. They will definitely support us a lot tomorrow. We become stronger when they are with us. I will make it difficult to play against Barcelona. It’s difficult at first, but then you definitely have a chance to score a goal. Against Barcelona, ​​you have to play well from the first moment, especially our goalkeeper. I think we will find some opportunities later.

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Barcelona enters an environment that we can call “Turkish hell”. What kind of support do you expect from this environment?

Our fans are very strong. With their support, we were able to survive the bad times. We had a tough week and came here with their support. With their support, we want to do a good job tomorrow.

Are you fully staffed? Are you injured?

Currently, Arda is out of the team just because he is injured. Haril had a fever last night. He is in contact with the doctor. We decide whether to play or not. Apart from them, we have no shortage.

You worked with Pep in Barcelona, ​​Flamengo and New York. Now you are in Galatasaray. There is an upward trend. Want to coach Barcelona in the future?

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I’m happy to be in Galatasaray right now. It’s great to be here for the next 3-4-5 years. I’m thinking about tomorrow’s game. I don’t think there is anything like after Galatasaray.

Open games with Barcelona are not very wise. It is important to play compactly as a team. It is not correct to play individually. This is the way we played in the first game. This is the match we consider to be the final.

Romanian reporter: What about the situation in Maltan and Sicardau? Do you see them playing?

I don’t want to talk about actors. You are from Romania, and you are wondering about two Romanian soccer players, but we have an important match before us, and I talk about this match I like. There are 28 players on the team. Select the player to play. You have to choose the best team for this match. All 5 players should be excluded.