Kenan Ger wins gold belt in Erzurum


Kenan Ger, who is also the coach of the Erzurum Metropolitan Area Youth Sports Club, won the head wrestler at the 132nd Traditional International Golden Belt Karakchak Wrestling organized by the Tortum District Municipality of Erzurum. Over 530 wrestlers entered the field. His coach Bilalchakmak in his club Tortum City Wrestling, who took his first place in 70 kilos, played Peslev with his 4-year-old son Zekeriya Chakmak.

Wrestlers from various provinces of Turkey, as well as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and the Republic of Adjara Ozert fought hard. Erzurum Governor Okay Memish, Azerbaijan Deputy Zafar Mamadov, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Emin Oz, Turtum District Governor Fatih Bayram, Turtum Mayor Muamma Ider, Ortu Mayor Nekhmettin Tash, Uzundere Mayor Hilmi Aktoprak, District heads of political parties, NGO representatives, businessmen, the Turkish Wrestling Federation’s provincial representative Battal Alpkılıç and many guests attended the tournament.

Governor Okay Memish thanked all those who worked and supported the survival of his ancestral sport in Erzurum and wished the wrestlers the best of luck. Governor Memis said, “We have resumed an organization that was dormant before the pandemic. Wrestling is our ancestral sport, it is of great importance to young people and children, and we are actively engaged in it in the world.” This year we are organizing the 132nd edition of this organization, which I think is very important and valuable because it is more than a century old. It’s also a city.It’s easy to say that we are at the top of Turkish sports.High Alliance Camp Center with a total track length of 90km hosts many teams every year, especially the big ones.European Countries Athletes from all over come to Erzurum to train in our pools, we are also actively involved in Erzurum’s facilities, winter sports and other sports areas. is outstanding, and I would like to thank the President, Deputies, Ministers, and everyone who has contributed to these opportunities and facilities.

Fuat Ozbay, Chief Jazz Governor of the East who introduced the match between Karakchak and Golden Belt Chief Wrestler, was watched enthusiastically by the wrestling enthusiasts who filled the private square and thrilled the guests and the people who filled the private square . In an organization where the field was decorated with Turkish flags, Ozbay gave wrestling enthusiasts unforgettable moments with his poems, poems and poems.


Tortum Mayor Muammer Yiğider said they have been providing services for the people of Tortum since they took office. Our district and locals love their ancestral sport. Our district is a wrestler’s bed. In wrestling, we represent our city throughout Turkey together with the metropolitan municipalities. There was a lot of good wrestling in our district. Our people showed great interest. Our private square almost turned into a festive area,” he said.


Businessmen put up a fierce race for the title of the 132nd Annual Traditional International Golden Belt Karakjak Wrestling. As a result of the auction, Ömer Duzgun, former chairman of Erzurumspor FK, became the wrestling master with 120,000 TL. Former wrestling master Zeki Yunal has handed over his duties as master to Omer Duzgun.


Tokat’s Kenan Gör and Rıza Yıldırım met in the finals of the head wrestler tournament that broke out. Kenan Gel, who won the match, became the chief wrestler. Başpehlivan Gör was the center of attention in his private square, but wore a golden belt around his chest. Olympic referee Yusuf Sadli Kishal was the referee for wrestling, while Fatih Hikmet Sevim and Arif Aquz were the referees for wrestling matches. After the competition, the top three wrestlers of all lengths were awarded medals and cash prizes.