The Coral Birkin Coutur sports complex and swimming pool, where the city of Beylikduz brought the third stage of Life Valley to life, was put into service during the ceremony. Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet MuratÇalık expressed pride that the facility will open on his 100th anniversary on August 30, saying: Paralympic swimmer, 17 year old with hundreds of medals. We empower children and young people to dream and live their dreams. ” used the phrase.

The Beylikdüzü Municipality, which brought new facilities to Beylikdüzü, held a ceremony to open the 2,800-square-meter Koral Berkin Kutlu sports complex and swimming pool in the third phase of Yaşam Vadisi. The opening of the facility, named after Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık, as well as Koral Berkin Kutlu, a national Paralympic swimmer who has had numerous successes around the world. It was attended by CHP Istanbul Deputy Ozgül Karabat, İBB Sports Club President Fatih Keresh, Koral Birkin Kutur and his family members, city council members, party representatives and citizens. After a moment of silence, the program began with the singing of the national anthem and a video recounting the life of Birkin, a successful athlete from the IBB Sports Club.

Charik: Our son Birkin will set an example to all with his success

Beylikduz Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık said in his speech that the facility was proud to open on its 100th anniversary on August 30. It will be a breath of fresh air for Beylikdüzü. We are all aware of our country’s recent national and international achievements in the field of sports. We understand how individuals of all ages and conditions can achieve success when given the opportunity. Coral Birkin Coutulu, who made Japan famous in the world through Paralympic swimming, never gave up fighting despite being 17 years old. I am very happy. Our facilities include indoor and outdoor semi-Olympic pools, fitness and Pilates halls, Turkish baths, saunas, outdoor activity areas and a cafeteria. I truly believe that our son, Birkin, will continue to be successful and set an example for all. He is now the son of Beylikduz. ” He said.

“We love Beylikdüzü”

Continuing his speech, President Charik emphasized that he will continue to work in Beylikduz with the same determination, stating: Beylikdüzü children, women, youth, the elderly, the disabled and nature won. We continue to build the life, culture and future of Beylikduz. We work to enable children and young people to dream and live their dreams. I will continue to add my love, experience and all integrity to this work. You have no doubt about it, because we love Beylikdüzü so much,” he said.


Karabat: Beylikduz Municipality Advocates Vision to Lead Turkey into the Future

Ozgül Karabat, Deputy Director General of CHP Istanbul, said: I feel this every time I come to Beylikdüzü. Beylikdüzü are living beings, they have language and emotions. I know that Mayor Beylikduz and his administration have contributed a lot to this. Generally, such establishments are named after the elderly person. But we need more young people. For this reason, naming this facility Koral Berkin Kutlu is a new understanding and vision. This is the understanding that will lead Turkey into the future. ” He said.

Kelesh: It’s a great feeling to be named after Koral Berkin Kutlu.

İBB Sports Club Chairman Fatih Keleş said in his speech: Coral Birkin Couture is a very special athlete in our club and it feels great to be named after him. Training here has the potential to make them bigger athletes in the future. As a facility that produces Olympic champions, we hope that this place will serve as a reference. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of the facility, especially Mehmet Murat Charik, Mayor of Beylikduz. ‘ issued a statement. After the speech, the successful swimmers performed a short swim performance in the facility’s pool, after which a delegation accompanied by President Charik toured the facility with Birkin and his family. Coutul expressed how happy and honored the facility was to be named after him, and he thanked everyone who contributed.