Last minute: A clear message from Minister Coca on violence in health

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“At the beginning of the speech, I would like to make a comprehensive assessment based on several events that rejuvenate social sensibilities,” said Minister Coca.

The nation is the collective consciousness and the embodied will of society. It’s a result, a guarantee of unity and integrity. The state is responsible for understanding the needs of its citizens and expanding remedies as needed. He is always by his school and hospital, security forces and justice, government agencies, justice and mercy. The nation is compassion for the vulnerable and united forces against those who disturb peace.

Mr. In the words the president often uses, this is a holy state. Hz. Just as wolves had the moral of holding them accountable for the sheep they grab on the Tigris River, our holy land has the principle of valuing and serving them.

The state operates with trained people assigned to serve the people. These services can cause problems. The state is aiming for perfection, but the process can be inconsistent with this.

For example, the need for postponed medical services during a pandemic is increasing the density of our hospitals. Healthcare workers who demonstrated superhuman abilities during the epidemic began to face difficulties. I don’t think it’s right to think that people who applauded on the balcony can now continue the same performance without interruption. It is a transition period.

Healthcare professionals are also heavily affected by the harsh living environment of the world due to pandemics, and it is important to know that the expected improvements have not yet been achieved.

“You must be a patient when purchasing medical services.”

We must never forget that mutual understanding, humility and respect between healthcare professionals and patients are the healing powers of our time. When receiving medical services, we must understand and be patient. Instead of tackling the problem personally, you should rely on government solutions. The hospital is the eye apple of this holy land. If people make mistakes, we should avoid tagging these institutions or groups of experts with those mistakes.

“The tendency for violence has been reported to medical professionals in many countries.”

And the healthcare professionals we work for for peace of mind know that. Violent incidents have begun to increasingly affect the relationship between patients and doctors. I would like to say this immediately and warn those who try to judge this fine society as a whole based on the increase in violence.

With the decline of the pandemic, many countries have reported increased violence against health care workers. Increasing daily events in our country are generally criminal, or have previously committed crimes, have drug addiction, and have a personality structure that transcends rules and public institutions. Caused by people who have. They tend to lose behavioral control during stress.

“This state is a state of law.”

It is no coincidence that many people who commit physical violence against doctors and nurses have other cases of violence, especially among their families. Verbal violence constitutes a significant part of a violent incident. In our opinion, the cause of this group of violence is the tension between the patient or patient’s relatives and the healthcare professional that results from false expectations. I believe that by rationalizing expectations and managing tensions, we will overcome this category of problems with the steps that should be taken for healthcare professionals.

This state is the state of law. In the issues reflected in the law, including health violence, one party is acquitted in advance and the other party is innocent and has not been pre-sacrificed. If the diagnosis is by a doctor, the judgment is by the judge. Therefore, I would like to ask my doctor’s friends and the entire community. Trust justice. May the newly enacted legislation provide comfort in advance. Keep in mind that efforts to put violent crimes on the agenda and expose criminals can have negative consequences and even unfounded opposition. The agenda of lack of sufficient sanctions for crime leads to a tendency towards crime in some problematic personality structures. Showing the power of the nation as insensitive to the truth returns to us like a boomeran. Let’s stop this harmful attitude!

Often short-lived relationships between patients and doctors are rare in nature. One party should be responsible for understanding and the other party should be responsible for understanding. This is a respect-based relationship that does not accept bad behavior and is based on the expertise of the doctor. Even the shadow of violence does not allow us to fall into this relationship. Society is with us. But this is also important. Just as we need to understand medical professionals, we need to understand the patients who come to us.

Cases of cheating

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A week ago, at the celebration of Medical Day on March 14, he. Our president gave us five great news. The first three of them were development promises that we are ready to make every effort. The word was a step of action, and then action was taken.

A bill envisioning amendments to several laws to prevent violent health crimes and end negligence and injustice in negligence cases was submitted to our parliament and referred to the judiciary. ..

This bill will lead to pretrial detention due to intentional injury. Again, the bill turns medical crimes into crimes that increase punishment in the case of violence.

“The load of compensation is limited by the doctor”

The possibility of proceedings based on error is subject to the approval of the established expert liability committee. The provisions underlying the proposal have historical consequences. Unless you intend, the burden of compensation will be released from your doctor. If citizens are dissatisfied, the state will cover it.

Unfortunately, our community did not show the excitement heard from these developments. why is that?

Unfortunately, there was an event we had previously experienced. Instead of meeting about the solution to the problem, they gathered about the current example of the problem. The events that should have left the course to law mostly led to siding and separation.

It is a mistake to break away from the real agenda that promises us the future and peace. Crime and punishment, on the other hand, are personal. People’s faults are not the faults of institutions or groups of experts.

Good occupies most of society. One is good in nature, and good deeds further enhance good.

Three messages from Ministar Coca

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As a society, we named health workers the health army in times of horrific epidemics. No one can now allow this to be ignored. It does not compromise this correct tariff that suits us. We have two troops, one to protect the country from enemies and the other to protect the country from illness. This society, an army nation, cannot separate these two armies.

I would like to end my words with three emphasis:

-We are sensitive to the protection of patient rights.

-Mature the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals.

-For all kinds of violence in health, against the unreasonable costs paid by health care workers in proceedings. Under the leadership of the president, we will take necessary measures.

I want our people and medical professionals to know: Our president’s focus on patient rights and the laws of his employees is our greatest strength.