Kartal scores 3 points in Ghezzal – TRT Spor


Besiktas started the season with a win. The Black and Whites had his 1–0 victory over Yucatel Kayserispor. The goal that gave Besiktas the win came from Rashid Gesar in the fight’s extra time.

There was no sound from the first half of the match, which was played at Vodafone Park.

In the 67th minute of the second half, when Yucatel Kayserispor’s Ali Karimi was red-carded after a second yellow card, he left the team with 10 players left.

Entering the match in the 77th minute for Besiktas, Cenk Tosun was out after a second yellow card in a 90+3 draw.

Rachid Ghezzal on stage at 90+5 of the struggle. The black and white team took his 1-0 lead. He won the match 1-0 and Besiktas started the season with three points.


A key moment in the match…

In the ninth minute, after a throw-in from the left, Bertracci singled Gabranovic into the penalty area to face the goalkeeper. A diagonal kick from Gabranovic sent the ball up the far post.

In the 33rd minute, Cardoso’s long shot was saved by goalkeeper Elsin at the bottom.

In the 41st minute, a long pass from Gesar sent Sally Hussain into the penalty area, pushing the ball out of position and just in time to take the leather ball to Weghorst behind. Weghorst’s kick sent the leather ball, which the defense stepped into, into the corner.

In the 44th minute, Weghorst touched the ball that rebounded from the defense centered on Masuaku’s left field in the center of the ground, leaving the goalkeeper with Kanamaru.

The match finished the first half without a goal.

In the 55th minute, after a corner kick from the left by Emra Bashsan, the Besiktas defense put the ball into the corner of the goal line before Corovetsios hit a carom inside the penalty area.

Yukatel Kayserispor had 10 players left in the 68th minute. Umit Ozturk, the referee of the match, dismissed the Kayserispor player for his second yellow after Ali Karimi was penalized after he fouled Salif his Usan in the arc. rice field.

In the 72nd minute, after a corner kick from the left flank, the goalkeeper saved a shot from Gesar who found a leather round in front of the right diagonal of the penalty area.

In the 78th minute, Salif Ousan fired a shot from outside the penalty area, diagonally to the left, just over the far post on the leather round.

In the 82nd minute, Mustafa Pekhtemek beat Netupu Uisal on the right side and sent the ball out on the line. Penalty when Emrah Başsan arrived he hit the ball in the area.

90+3. His Cenk Tosun of Besiktas received a red card after receiving a second yellow card.

goal: 90+5. At that moment, Besiktas took his 1–0 lead. Attacking from the right, Weghorst stole the ball from his penalty area and Gesar sent his penalty past his arc smoothly into the net to make it 1-0.

Besiktas won 1-0.

situation: Vodafone Park

refereeBy: Ümit Öztürk, Osman Gökhan Bilir and Murat Tuğberk Curbay

Besiktas: Ersin Destanoğlu, Rosier, Necip Uysal, Sais, Masuaku, Kartal Kayra Yılmaz (Min 77 Cenk Tosun), Salih Uçan, Fernandes, Ghezzal, Muleka (Min 57 N’Koudou), Weghorst

Yucatel Kayserispor: Bilal Bayazit, Onur Bruto, Hosseini, Corovetsios, Carol, Cardoso (Ramazan Tiberek in 89′), Ali Karimi, Beltrazzi (Campanhalo in 69′), Emra Basan (Mensah in 89′), Thiam (50) Gjokan Sazdar in minutes), Gavranovich ( 69 Mustafa Pektemek)

goal: 90+6 Gesar (Besiktas)

Red card: minute. 68 Ali Karimi (Yukater Kayserispor), 90+3 Cenk Tosun (Besiktas)

yellow card: minute. 76 Gedson Fernandes, min. 90+9 Neship Uisal (Besiktas)