Kyiv plans to attack US and western diplomatic facilities

A spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense as Russia continues to attack Ukraine Igor Konashenkov I made an important remark.

Konashenkov describes the current advancement and operations of the Russian army as follows: About 30 militants, 1 tank, infantry fighting vehicle, and 4 all-terrain vehicles were destroyed. The Russian army is currently fighting a unit of the 54th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army and is operating in the second tier. A group of Donetsk People’s Army troops destroyed the 53rd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, seized control of the Talamchuk settlement, and tracked retreating enemies. The Lugansk People’s Republic of Army arrived in the northern suburbs of the Ukrainian city of Lysychansik. “They are destroying a group of Ukrainian nationalists withdrawing from the Ukrainian city of Rubizhne,” he said.

“59 Ukrainian military installations were shot”

Spokesman Konashenkov, who spoke of the damage done by the Russian army to the Ukrainian army, said: These include three command posts in the town of Bohodukhiv in Kharkiv, Ukraine, two multiple launch rocket systems and two radar stations, two rocket and artillery arsenals, and 51 military equipment. Area is included. Farpost-RU unmanned aerial vehicles destroyed the radar used to light and guide the S-300 air defense system in the Vypolzov region, 60 km north of Kyiv. In addition, Russian air defense systems have destroyed five Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near the Malovorontsovka region. Since the start of military operations against Ukraine, a total of 201 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,443 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 147 multipurpose rocket launchers, 564 cannons and mortars, and 1,248 special military vehicles have been installed. It was destroyed.

“One born of Ukrainian intelligence”

Konashenkov pointed out that a person working at the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency (SBU) voluntarily surrendered to a Russian soldier, saying: Soldier. This officer was directly involved in the organization of sabotage and terrorist group training to work in areas freed from nationalists. SBU officials provided detailed information on all persons involved in sabotage activities in the Donbus area. “If all SBU officers voluntarily abandon their criminal activity and report this to law enforcement in a timely manner, I will pay attention to the exemption from criminal liability,” he said.

“The main purpose of provocation …”

Keeping in mind that the surrendered SBU members provided information that they would be provoked by the Azov Battalion, Konashenkov said: Diplomatic missions of the United States and other Western countries. It should be emphasized that the Kyiv administration’s leadership was aware of the nationalist plan, but did not take steps to prevent its implementation. The Kyiv nationalist government plans to present attacks on US and western diplomatic facilities as “targeted attacks by Russian troops.” “The main purpose of the provocation is to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine and pressure NATO countries to provide additional weapons,” he said.