Kenan Karaman announced his dream in Besiktas! Confession of flash proposal …


Expectations for last season were very high, but an experienced soccer player said he couldn’t balance morale due to failure and injury in the Champions League, he said as usual for his performance. He said he met the reaction of the fans.

Kenan Karaman stated that the training was very intense, “Training is very intense. We are working really hard. The whole team came to the camp in a very healthy way. The teacher from there. Continued. He thought we were healthy. We have more fitness-based training. We will continue to study more in detail at the next camp. The coach has already warned us at the end of the season. He warned us to stay healthy. It was a heavy camp period. Everyone took care of themselves. Everyone took a vacation and worked hard. We are very I did a high tempo training in. Most people got a very good training. I took it out, “he said.

“We strive to help newcomers adapt well to their team.”

Kenan Karaman stated that he has done very well as a team, “The environment is really nice and fun. We are doing very well with our teammates. We are trying to help new players adapt to the team well. They should do that too. Rest assured that you can join the team as soon as possible. “We are looking for them so that they can make a good contribution. We can make new friends. We too. I’m waiting for them, “he said.

“Our expectations from the previous season were too high and we were demoralized when we couldn’t achieve it.”

Kenan Karaman said that expectations for the black and white team were very high last year. “Last year was very high. We kept our expectations high. Of course, we were able to achieve these. No, morale was down. Also, I was a little unlucky. There were cases of coronavirus and injuries in the first few weeks. We couldn’t achieve the balance we wanted. We were almost in the field. Did not appear in. Full team. Most players, including me, had to take other positions. Last season we brought young players to the team. This was an advantage. “But, of course, Besiktas’ goal is always championship. It’s about getting good results. Unfortunately we couldn’t achieve it in Europe either. We want to make up for it this season.”


“There was an emotional and mental collapse.”

Kenan Karaman, who received a lot of feedback from fans during last season’s performance, said the reaction was normal because of the high expectations. The 28-year-old Winger pointed out that he couldn’t spend the camp with the team because of the European Championship last season, saying, “I couldn’t spend the full camp in Besiktas last season. There was. It also worked. When the European Championship with the national team went wrong, I collapsed emotionally and mentally. Then when the team went wrong, this was inevitable. It was reflected in my performance here. Fans are quite normal here. I have expectations because I play in Besiktas. When playing as a striker, people expect goals. Of course there are criticisms when not scoring. Ben I really took care of myself. I’ve always done extra work throughout my career. I’m confident. I’ve been intimate with my fans for the past few weeks. This is the end of the season. I’m very happy about that. This season is a good camp and I think it will give us another performance. “

“Playing alone in the center is not the position I was using.”

Kenan Karaman, who said he worked alone in the forward end at the beginning of the season, said:

“Playing alone in front wasn’t the position I’m used to. Of course, it worked. But the coach gave me such a task. I do all the tasks best. It happened, but it wouldn’t be right to attribute it to this alone. “

“Hoka called me before the Fenerbahce match and said he trusted me for the right wing.”

Kenan Karaman, who was a wingback in the last few weeks of last season, said playing in the area was good for his career development. Calaman said he had a good record in the last match and he used the following statement:

“It’s a mistake to think of that position as a full writeback. It’s not a classic writeback. It’s a different style than the position you played in the open before. You’re offensive and defensive. Target. I wasn’t thinking of such a position. He called me into his room. There was a conversation between us. He thought I could play there. He Trust me and ask if you want to play there. At an important Derby match, he said, “I’ll do my best.” “I did my best. I think the last match, including the match against Fenerbahce, was really good. It was good for me. The development to discover my new position is good for my development. So I play there. I didn’t have the attitude to do it. “

“3-4-3 Make this system easier to use”

The teacher thinks of me with a triple system. That position passes as a wingback. If the teacher gives me a job, I will represent Besiktas in the best possible way, as in the last match. Previously, I played for the Bundesliga in Germany. There was a teacher who used the system. This system is rarely seen in Turkey. Some teams are trying again. It’s a really tough system. What I find difficult is the details of the system. Everyone needs to know what to do. Frankly, I was surprised that the teacher applied this system as soon as he came and got good results immediately. I have time, so I’m working in more detail. Who needs to go where, who needs to put pressure on where. How others should take a position when someone moves forward is a really detailed study. This will allow us to commit more to this system. I believe we can take advantage of this system. “

“By moving to the right, my performance and ROSIER’s performance have improved.”

Kenan Karaman stated that his rivalry with Roshie would be positively reflected in the team: “This looks very positive and positive. Prior to that, Roshie had no choice in that position. My good performance there was a rivalry with us in Roshie. The competition is always a team. “This competition has a very positive impact on both of us and we both work there. I believe, “he said.

“I have a dream for Besiktas. I will be the first champion.”

Kenan Karaman has stated that he has not set or supported goals for the new season, saying his goal is to be better than last season. Kenan Karaman continued his words:

“I didn’t set the numbers in my head, but first I want to be better than last year. I’m really proud of every game I wear this jersey. Besiktas also has a dream. First Is to become a champion and experience it in Besiktas. This year I’ve been focused on it. This year I’ve prepared accordingly. I’ve been and still are very focused on the camp. That’s me. Is the main goal of. “

“I received offers from three great teams.”

Kenan Karaman said he received offers from three big teams, “I got offers from three big teams when I entered the European Championship, but Besiktas welcomed me the most warmly and was interested. Besiktas gave me the best results. My choice is really easy. I chose Besiktas. I hope this choice will make my dream come true, “he says. I did.

“I want you to wear a national jersey again”

Kenan Karaman said he was aiming to return to the national team again, saying, “I haven’t been called by the national team in the last two camps. I’ve always been there for four years, but the last two camps. No. After training in Riva, I finally met Kuntz. He had a great conversation with his team. He is following us together. He performs well in Besiktas. I would also like to wear a national jersey, “he said.

“After the match we died 3-0, they called us to the ground, I was very empty.”

Asked about his message to fans for the coming season, Kenan Karaman concludes his words:

“Last year, the fans supported us incredibly. Even when we played a poor match, we stood incredibly behind. We went to Kasimpasha at home 3- After losing at 0, they called us to the stand. I was very emotional there. I want to bring good things to the fans this year. Besiktas fans are always behind the team I want to show a good performance and have a good season together. “”