Kuntz: “We play in a way that the Turkish people can be proud of.”


Explanation from Stefan Kuntz

National football team coach Stefan Kuntz said in the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifying playoff round semifinals, the Turkish people will be proud to play against Portugal.


“We should be proud of the Turkish people.”

Stefan Kuntz answered questions from press members at the Hasan Doan National Team Camp and Riva’s TFF training facility on Thursday, March 24, about an away game with Portugal. “We are ready for the match. I am not the one who makes many headlines and gives a definitive message. But I would like to say that the match in Portugal works very well. We would like to suggest. I think it’s a performance that the Portuguese people are proud of. See our determination to win and support them with enthusiasm. “ I used a phrase.


Enes Unal and Burak Yılmaz …

Kuntz, “Enes Unal has a great shape and Burak Yılmaz is also very experienced. What are your future choices?” To the question, “Enes suffered minor injuries. He had to go to an MRI. Fortunately, that’s not a big deal. It’s hard to experience the situation you said, but the competition is always good. Look at the situation. Go. (Laughs)) Maybe you can play both. “ I gave the answer.

The German coach said he had done all the analysis on the Portuguese match, saying: “We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents. We analyzed not only the losing Serbia, but also the other matches in the group. We know the opponents, but what we do is important. Best performance. “Our tactics depend on these considerations.” To seize the most opportunities and ways to play with the utmost confidence. “ He said.



“The star of the opponent is Ronaldo, who is also the highest scorer in the history of world football. Merih (Demiral) knows him well. Do you have any thoughts on playing with men?” German engineer’s question, “The idea is to block Ronaldo with a one-on-one mark, but our idea is about team defense. Our main idea is to close the options for passing the ball to Ronaldo and Ronaldo will not stay. Finding a tactic to do. One-on-one. “ He replied.


Candidate description

Stefan Kuntz describes the players invited to the nominated team as follows:

“Among the players announced, Dorkhan (Tokes) and Yunus (Akgun) were found to be ahead of Barsh (Alperyrumaz) and Yusuf (Sari) in terms of performance. I liked the players. It made me think a bit. But after all, we chose Umut because he was in Turkey and was second in the top scorer race in the Super League. Enes (Ünal) too. He has performed incredibly well in the last few weeks. He is third in the LaLiga top. Next to the scorer ranking. Of course, he will be here for this performance. We always emphasize. So, there is no doubt that those who are not here will never come again. The doors are wide open. They have a chance. The future too. “


“I visited OKAY and ENES”

Kuntz recently said he had visited Enes Unal and Okay Yokuslu in Madrid. “We had a long conversation. We talked about the past. We talked about what happened here and the situation of the national team. Here we can talk about Getafe (Calhanor). There are expectations from Getafe. There are also expectations from Getafe .. Two high-expected players. By the way, the chances they offer must be fair. They need to be given a fair opportunity to show themselves. Yes. I think Enes is in Getafe. He played in various clubs in Europe. And sat in Getafe. With Hetafe’s sporting director and coach, “I talked to them, but they Very pleased with his performance. They consider him a very important player on the team. They said they wanted to keep him on the team again. “” I made that evaluation.

Kuntz, Hakan Charhanoguru for, “He can’t show his performance in Italy on the national team.” Mentioning his criticism, “There is an element here when evaluating a player in a position. First, what is in the coach’s head and how do you want to use the player? The second question is where the player can play. Or what is his skill? Consider these two criteria. I think the style of playing Hakan in the last two games is the best style for both the national team and himself. He is in the past. He did very well in two games. I’m very happy with his performance .. “Hakan has found his place.” “ He said.



German coaches Yunus Akgun, Dokan Sinick and Umt Bozok have joined the national team for the first time. “At this stage, it’s hard to think of these players in the first 11 games of the Portuguese match. This is a thank you for their performance as a result of match observation and follow-up. Similarly, thanks to their coaches for preparing them and raising them to the level of the national team. There will certainly be an opportunity. “ I used a phrase.


Ilfan Jean and Melt Hakan Review …

Regarding criticisms of Stefan Kuntz, Ilfan Kang Kavechi, and Yandash Yandash not being on the team, “Currently, there are no teams in the Super League that are not watching at the stadium. We have determined that the players invited to the candidate teams are suitable names to play in the next match against Portugal. Support of the current players. I can’t explain why I didn’t include all the Turkish players on the team. “ Expressed his opinion.

Kuntz mentions Emre Mor, who got a lot of attention at his Super League debut last week. “I didn’t meet him. I don’t know the exact reason why things didn’t go as he wanted in Germany or Spain. Perhaps people had more expectations than he could achieve at that time. He He says his performance is improving now. He’s upset. We’re watching. We can evaluate it in the future. “ I made a statement.

Kuntz, a young player from Fenerbahce Arda GurelRecalling that some people insist that they should belong to the A national team, “First of all, let’s say this. For such young players, see the final tournament in their age category, take part in European and world championships and compare their performance with their peers. It’s very important to see how well they work. Players are here. Over the last few years Turkey has been in the finals of these age categories. Keep your teams under the age of 19 and 17 as strong as possible so that you can finish, and stay in the final tournament. That was our strategy. “ He said.

“I want to say something clear about Arda.” Stefan Kuntz says, “It really makes no sense to expect a young soccer player who hasn’t played a single game in Fenerbahce for 90 minutes to be called into the team for a World Cup qualifying playoff match against Portugal. Club, media, Fans … Everyone has a duty. His teacher knows Alda’s situation best. He also said, “Let’s protect Arda.” “So don’t push or force things. I think there are experienced people around Arda. Let him improve himself. Don’t rush at any particular point. Yes, he is a great soccer player of the future. He has certainly benefited, but let’s develop some things in the natural flow. “ I made that evaluation.

2nd place

“We have great guests”

Mr. Kuntz said he had watched more than 30 games and the team had watched more than 40 games, saying, “Who was the name that surprised you both positively and negatively with their performance?” He answered the question as follows:

“I won’t tell you who lost the performance. You can get the answer to this question by looking at the players who are not on the team. We have excellent and great goalkeepers. Players invited to A Not just the team, but the goalkeeper of the Ümit national team is also great. Charal and Meri are working very well in the defensive. Left side back. Small in his position due to Ferdi’s injury. There is a problem. Khan, Mart and Zeki all had the problem that Ozan Kabak couldn’t play in every match, but nowadays he plays regularly. Hakan and Orkun are in the league and the Europa League. Playing in both. They have a good match. Tyran is recovering in the goalkeeper. He called him to the team. Dorkhan has a good season. He is a name that gives him tactical flexibility. I also contacted his coach. Kerem and Sengiz are good players in the Europa League. Lieutenant Brak had a minor injury problem but is looking forward to the Portuguese match. “

Meanwhile, a German coach who remembered having signed a three-year contract with the Turkish Football Federation talks about whether he imagines he is on the fieldside at the 2024 European Championship (EURO 2024). Sponsored by Germany “My biggest goal is EURO 2024 in Germany, but at the moment I’m only thinking about how to walk when going to the field in Porto. I may not be able to do it without enough patience in Turkey. walk” He finished his speech.