Kocaelispor wants to go playoffs-TRTSpor

“Gal Legend”, who was promoted to Sport 1st League for the first time in 11 years last season, finished the first half of the season with 24 points in 11th place.

Kocaelispor played eight games in the second half of the season, but only scored eight points and fell to 14th place with 32 points.

Greens and Blacks plan to get rid of the lower ranks by earning points or points in the rest of the match.

Director Ultipalmac: “Our goal is to win every match.”

Coach Mehmet Altıparmak said he was looking at his job and the points he earned, not the ranking of points, and he clearly saw the difference between his appointment and the present.

He said this was reflected in the score, and Altıparmak said their morale and motivation had risen to a high level.

This week, Ultimate Mack pointed out the importance of an away match with Gentilel Birrigi.With the 3 points you can earn from it, both accounts will be changed and the accounts will be different. The important thing here is that we are slowly reaping the fruits of what we have done so far. I have really great fans. When they were with us, we showed what to do indoors. There is momentum outside. We will continue to reproduce it in the future. “ He said.

Altıparmak explains that he can earn 10 games and 30 points for the rest of the season, saying: “Our goal is to win every match and set goals. When I took office, I had three short-term, medium-term and long-term plans. In the short term, it was to get the team together as soon as possible. I did this. In the medium term, I will climb to the top away from these ranks. Eatr. “He said.

“We aim to get out of these ranks and reach the top as soon as possible.”

Ultimate Mack added that scoring 8 points in the last four games has boosted morale and it is important to achieve a stable match and tempo.

Altıparmak explains that everything went very well within the team, saying: “Our long-term goal is to stay in the playoffs and go to the super league. There is little difference between not being demoted and playoff points. Everyone is playing each other. A 6-point match There, as we say, we are slowly approaching these matches. If we pass the 4-game series as we wish, we will be in the series we mentioned earlier. All matches in the playoffs. There are opponents, so the goal is to get out of these ranks as soon as possible and reach the top.‘ He said.

Altipalmac said Kocaelispor’s past was a success, adding that such teams need to participate in the Super League, and that the aforementioned community adds color to the league.

Team Captain Benhur Keser: “Hopefully Achieve Your Goals”

Team captain Benhur Keser has always sought to be the top Kocaelispor and said he wants to score the most points in the remaining 10 games.

As a result, Benhar Kether emphasized that he would stay in the playoffs and aim to be promoted to the Super League. “This is another league. Everyone can beat everyone. The gap between the playoffs and the relegation line is very narrow. We set goals accordingly. We are discussing with our teammates. hoping.‘He evaluated.

Benhar Kether said the suspension of three games had a negative effect on him and said he had scored a goal in the Balıkesirspor game and returned to the field.

Benhar Kether, who said he improved his performance in the last game, said he would like to play well and contribute to the team in the remaining 10 games.