LaLiga’s Happy Turks: Enes Unal-TRT Spor

Karim Benzema scored 26 points and Iago Aspas scored 17 points in LaLiga’s top scorer race.

Enes Unal remembered that the start of the season was bad, but he played after Quique Sanchez Flores took office. He also made a great contribution. I also enjoy this. Especially as a striker, it is very difficult to score a goal with soccer alone. Unless you’re Messi or a player of that type, it’s really difficult. That’s why the team makes such a big contribution to this. I used the phrase.

National football player, “You have a contract with Getafe until 2025. Will you receive a transfer offer after this performance?” “Of course, there are some things and some interest is growing. The season isn’t over yet. It’s premature. The most important thing for me and my team is to stay in the league this year. After reaching him, we sit down and talk. What is the club? Do you want? I have a contract for another 3 years, so “My price is a very high number. I and my family are happy here. So this is something to sit down and talk with. “” He replied.

“Are your interests coming from inside and outside Spain?” Enes Unal replied, “It’s from everywhere. It’s both inside and outside.”

The striker emphasized that he continued to improve each season, saying about his performance this season: “This is what the striker experiences over time.” The repertoire works. The striker needs to win that repertoire. I think I won that repertoire. I score goals in a different style. I started. It’s one of my most missing things. Especially since I was young, the goal hit was a head kick. I scored 4 head goals this year but scored in the previous year. It’s late. Slowly, a much better level is coming. As a game, and classification of all kinds. ” He said.

“Benzema, Ronaldo and Messi belong to different leagues. It’s like fighting in another league.”

“Benzema, Ronaldo and Messi are in different leagues,” said Enes, who also evaluated LaLiga’s top scorer race, where Real Madrid French star Karim Benzema took first place with 26 goals. Different leagues. The level they play, the number of goals they score. These are ridiculous numbers. We are also fighting at the second level. “

Enes, “Is there a fairer top scorer race after Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid and Lionel Messi has left Barcelona?” “It would have been better if Benzema hadn’t caught the gap, but Benzema. Ruined it a bit. Their separation shows that the numbers have returned a bit more normal. It’s not so easy to score a goal. It’s very different from their goal and level. “He replied. Did.

The striker asked, “Do you think Benzema deserves to win the Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) this year?” “Definitely deserves it. I hope he gets it. He’s the player I admire and admire. He’s been criticized for many years, crushed by other stars and forgotten. I was so happy for him. I’m doing everything forwards really well. It’s his way. “

“We lit the fire all year round.”

Enes Unal said he had a tough season with three games left before the end of the league in Getafe, five points above the relegation line, “are you worried about being demoted from the league?” About the question:

“In fact, we spent the whole season that way. We lit the whole season. It was a very difficult season for us. We started incredibly badly. There was only one draw in the first 10-11 games. “It’s a big job for us to reach this level, get more points and be in a more comfortable position. A lot of energy. That’s it. I hope I can be assured that I will stay in the league with one win. “

Emphasizing that Quique Sanchez Flores made a significant contribution to success, Enes said, “It was definitely the teacher they called the X Factor for us. He went to the dressing room like a funeral and it He did a great job. The teacher and his assistants hit me hard from the first day of arrival. “They instilled confidence. They acted me like a striker. And in 9th place compared to the previous year. They want me that way. This helps me a lot. I’m getting closer to the penalty area and goals. It’s already reflected in the stats. It has been evaluated. “

Regarding his favorite player in LaLiga, the national football player said, “There are many players such as Benzema, Vinicius, Pedri, João Felix. There are many players in the league. For example, there is a striker named Jorge Molina. At the bottom. , One of Hetafe’s legendary strikers, now playing in Granada. At the age of 40, he scored 9-10 goals again. He is one of the players I admire very much. One person. As an example of his career. Every team has its own star and excellent players. The pool of Spanish players is very large. For example, our team has an ok yoksul. I used the phrase.

Enes said, “You played football in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. At first I moved from Brusa to Manchester City, but I couldn’t play in England. Do you want to play football in England as your goal?” “There is no special goal I need to play in England. I can say he has found my house now. It’s a club with a family structure, as a family, personally and as a club. .. I enjoy the football and life I play. This is very important to me here. And for me to leave there must definitely be something to convince me . “I made a statement.

“When I started practicing in the morning, no one could believe it.”

Enes Unal said he was very pleased to see Real Madrid beat the British team Manchester City 3-1 in overtime in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. , No one could believe it. Real Madrid is a great team. “There’s a special atmosphere, a special atmosphere. The jersey has a special weight. There’s a weight to win. They showed it again. They declared the Champions, then they got the Champions League final. It was a great week for them, “he said.

Enes, “Real Madrid doesn’t have as big a star as it used to, but it’s not losing power. What is the cause?” “There are still players left from the bone skeleton. Real Madrid There are still players who can explain what is to others and express it to newcomers. This is also very important. “He replied.

“Do you think Real Madrid widened the gap with Barcelona after Messi’s departure?” Said the striker. “This year was the case. Atlético played in the league last year. It was a bit of a turbulent time. History shows that all teams have had such a time, especially after the players have played. It’s normal for those who have won, but of course you won’t lose anything at that size. “Barcelona will return to that level as soon as possible.” Did.

“Last year’s Getafe coach said,’If you’re sure you’re in the penalty area, don’t wake up.'”

Enes Unal also lost the chances of the World Cup when the A National Football Team lost 2-1 to Portugal in the semifinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Playoff Round, and the position it won. I evaluated it. penalty:

“The match didn’t start well. I recovered in the middle of the first half and got a position, but I couldn’t evaluate it. I ended the second half with 2-0. The second half of the match started halfway. Brak’s brother scored a goal. The moment I decided, the wind was directed at us. I played in the match, the wind turned us, and the opponent was stressed. There was a match that I lost in the last few minutes, and so on. Losing to Serbia. Penalty. Last year’s Getafe coach always said, “If you’re sure you’re in the penalty area when that happens, don’t wake up.” I didn’t do this for the first time in a Portuguese match. Last year the same thing happened to Portugal. Araujo stepped in on my foot and the referee continued, I never got up again, it was a penalty again. If you are confident of something, you need to stand behind in search of it. I did the same, but it wasn’t possible. Who is an example? Usually he is an incredible penalty shooter. He wasn’t lucky and didn’t happen. I’m really sorry, but it’s a big disappointment for us too. Had it been done, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed. I don’t think it was worth it, but it was a big disappointment after the wind turned around and brought us a match. “

“It was neither my responsibility nor my place.”

“I went to the penalty spot before Burak Yılmaz shot. Did you want to be penalized at that moment?” Ennes said. In response to the question, “No. I went to the penalty spot so that Brother Brak wouldn’t get on his head and put psychological pressure on him. He was comfortable and there so that no one would talk. I went. He’s a penalty shooter and a captain of the team. It was his responsibility. He wasn’t my responsibility or my place. Later, I missed the penalty here at Getefe. In the end, anyone who takes a penalty will miss it. “

National football player, “Burak Yılmaz said goodbye to the national team. Are you ready to be the first striker on the national team?” He said of the question:

“I’ve never been to a national team like this. Thus, I’m ready to play with confidence and I have more opportunities to play. I’ve been late for a long time. It’s not easy. I’ve been on the national team for many years, but the time I’ve gained always comes later or I have a chance to play. ” He can’t even adapt you to the team. He hopes it. It will get better from now on. do one’s best. That is the most important thing for me. “

Enes recalled that he had only one camp with the national team Stefan Kuntz, saying, “Because the coach is German anyway, I want a more disciplined team, especially a more physically fit team. Wants a stiffer and more solid team. You need to be disciplined and play modern football. “

When asked by the goal scorer about the possibility of a crescent-shaped star team participating in the 2024 European Championship (EURO 2024), he said, “We have a good team. No one has any doubts about it. I think we have a good pool. We have newcomers. It’s important as a team. “To adapt to modern football and be in good physical and team game. No technical. I think, and individual issues. “He said.

“Bursaspor is important not only for me and the people of Bursa, but also for Turkish football.”

Enes Unal, you were one of the important names for “Bursaspor”. The green-white team is having a hard time staying in the league. Do you think they can achieve this? “Bursaspor is also important to me. I hope it stays. Bursaspor is important not only for me and the people of Bursa, but also for Turkish football. This is for both infrastructure and supporters. It’s an important value for Turkish football. It would be painful for him to drop out of the second league. It was a shame. “

Enes said about life in Madrid: “How can I explain Madrid? I can’t explain, I live. It’s a very comfortable city to live in. Nobody cares. Everything I can do. I have a daughter. , She will be two years old. She has various opportunities. “Whether at school or for entertainment. After he was born, our lives were more focused on him. We grew up. It’s great to grow up and grow. ”I used the phrase.