Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakul: “We are working hard to bring Jim together with the people.”

Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakul, who spoke about sports activities in Kastamonu, said that after the pandemic, sports activities in the city increased, saying: Serve all sports. We are working hard to bring these gyms together with our youth and people. ”
Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakul spoke about the sporting activities in Kastamonu at a ceremony where sporting goods were distributed to special education schools. Governor Chakir, who said Kastamonu is raising highly successful athletes despite having a general population of 380,000, said he is making great efforts to connect young people with sports. Emphasizing that Kastamonu players had great success in all branches, Chakul said sporting activity increased after the pandemic.

“Our struggle has brought results.”
Governor Chakir, who said he was successful as a result of the sporting struggle, said: We are the average Anatolian state with a central population of 125,000 and a state population of 380,000. But in addition to this, the Kastamonu City Handball Team declared a championship in the Women’s Handball League a week before the end of the league. He represented our country in the Champions League for the first time in its history. The city of Alac had a women’s handball super league team, a second league soccer team, two regional amateur league teams, a second league handball team, and a men’s basketball team that missed the championship in the previous match. There is a women’s basketball team in the second league, and there is a women’s soccer team competing for promotion to the first league. 78 teams participate in the 1st and 2nd leagues. The sports infrastructure here is at all levels, with the support of the State Youth Sports Department, the State Education Department, the Governor’s Office, the municipalities and the field.

“After the pandemic, our halls and fields met our students.”
Governor Chakir emphasized their interest in sporting activities, stating: We are working hard to bring these gyms together with our youth and structures. You’ll see on weekdays and weekends, every mom and dad has a puppy next to him in sportswear. We take this issue very seriously and are working hard in this regard. Kastamonu hosts both Turkish and World Championships in Taekwondo, Judo, Fencing, Table Tennis and Martial Arts. All of this is the result of understanding, unity and solidarity about the sport of our city. They will be back. These activities diminished slightly during the pandemic process, but after the pandemic, our halls and fields met with our students. In the summer, we will open a sports summer school for children of all levels. Over the next few years, we can be very successful in this regard. We are happy to work on this. Hopefully we will announce more Kastamonu names. “

“We hope to witness these successes together.”
Governor Chakir said he is hosting training for the boxing national team, saying: “Our women’s national boxing team and men’s national boxing team are preparing for the World and European Championships in our city. As a state, we will try to host them. One of the record-breaking female athletes at the branch has become the champion. It’s also a pride for us. We’re proud to host. We hope to witness these successes together. I am. ”

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