Konya, a city of youth, education and sports


Uglu Ibrahim Altai, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan, said Konya is a special city that dates back thousands of years and has hosted many civilizations for centuries. Located within the border of Konya, Catalhök emphasized that it is one of the oldest living spheres of mankind dating 10,000 years ago, and Altay has since many civilizations were born, grown and grown in Konya. He said it has evolved.

City of youth and students

With an area of ​​42,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 2.3 million in the heart of Anatolia, Konya is a highly educated city with approximately 140,000 students studying at five universities. Konya ranks fourth in Turkey in terms of faculty and regular college students. You can take a high-speed train from Konya to Ankara, Eskisehir and Istanbul. There are flights to Istanbul and Izmir via Konya Airport.

Make Konya your choice for college


Uglu Ibrahim Altai, Mayor of the Konya Metropolitan Area, said: By transport and plane in Turkey. He said, “I invite you to Konya, Turkey’s fourth largest city with the highest number of college students.”

Youth culture card

The Young Culture Card application created by the Konya Metropolitan Area is drawing attention as a comprehensive socialization program to increase the participation and interest of university students living in the city and to continue education in society, culture, education and sports activities. I’m collecting.

The Young Culture Card allows students to use the points they collect for participating in social responsibility projects in the city for theater, concerts, sports and education. Young Culture Card members can also use the smartphone application to participate in sweepstakes such as books, online education and sports membership.

Capsule technology platform

Young people gathering at the Capsule Technology Platform, which aims to contribute to our national technology movement and support technology-oriented research for students interested in technology and innovation, are great to represent cities and our country. I am making great efforts. TEKNO FEST competition.

On the capsule technology platform. There are a total of 100 competition teams and more than 800 capsule teams in 5 laboratories. The Konya Science Festival, one of Japan’s largest science festivals, has been held nine times in recent months, and the Konya Metropolitan Municipality has tens of thousands of people at the Konya Science Center, Turkey’s first and largest science center supported by TÜBATİK. We are welcoming young science lovers.

At city meetings, famous names meet young people every month in the city center and districts. Held annually, Konya BookDays attracts hundreds of authors and readers on Signing Day.

The cheapest city in Konya

As the Konya Metropolitan municipality, pointing out that it provides transportation services in Turkey’s largest geographical area, Uglu Ibrahim Altai Mayor of the Konya Metropolitan municipality said that trams and buses provide transportation services at the Konya Center and buses in rural areas. Said that it offers. President Altay pointed out that he has strengthened transportation vehicles with 73 new buses, “At the same time, we are trying to make public transportation the cheapest. In this sense, we have not raised the transportation price of students for four years. . And the price of public transport for two years. 55; The private boarding fee is 2.50 lira for two years. “

Strong sports infrastructure

Mayor Altai said Konya has made great strides in the field of sports in recent years: “We have created new sports fields for sports fans in every corner of the city. We are of all ages. We carried out dozens of different projects to appeal, held marathons and festivals with tens of thousands of citizens, and as Konya, the 5th Islamic Solidarity, the most comprehensive and largest organization in the Islamic world. The game will be held from 9th August. 18. In connection with this, 4,200 athletes at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Tournament, along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Athletics Stadium, the Olympic Swimming Pool and Turkey’s first Olympic Velodrome. With a technical team of 1,700 people and thousands of technical teams. Audiences from 55 sister countries with the generosity of the city of Mevrana Serra Reddin Lumi. Chosen as the capital of sports and won this title. Is the first in Turkey to be a spectator from Madrid in Europe, and then it has become his second city, “he said.

Bicycle city

Due to its geographical structure, Konya is the city where most bicycles are used in Turkey. President Uglu Ibrahim Altai said he had carried out an exemplary project in Turkey to further increase the use of bicycles in Konya: “Turkey is quite advanced on the 550-kilometer bike path. New plan Created 87 by. A few kilometers of new bike paths. “The first bike tram in Turkey we passed has received a lot of attention. Finally, we built a two-story bike park. Using the two-story bike park, closed parking lots and downtown areas of the city allow the people of Konya to safely park many bikes in the same place without paying a fee. ” Said.

At Konya, buses with bicycle repair stations, bicycle bridges, bicycle traffic lights, bicycle waiting stations, intelligent cycling transportation systems (ABUS), and bicycle transportation equipment are attracting attention.

Industry, trade and employment

Konya is Japan’s important agricultural, industrial and trade center with nine organized industrial zones and two technological development zones. In the city; machinery manufacturing, automotive spare parts industry, metal casting, food industry, in-vehicle equipment manufacturing, food, plastic packaging, shoe manufacturing, agricultural machinery equipment, and flour milling machinery manufacturing stand out as competitive sectors. ..

Konya, the Turkish breadbasket. Turkey’s first flour, salt and sugar production. Turkey is the only state where major aluminum mines are mined. Turkey’s leader in agricultural machinery and equipment production. It accounts for 45% of the Turkish market in metal processing. In-vehicle equipment accounts for 70% of the Turkish market. It is in the top 5 of Turkey’s defense industry. Exports reached $ 3 billion in 2021 and Konya exports to more than 170 countries.

Waiting for Konya

United Cities and Local Governments World Organization (UCLG) Co-Chair, Chairman of the Turkish World Municipal Union, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay talks about Konya’s valuable universities, educational infrastructure, opportunities for young people, and the best examples of history. Said. , Culture and nature tourism. He said it was a magnificent city and he invited all the young people to Konya for college education.