Konya has proven to be one of the most important sports cities in the world.


Ugur Ibrahim Altai, Mayor of Greater KonyaUnderway in Konya 5. Islamic Solidarity GameHe met and followed up with journalists from different countries in the city.

Altai, who opened his speech by mentioning the importance of Konya in the historical process, said today that the 5th Islamic Solidarity Game is a new beginning for Konya.

Noting that Konya is a city worth visiting with its forests, lakes and natural beauty, Altai Mayor invited members of the international press to Konya outside the games.

“Konya has proven itself to be one of the most important sports cities in the world.”

Recalling that Konya has been declared the Islamic City Sports Capital of 2022 and the World Sports Capital of 2023, President Altai continued:

“With our first Olympic stadium, the Olympic pool, the 42,000 capacity stadium that hosted the Opening Ceremony, sports halls, shooting and archery facilities, Konya is indeed one of the most important sports cities in the world. Alhamdulilah, we have a very good organization period.We will hold the Games without any glitches.In fact it was like preparation for the Olympics.In Konya With this strong infrastructure, we have seen again that Konya and Turkey are also ready for the Olympics and meet all the conditions to host the Olympics. We would like to express our desire to organize such a large organization in our city as soon as possible.”


invite a team preparing for an international competition to camp in Konya

President Altai said, “I also want to call from here. You are doing important work related to sports in the country where you live. I have witnessed Konya’s sports infrastructure, Konya’s hospitality, Konya’s hospitality culture. Therefore, we invite all branch teams preparing for international competitions to camp in Konya, as our facilities are not qualified to provide short-term services, they will not be able to participate in world sports over a very long period of time. For this reason, we would like to announce that we would like to host all teams preparing for the World Championships and European Championships for the Olympic Games,” he said in a statement.

“I believe Konya has created a memorable organization.”

President Altai continued his speech with an assessment of the ongoing 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, stating, “The Games will be held in 24 branches, 3 of which will be the Paralympic Games. In Konya, 4,200 people from 56 countries will participate. It welcomed athletes and 6,000 people involved in sports.Sport is undoubtedly the desire to win, but most importantly Konya made an important contribution to Islamic unity, solidarity and brotherhood, and Konya has created a memorable organization,” he said.

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“May the unity and solidarity of our brotherhood last forever.”

Emphasizing that the opening ceremony was a show that resounded around the world, President Altai said, “We had an opening ceremony that will be remembered in the Islamic Solidarity Game. I hope that it will be broadcast for a long time on the channel and leave a lasting impression in people’s hearts.In this way, I think we have set a good standard for the country that will host the 6th edition.The game will improve from now on. In fact, your publications and social media posts in your country have generated a great deal of recognition for our Konya. People know Turkey and some of its cities, but you have reflected the beauty of Konya to the whole world. It is a great pleasure to welcome you in Konya.I would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in promoting the operation of the organization.All the athletes and technical committee members who participated in the competition from 56 countries. I would like to thank the Association, I would like to thank the people who work at our facility and all the people of Konya,” he said.

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Altai president thanks Erdogan

Expressing his gratitude to all heads of state, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for hosting the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Prince Faisal El Saud of the ISSF and Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, President Altai said: said to A ceremony was also held on Thursday night, where he said he would complete this important organization by giving a performance worthy of Konya.

President Altai expressed that he sees the game partly not as a desire or struggle for success, but as an opportunity for Muslim countries to act together, meet and increase fraternity, stating: . Absolutely important to winning the most medals is that all athletes win gold in the Games. We believe that raising is much more important. Look, there are people from different countries in this hall. Without the Islamic Solidarity Game, it would be impossible for us to come together in Konya. For this reason, I hope that the spirit of unity, solidarity and brotherhood formed here will spread mainly to the people of our country, assimilated and accepted, so that the voices of Muslims and Muslim countries will be heard more. I’m here. world. “

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“2023 will be the year of sports for Konya”

The mayor of Altai explained that 2023 will be the year of sports in Konya, stating: I would like to reiterate that the international organization is ready to receive all athletes from Islamic countries in preparation for the event to be held at these beautiful facilities. We provide the best opportunities for them. I would be very happy if I could contribute to their success in the games they participate in. ‘ He finished his speech.

At the end of the conference, President Altai answered questions from the press of each country.

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President Altai Konya proved it is one of the world's most important sports cities-005.jpg