Kick to fans of Patrick VIERA! Things are escalating in the UK …

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The relegation line of the English Premier League has an incredible struggle. Everton took a deep breath after being demoted in a postponement match last night.

Frank Lampard’s Team Everton hosted the Crystal Palace at Goodison Park. The guest team started the match early, taking the lead 2-0 with Mateta in the 21st minute and Jordan Ayew in the 36th minute. The first half ended with this score.

Faced with the danger of being demoted if they lose the match last week, Everton made a historic comeback in the second half.

In the 54th minute Michael Keane reduced the lead to one and Bruce tied with Richarlison at 75. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who went on stage in the 85th minute, led the team.

Fans entered the pace before the match was over

Everton fans entered the field after the goal after winning 3-2 in CAlvert-Lewin and scoring a score that would guarantee their stay in the Premier League. The game stopped for a few minutes. Fans who hugged the players and celebrated their stay in the league were taken to a difficult stand, and the match continued from where it was interrupted.

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Guarantee Everton will remain in the league

Everton, who scored 36 points in the Palace game and increased their comeback to 39, were guaranteed to stay in the league four points ahead of Burnley and Leeds United, which were 35 points each before the previous game.

The demotion of Norwich and Watford will be confirmed and the third team to be demoted in the final match will be decided. Burnley has an average of 18 people and will host Newcastle United last week. An average of -38 Leeds United leaves for Brentford. Leeds United will be delegated if they score the same score as there is no difference in double goals.

At the end of the match, the fans will be at the pace again

Thousands of fans filled Goodison Park again after the final whistle rang and Everton officially left the league. Crystal Palace players and technical teams remained among the fans.

More events in Britain where Patrick Vieiradan kicks fans ...

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Kick from Patrick Viera!

Images disseminated on social media after the match revealed that Crystal Palace manager Patrick Viera kicked Everton fans.

Vieira and his team were caught among Everton fans who entered the field as they tried to move from the bench to the other side of the field and go to the dressing room. They didn’t have security guards.

At that time, a fan who came to Vieira was shooting with his cell phone in his hand while gesturing to a French coach with his other hand. At first he didn’t react to this, so the VIERA first tried to suppress the fans, and when he couldn’t, he kicked him back. A supporter who kicked and lost his balance fell to the ground. After that, the surrounding Everton fans reacted to Vieira.

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Videos taken by kicking fans will be shared

It turns out that a supporter kicked by Vieira pressed his cell phone against the face of a French coach and insulted Vieira with his middle finger. In the video, the fan may have fallen to the ground after Vieira’s kick.

Lampard: I’m sorry Vieira

Patrick Viera did not comment on the case at a post-match press conference, but Frank Lampard, who had driven Everton to demo, was asked for his views on the matter.

Lampard said he felt sorry for Vieira. “I couldn’t talk to him yet. I could tell him to come with us. At that point it would have been difficult to cross the field. Fans aren’t right to come in. I think. It’s the field after the third goal in the match, but I understand the joy of being demoted after the match. It’s normal. “

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Increasing violence attacks and applications in the United Kingdom

Nowadays, league promotion games are held in the UK, and the number of fierce cases of fans playing against rival players and coaches is increasing.

Robert Bigs, who entered the field in Nottingham Forest, passed Sheffield United in the semi-finals of the championship, advanced to the final and head-butted Sheffield United’s forward Billy Sharp. The judicial process began immediately and supporters were sentenced to 24 weeks in prison and 10 years in prison.

In the second league playoff semifinals between Port Vale and Swindon Town, Port Vale fans entered the field and beat Swindon players after a penalty-imposed match.

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The British Football Association is expected to take serious action in these cases and prevent such cases by imposing exemplary penalties.

More events in Britain where Patrick Vieiradan kicks fans ...