Last minute: A critical meeting with Israel 14 years later!Erdogan: A new turning point

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has arrived in Turkey for the highest level of meetings between Turkey and Israel since 2008. Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Karin and other officials welcomed Herzog at the airport.

Herzog, who visited Ataturkuaville and started a two-day program in Turkey, later met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Cheong Wa Dae.

Prime Minister Erdogan described Israel’s visit to President Isaac Herzog as “historic” and “believes it to be a new turning point in Turkey-Israel relations.” “Strengthening relations between Turkey and Israel is very important. We are ready for cooperation in energy and energy security,” Erdogan said.

“We believe that next year will bring new opportunities for regional cooperation in bilateral relations,” Erdogan said, expressing Turkey’s “sensitivity” to Palestine.

The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

  • I believe this historic visit will be a new turning point in Turkey-Israel relations. The development and strengthening of relations between Turkey and Israel is of great importance to the stability and peace of the region and to our country.
  • In particular, it is important to realize the possibility of cooperation in various fields such as economics and commerce. Despite the epidemic, our trading volume increased by 36 percent. I think this number will increase to $ 10 billion in 2022. The development of our region reaffirms the importance of energy security. We have the opportunity for serious cooperation in areas such as tourism, science, high technology, agriculture, health and defense industries. By the organization of our Turkish Exporters Conference, a delegation of 90 people made productive contacts in Israel. We look forward to your continued cooperation in the future.

“We shared our sensitivities in Palestine.”

  • One of the main elements of our conference was, of course, the Palestinian issue. We shared our approach and sensibility on this subject. We have stated that we will emphasize the relief of tensions in the region and the vision of a two-state solution. We emphasized the emphasis on the religious identity and sacredness of Masjid Al-Aqsa.
  • In particular, he emphasized the support of the Israeli authorities to continue the activities of organizations such as TIKA and Turkish Red Crescent, which are implementing humanitarian projects for Palestinians. I repeated our approach that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity. Turks and Jews have given the best examples of peaceful coexistence for years. We can see that the epidemic of coronavirus has caused hate crimes to increase again in the world. We will continue to fight with a determination to oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism.
  • At our meeting we discussed issues of Ukraine, the Eastern Mediterranean, the present and the region. I am particularly concerned about the Foreign Minister’s visits to Palestine and Israel after this visit.

Herzog: Our relationship has recently become a necessary period

Israeli President Herzog, who became Prime Minister Erdogan, said the relationship between the two countries has recently entered a period of “narrowness.”

“We believe that we will be considered on the basis of mutual respect and will be able to successfully deal with regional and global sensibilities. Israel and Turkey will work strongly in what we all call home in many areas. It can and should be done, “Herzok said.

The highlights of Herzog’s statement are:

  • My wife and I are very happy to be in Turkey. Thank you for inviting me to an official visit to the Republic of Turkey for a fruitful conference that has just ended. My visit here is a continuation of the dialogue you have started since I became President of Israel. This moment is a very important moment in the relationship between the two countries.
  • Our purpose is to lay the foundation for friendly relations between our country and people. The relationships between our ethnic groups are very old. It has strong historical, religious and cultural roots. The prominent list of men and women, leaders, rabbis, poets, merchants and entrepreneurs is only part of the history of Jewish history in this country.
  • Unfortunately, our relationship has recently entered a tense period. I think that we will be able to deal with the sensibilities of the region and the world well by considering each other while respecting each other. Israel and Turkey can and should do remarkable cooperation in what we all call home in many areas.

Nazım Hikmet reads poetry

Israeli President Herzog said:

Nazım Hikmet, one of the greatest Turkish poets of our time, wrote the following line in his poem “Alive”.

So you’re going to take life very seriously,

For example, even at the age of 70, we plant olives.

Not because it’s left to the children

Because you are afraid of death but do not believe in death

Because life is heavy.