Kemel’s “Grand Fondo” Storm-TRT Spor

AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya Powered by AG Tohum is the fourth road bike race held by Argeus Travel & Events and Yediðletişim with the aim of creating a bicycle festival enthusiasm and developing bicycle tourism, under the main sponsor of Akra. I did. Baltic Hotel.

The event was attended by 531 athletes from 14 countries, 62 of whom were women, on a 98km long track and a 48km short track. Emin Müftüoğlu, President of the Cycling Federation and Haydar Barut, President of Barut Hotels, have started the race.

Amazing views, unique races

Kemel is integrated with cycling in a unique geography where nature and history are intertwined. The organization, which was set up to become one of Turkey’s most popular Gran Fondo races, was also held in the atmosphere of a bicycle festival. Using the AKRAGran Fondo Antalya with the AG Tohum 2022, cyclists pedaled from Kemel’s turquoise bay to the Taurus Mountains.

It has been done for 4 years

AKRAGran Fondo Antalya, equipped with AG Tohum, a road bike race held according to the rules of the UCI and the Turkish Cycling Federation, has brought 531 amateur cyclists from 14 countries to Antalya for the fourth time. The organization has accepted thousands of athletes since it was first held in 2018. Again sponsored by Argeus Travel & Events and Yedi0054letişim under the names of AKRA Hotels and AG Tohum, Corendon Airlines, Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, supporting Touristica, TR Antalya Governorship, TR Youth Sports Ministry, Turkish Cycling Federation, Kemer City and the city of Antalya Metropolitan. In response, an association organized with the contributions of Yörükoğlu, Barut Hotels, Yaşam Hospitals, Toyota, Ceysu, Salcano, Palma Hotels, Kemer Region Promotion Foundation (KETAV), Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KETOB), Kemer Businessmen’s (KEM0054AD).

And it’s starting

AKRAGran Fondo Antalya with AG Tohum, which started in front of Orbia Park in Piazza Kemerk Muriet, was started cycling by Emin Müftüoğlu, Chairman of the Cycling Federation, and Haydar Barut, Chairman of Barut Hotels, waving the checkered flag. A challenging track with Kemel’s unique geographic natural and historical beauty brought his joy to the top.

An unforgettable sense of unity

While the AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya organization’s race turned the world’s eyes to the war between Russia and Ukraine, a wonderful peace adventure to shed light on history took place in Kemel. Opposition arose here while the world was mobilizing to stop the war and Russian and Ukrainian athletes even refused to be together in many organizations. Russian and Ukrainian cyclists participating in the organization pedaled at the start and fought peacefully to the finish.

Run in 17 different categories

Long-track and short-track, where 531 cyclists from 17 countries competed on 98km and 49km tracks in 17 different categories, including Youth, Elite, Master, Paralympics and Tandem, overcame a major struggle.

Race flow

The youngest cyclist in the organization was 16-year-old Emre Özcanlı, and the oldest athlete was 72-year-old Finnish Pekka Forstadius. Athletes in both categories have been unable to rest for a long time. Fragmentation began after 21 kilometers. While Rat Island was left behind, cyclists pedaled along the unique scenery of the truck.

From this moment, even if the wind was weak, the players were adversely affected. After that, a few mass attacks continued one after another. On the long track, four athletes formed an escape group. However, the scenery was so fascinating that some athletes were observed looking around on their cell phones while quickly pedaling.

It was an amateur race, but when the temperature reached 24 degrees, the race pace at AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya was pretty fast. It was also great that the cyclist completed the 98km long track in 3 hours.

Cyclist fighting fiercely on both tracks pedaled the AKRA track 98km on a difficult stage at an altitude of about 2000m. Starting at 08:00 on Sunday, May 8th, the AKRA truck will follow the centuries-old D-400 motorway, surrounded by pine trees, on the route of the ancient city of Faceris, through the tourist city of Antalya, Göynük. .. And Verdivi, and climb the Taurus Mountains to the final at Kumfriet Square in Kemel. I found it.

It begins at 08:30 on the AGTOHUM track 49km and rises to a height of 537m from Kemer’s pine-scented roads and curved plateau roads, challenging cyclists in the region’s perfect nature and landscape. Provided a fun combat experience.

Five cyclists participated in the Paralympic category at the AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya with AG seed races in 2022, while cycling enthusiasts also participated in the Paralympic and Tandem categories, but seven teams from the Co-Pedal Association were two. I joined the tandem category. -A seater bike specially made for the visually impaired.

“You need to carry it all over the country, not just Kemel.”

Emin Müftüoğlu, President of the Cycling Federation, commented on Gran Fondo’s organization. When evaluating the race at Kemel, Müftüoğlu said, “We need to carry these types of organizations across the country, not just Kemel. Adding Bodrum and Marmaris after Kemel, this is three big Gran Fondos. You can race. Only one month. This is cycling. I am very happy as a family. “

I will do my best to support you

Emin Müftüoğlu, President of the Turkish Cycling Federation, used the following expression: This year we will change the format so that it will be held in a tourist paradise like Kemel. This is very important for both the development of bicycle tourism in our country and the gathering of bicycle families. As the Turkish Cycling Federation, we will do our utmost to support this race in Antalya Kemer, one of the most important tourist attractions in Japan. We hope that all participants will have a successful race in advance. “

AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya with AG Tohum EXPO, founded in Olbia Park in Kemer Kumlieto Square, has attracted Kemer’s bike enthusiasts.

The top three AKRA Gran Fondos with 2022 AG seeds are:

Long Course Men’s Top 3:

1. Kirill Krasavin (Peace No War-3 hours 03 minutes 15 seconds)
2. Muhammed Erkan (Friendly Bikes-3 hours 04 minutes 53 seconds)
3. Artem Shcherbyna (Leader Citron Team-3 hours 05 minutes 26 seconds)

Long Course Women’s Top 3:

1. Gamze Ceyhan (Treck RMK Mechatronics – 3 hours 44 minutes 57 seconds)
2. 0054lkem Gökçe (Individual-4 hours 14 minutes 29 seconds)
3.MelikeÇakır (Individual-4 hours 15 minutes 52 seconds)

Short Course Men’s Top 3:

1. Nurullah Yurteri (Akdeniz Belediye Sports Club-1 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds)
2. Barış Akkoyun (Mugla Karya – 1 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds)
3.Tunahan Özer (Cyclist Turkey – 1 hour 14 minutes 09 seconds)

Short Course Women’s Top 3:

1.Selinay Tuğçe Kır (active pedal – 1 hour 17 minutes 27 seconds)
2. Irena Vasilevskaya (Aerostar Team 1 – 1 hour 18 minutes 17 seconds)
3. Meltem Kılıç (speed 216-1 hours 20 minutes 59 seconds)

AKRA truck (98km)

Burak Gonnen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AG Seed, has awarded the General Classification Awards.

Male 18-39 year old athletes on the AKRA course will be awarded an award by CeylanŞensoy, Group Marketing Director of the Tourism Development Promotion Agency (TGA), and 40-49 year old group athletes will be awarded at Fraport TAV Antalya Airport. The award was given by General Manager Deniz Varol. Osman Tuğral of the Corendon Airlines Corporate Communications Unit presented awards to athletes aged 50-59, while Salcano’s board member Yusuf Akgül presented awards to athletes aged 60-65 and above.

AKRA Track Women’s 18-39 year old athlete was awarded by Aydın Ayhan Güney, General Director of the Tour of Antalya and owner of Argeus Travel & Event. .Haluk Özsevim.

AG seed truck (49km)

The General Classification Award was presented by President Emin Mufftoor of the Cycling Federation and Nejiati Toparoul, Mayor of Kemel. Fikriye Topaloğlu, wife of Kemel Mayor Necati Topaloğlu, presented the award to athletes on behalf of all her mothers.

Mustafa Ozkainak, a youth and sports manager in the Kemel district, awards the award in the category of men aged 16-34 on the AG seed track, and Kandemir Zoroul, director of the Antalya Department of Culture and Tourism, awards in the category aged 35-44. Awarded. The 45-54 year old category award was given by Hüsey in Sarı, Deputy Mayor of Muratpasha, and the 55-64 year old category award was given by Deniz Yılmaz, Chief of the Kemer District Police Department. Awards in more than 65 categories were awarded by Gendarme Commander Ramazan Ergel in the Kemel district.

The AG Seed Track Women’s 18-39 year old category award was awarded by Gökhan Polar, General Manager of the AKRA Hotel, and the 40-54 year old category award was awarded by Asım Burak Kipçak, General Manager of the Kemer Barut Collection.