“Kim Min Jae was surprised”-TRT Spor


Jesus, who made a statement at a press conference at the match’s Mieski Stadium, reminded Dynamo Kyiv of being an experienced Champions League team.

Jesus said he fought Dynamo Kyiv at the beginning of Benfica last season and knew his opponent well. “Experienced opponents from the Champions League have entered the lottery. I played against them last year and I know them well. There are some difficult moments, but it worked. I want to do my best to meet their quality. I think .. 70-80% of the opponents are Ukrainian national team players. “We have been working with the team for about 4-5 weeks. Little by little we got to know each other.” I used the phrase.

They explained that they were trying to build a quality team with a positive mindset, and experienced technicians continued:

“We are getting to know each other little by little. We want to build a quality team with a positive mindset. This gives us confidence. Opponents 4-5 We play together for years and work together for 4-5 years. Everyone knows what happened in Ukraine. We hope that tomorrow’s match will only take place within a sporty framework. “We all respect and share the pain of those who were there. Ukrainian players definitely feel emotionally strong.”

“Kim Min Jae, that was a big blow to me.”


Jorge Jesus said Kim Min-jae, who is on the agenda to leave the team, has hit him hard.

Lucescu is a symbol among foreign coaches, Jesus said:

“He is not only an experienced coach, he is also familiar with football. He is a coach who shows his qualities in every team he goes to. He is as many in the Champions League as I am. We have the experience of. We met last time he is familiar with our ideas. How did their technical committee compare with our team last year? They are me We analyzed what we played. Before, the club dealing with him would pay the termination clause in his contract. It was a big blow to me. It was important in our system, but we There are good players on our team. What Kim Min-jae has. “

Jesus knew his opponent well, remembering that he left only two names from the team last year, and said he would be happy to leave Lucescu, just like in the previous match.

Celebrating World Fenerbahce Day, Jesus concludes his words:

“It’s a special day for this club with a great history. It’s an important day for both Fenerbahcefan and Turkey. Victory is very important, but I think there is a balanced power balance between the two teams. Most players in Fenerbahce Fenerbahce He has never played in the Champions League. He hasn’t been here for a long time. We show our determination. If tactically well organized, I think we can surprise them. “

Szalai: I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s match

Fenerbahce’s Hungarian defender Attila Szalai said he was looking forward to the first official match.

Szalai emphasized the success of the preparation period, saying: “I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s match. The preparation period was good. I received intensive training. I’m ready for the match. I’m looking forward to the first official match tomorrow. The tech team I described my opponents in the best possible way. They taught me what to expect from them, their pros and cons. We know them very well. ” He said.

He said the entire team knew the importance of participating in the UEFA Champions League, adding that Szalai has big goals this season.