Konyaspor lead in Istanbul: 0-4 – TRT Spor


In the match at the Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu stadium, guests Arabam.com Konyaspor took a 1-0 lead with Endri Cekici’s goal in the 29th minute. In the 45th minute, a Muhammet Demir penalty kick gave Greenwhite a 2–0 lead backstage.

Konyaspor extended the lead to three with a Mehmed Yesil own goal in the 56th minute: 0-3.

The away team Arabam.com Konyaspor, who scored another penalty in the 69th minute, scored for Guilherme Sitya: 0-4

With no other goals in the remaining time, Konyaspor won 4–0 from the field.

With this result, Konyaspor, who won the league title for the first time, extended their goals to five. His one of the league’s newer teams, Istanbulspor, lost three games in a row. The Yellow Blacks have yet to experience the joy of scoring in the Super League they have played in this season.


A key moment in the match…

The first half of the Istanbulspor-Alabam.com Konyaspor match in Week 3 of the Sportoto Super League ended with the guest team winning 2-0.

In the 16th minute, Istanbulspor’s Ogjan Berber attack saw goalkeeper Sehić knock the ball into the corner after Bitiki’s hit, a hard Topalli shot from the right of the penalty arc.

goal: Konyaspor opens the scoring in the 29th minute. A pass from Ahmet Oguz on the right side saw Čekic deliver a powerful long-range shot from outside the penalty area into the round leather net: 0-1.

In the 34th minute, the away team approached the second goal. Baitiki, who was hanging behind the defense on a long pass from Muric’s own half, stabbed Jensen diagonally left outside the penalty area before hitting the empty goal from a narrow angle and hitting the bottom of a round leather post to open the field. returned to Second, protection from danger.

In the 41st minute, Ali Yashar’s goalkeeper Sehić did not allow a goal from Topalli’s close-range shot from the left flank, where he found the ball that had not been cleared by the defense in front of him.

goal: In the 45th minute, Konyaspor extended the lead to two. Pavicic stayed on the ground after Melih Kabasakal intervened in the penalty area and he, the referee of the match, BurakŞeker indicated the penalty spot. Penalty Muhammet Demir sends a leather ball into the net: 0-2

Arabam.com Konyaspor ended the first half 2-0.

With this result, Konyaspor, who won the league title for the first time, extended their goals to five. His one of the newer teams in the league, Istanbulspor, lost three games in a row.

goal: Arabam.com Konyaspor extended the lead to three in the 56th minute. Bytyqi received the ball on the left and dribbled in style across the final line into the penalty area. This player’s pass hit a round leather net that hit Mehmed his Yesil in front of goal: 0-3.

goal: Konyaspor scored their fourth goal in the 69th minute. The referee of the match, Bulak Shekel, indicated the penalty spot after Michalak was left on the ground in a double fight with Orogo. Heading the ball, Guillerme put together a round leather net: 0-4

Arabam.com Konyaspor won 4-0.

situation: Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu

referee: Burak Şeker, Mehmet Salih Mazlum, Mehmet Emin Tuğral

Istanbulspor: Jensen, Okan Erdogan (Min. 72 Cajic), Mehmet Yesil, Duhan Aksu (Min 46 Ologo), Oguzan Berber (Min. 60 Kagan Miray Bagis), Muammer Sarikaya (Min. 72 Emir Kaan Gultekin), Melih Kabasakal, Ali Yasar , Topalli , Ethemi (Min. 60 Ebert), Ibrahim Yilmaz

Arabam.com Konyaspor: Sehic, Ahmet Oğuz (Min. 73 Cebrail Karayel), Adil Demirbağ, Calvo, Guilherme, Hadziahmetovic, Çekici (Min. 65 Rahmanovic), Pavicic (Min. 65 Soner Dikmen), Muric (Min. 65 Michalak (Min. 79 Ikpeazu) ), Bytyqi, Muhammad Demir

Target: minute. 29 hammer, min. 44 Muhammet Demir (from penalties), minimum. 56 Mehmet Yeşil (to own goal), Min. 69 Guilherme (from penalty) (Arabam.com Konyaspor)

yellow card: minute. 40 Adil Demirbağ, 45+1 Ahmet Oğuz, Min. 55 Hadjiametovic (Konyaspor), Min. 69 Orogo (Istanbulspor)