Kayserispor Signs with Chardash Attan-Kayserispor News

Governor Kayseri Gökmen Çiçek, Mayor of Metropolitan Memduh Büyükkılıç, Manager of Kayseri 2nd Aviation Maintenance Factory, Commander of the Garrison Army Hv. Brig. Haldun Tashan, State Police Chief Kamil Karabork, Elsie Anadolu Holding CEO Alpaslan Baki Eltekin, Kayserispor President Berna Gozbash, Director Chardash Attan, and members of the Protocol attended.

President Berna Gozbash of Kayserispor said there was a pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, saying: The world is due to the decline in revenue, the absence of fans, and the global crisis reflected in broadcast revenue. This crisis was gradual today as we tried to collect the past, maintain the present, and build the future. The pandemic was another crisis. After the pandemic, a new period of crisis began, affecting all sectors of both the world and our country economically. In fact, we continue to struggle with external and internal factors while we strive to make our club debt-free or sustainable. Last season we played in both the league and the Turkish Cup. Due to his focus on the cup, he was a little late in the second half of the league and entered the Turkish Cup final. It was our pride that our city reached the final 14 years later and we were able to harness this excitement for our club and our city. I would like to bring the trophy here and finish the joy with various joys and go to Europe, but the atmosphere is different in the final match. While very close, I picked up the trophy in the last 5 minutes and put it back in place. Of course, we never give up on the goal of sports success, but on the other hand, we don’t want to destroy the future of the club. “

“I want you to put out a good play”

President Gozbash said he would like to have a better match with Chardash Attan this season. He said what he thought about our team. Good things in all these crises thank God. We just have an established staff. He told us his thoughts on our current staff. He gave a very nice presentation as I talked to quite a few teachers. I spoke openly about the situation in the club. He himself deliberately saw this and grabbed our hearts with this year’s slogan, “Our dreams are bigger than our budget.” I hope that this season, with my teacher, I will show you good matches and good games to survive first and then to survive. I wish the teacher success. “

“Our dream is bigger than our budget”

Kayserispor’s new coach, Chardash Attan, says they trust their match and their players. Meeting you here proves how important I am to the club. Also, Kayserispor, who was affected during this difficult time as explained by the president, seems to be receiving very strong support. I gave a presentation. We talked about our game, our dreams. When we said, “Our dreams are bigger than our budget,” we always believed in the power of games in football. We believe this game will increase the value of our players and the brand value of our club. Not so many players, even the current staff in a particular system, are working with the academy by increasing their value. There is a very serious formation here. Our club can no longer live by just buying. We need to sell it, we need to turn it into trade. These are football essentials. I want to berth comfortably at the end of the year. We completely believe in ourselves. We completely believe in the players. We work hard and show a good match. It increases the market value of players and ensures that the club is in a comfortable position in the league without leaving the competitive structure. This is our goal, “he said.

“I couldn’t understand what our agent meant.”

Meanwhile, Alpaslan Baki Ertekin, CEO of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, was asked by Deputy Dusun Ataş of IYI Party Kayseri and Deputy Çetin Arık of CHP Kayseri about his claims about Kayserispor and its sponsors. The only relationship between our club and the sponsor is the sponsorship relationship. The agreement and contract for this is clear. The accounts sent by them and the accounts we receive are clear. It’s very clear where it was transferred from our account. We also ask you to clarify this issue. It was not appropriate to expose people to such suspicions. If there is something in the organization that has been audited many times, it will come out anyway. Deposits and withdrawals are clear and obvious, “he said.

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