Kocaelispor Coach Mehmet Altiparmak Next year’s goals are big …

Kocaelispor, who knocked out Keçiörengücü in the final match of the league, is preparing for the Gentilel Birrigi match. Coach Mehmet Altıparmak said he was one of the best familiar with Kocaelispor and this year is the team’s transition period.

Defeating Keçiörengücü in the 28th week of the Spor Toto 1st League, Kocaelispor began the week with morale. The Green Blacks continue to work hard to get rid of the lower ranks while raising their score to 32 with this victory. Mehmet Altıparmak, technical director of the Körfez team, has made a special statement to the 0054hlas News Agency. He said he was one of the most familiar with Kocaelispor, and Altıparmak said he would not distinguish between home and away games and would reflect his gaming philosophy in the remaining weeks. Expressing their most realistic goal is to get rid of the lower ranks, experienced technicians have revealed many problems in his explanation.

“This victory was very important.”

Mehmet Ultimate Mack has shown good signs of the gaming philosophy he has been trying to implement since he took office, emphasizing that the final victory is important for this reason, “We won a very important match. This match was very important. In every game we played, we wanted to look like a team trying to move forward, play in front and score goals, as if we were at home. We did this in certain parts of the game, especially in the series that started in the game of Barquesir. This was further developed in the game of Tuzla. Istanbulspor “We understand what we really know. I had a vision of football that I was hoping for. There was a team that did this very well in the field. “

“I’m one of the best people to know what Kocaelispor is.”

Altıparmak said this year is a transitional season for the community and that next season will move towards a much larger goal. “As Kamia, we had specific goals at the beginning of the season. There is a difference between these goals and our current goals. Our realistic goals are to move away from here as soon as possible and lower. It’s about getting rid of the ranks. After getting rid of the lower ranks, we’re already a good team in terms of team quality. We’re moving towards other goals. We have a very large community. I have great supporters because I am one of the people I know best. What is Kojaerispor and where did Kojaerispor come from? Since I used to work in this community, we We hope to combine the strength of the fight with great supporters. The rest is “We hope to finish each match with a team image that reflects our own game. Our wishes in the plan and field are This year is the transition year for Kojaerispor, without distinguishing between the inside and the outside in every week, but I hope that after this year, next year will move towards a bigger goal, “he said.

“Bigger goals of the year”

The experienced coach said he was happy with the support in the business sense and said that next year he would write another story with everyone who loves Kocaelispor. “We have a good management team. They have been trying to do whatever we want to do since we took office. There is no other Kocaelispor here. The only goal is to unite all Kocaeli who love Kocaeli. From Kocaelispor, under this roof. Because we have to start this work now. More difficult, together with our goal Please go, “he said.