Just before: What did the sports writer say after the match between Portugal and Turkey? No one expected, surprised everyone, dangerous decisions, new tech teams …

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Our national team lost to Portugal 3-1 in the playoff semifinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. While the home team made it to the finals, the national team’s expectations for the World Cup have come to an end.

Portugal took the lead with Otabio in the 15th minute of the match and increased the gap with Jota to 2 in the 42nd minute. The Nationals made the situation 2-1 with Burak Yılmaz scoring a goal in the 65th minute. Cengiz Ündel was the player who helped Burak Yılmaz’s goal.

A penalty was set at 86 minutes

The match was 2-1 in favor of Portugal, but Burak Yılmaz took the lead with a penalty of winning in the 85th minute, but the shot was off the top. The last word is 90 + 4. Minutes Nunez said, determined the score of the fight: 3-1

Portugal, who won the battle, advanced to the final in the playoff round. After this result, the national team’s World Cup dream is over.

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We did the most shots

In the 2022 World Cup qualifying, Turkey won the most (12) and was the team aiming for the target (5) from Portugal.

First success since 2006

Burak Yılmaz, who aired the Portuguese net, became the first player to score six goals in the World Cup qualifying phase with Turkey since the 2006 qualifying round (7, Fatif Tekke & 6, Tuncay Zanlu).

Highest number in history

Turkey (+8.45), who scored 27 goals from the 18.5 goal expectation (xW) scored in the 2022 World Cup qualifying, celebrated the most goals in history.

UĞURMELEKE: Unless you lose in the first period

We played 10 games in the World Cup qualifying. In all ten, we went to the field with a four-way defense. We played three games at Euro 2020, all of which we chose quad defense. The final match that the national team started in triple defense is a friendly match in Azerbaijan that was played before the European Championships. For coaches of teams who have suffered quad defense in the last 13 official games, starting with triple defense in this year’s most important game is a dangerous decision. You see, it doesn’t matter that 3 is better than 4, or 4 is better than 3. Things are customs. It’s a rhythm. This type of trial is not a World Cup playoff, but a qualifying or Nations League match. The reason why he gave so many positions in the most important match of the year, especially in the first 45, and was 2-0 behind the locker room was because he couldn’t find the rhythm. The field cannot be split correctly.

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Last minute: No one expected it, what the sports writer said after the match between Portugal and Turkey, it surprised everyone, a dangerous decision, a new tech team ...

We are all missing one in the middle of the top 45

Portugal played 4-3-3, just as they did in all qualifying rounds. Fernando Santos liked the midfield talented Mutinho-Bruno Fernandes-Bernardo Silva trio and, as expected, launched a systematic attack when he won the ball. For the first 45 minutes, I couldn’t meet this group of talented players in the second area because there was no man in the middle. The space could not be shared correctly. I’m not used to parceling in 3-4-3. When he was wondering whether Otabio, Chagler, or Belkan would match, he scored two goals from that surprise. In the first half, we couldn’t help each other and couldn’t pass three times in a row.

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In the second half, Portugal has a chronic turmoil

Fortunately, Portugal’s chronic turmoil began in the second half! As I said yesterday, Portugal won only one of the four matches against Serbia-Ireland in the qualifying group. In defense, they are both very lacking and very clumsy. In the second half, when I tried a little more and proceeded with the game, I got the game closer to overtime as much as the penalty. But unfortunately it wasn’t.

I think there were two coaches on the field yesterday that were below the quality of the player group. I believe both countries should plan for Euro 2024 with a technical team that deserves the quality of the players.

Last minute: No one expected it, what the sports writer said after the match between Portugal and Turkey, it surprised everyone, a dangerous decision, a new tech team ...

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EGEMEN YILDIRIM: Hope to disappear in 1 minute and the dream of Euro 2024 … can we succeed?

Despite bad plans, bad starts and bad games, luck has come to our feet. Our hopes soon disappeared and we are already beginning to dream with EURO 2024.

When the draw was first drawn, I agreed that I was on the most difficult path in the playoffs. Under Ronaldo’s leadership, playing Portugal, one of Europe’s most promising teams, and Italy, the last European champion, is a pain as well as us. , Not just for any team in the playoffs …

But we weren’t desperate. With the appointment of Stefan Kuntz, the negative atmosphere of the team disappeared and the momentum after winning the group three times in a row was good. After the draw in November, there was a lot of time to plan, and Stefan Kuntz shed light on the plan in his pre-match remarks, but frankly, no one said Belkan Kuttor on the left would close the triple defense. I didn’t expect it. Lane…

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That he had a chance to play soccer and the intelligence of the game

Portugal lost to Serbia 2-1 in the final qualifying match and advanced to the playoffs, but Portugal is not one of the teams to win by trying new things, especially in irreparable matches. In addition to innovation, extra effort, great game intelligence, and football luck should be on your side. Unfortunately, with the exception of the national team, nothing I counted at the beginning of the match.

They evaluated the weaknesses we offer in the Golden Tray

For the first 15 minutes, we were in the image of a restless, unbelievable, intertwined, unplanned team on the field. After playing in the defense of two Premier League players and one Serie A, the left lane of Belkan Kuttor became a Portuguese gold mine. They made all the attacks from the right side to the first goal, and the goal was achieved when the attacks starting from here first reached the center and then the left side. Our weaknesses presented to Portugal on a gold platter have returned to our goal as a goal. During this time, I couldn’t organize with half of my opponents or go through my field. I couldn’t steal the ball from the defense, and the center of the midfield was weak, so there weren’t enough. The ball that Ugurkan put into the game went to either the opponent or the crown. I had a hard time breaking the defense of 39 Fonte and Danilo from the middle of the press.

He seemed to recover a little more from the 20th minute, at least balancing his opponent’s defenses and changing the ball he grabbed into the Sengiz and Brak positions, but managed to turn the ball. He wanted it in the middle. Bizim Boys, who couldn’t find a cure for his opponent to hang behind the defense before the first goal, paid the price of this helplessness. The defender defended the opponent from the front and missed the second ball from behind. The goal of our goal. There was no positive progress on our part in the first half.

Last minute: No one expected it, what the sports writer said after the match between Portugal and Turkey, it surprised everyone, a dangerous decision, a new tech team ...

The first aggressive attack was the target

We were all surprised as Stefan Kuntz started the second half without any changes. Due to the fact that it didn’t work at all, the explanation he gave as the position of our pen remained in the field, but there were many other points that didn’t work … nonetheless. I was hoping for a change in the match on the field, but I couldn’t see it until the 65th minute when Burak Yılmaz appeared on stage. .. Inspired by Belkan Kuttor’s attack, Jengiz Undel’s clever pass, and Goalburak Yılmaz’s youth, sprinting behind the defense is the best of the Bijim Boys’ 65-minute match. It was a positive and organized moment. Then everything was what we wanted …

He made his first change after Golden and used the Portuguese shake-up to keep the ball in half of his opponent, but he was still not good at making a position. When EnesÜnal, Yusuf Yazıcı and Dorukhan Toköz joined the game, the team’s tempo went up one level and they were rewarded with an EnesÜnal penalty. But how did we know that this moment of resurrection of our hope lasted only one minute …

1 minute to blow away hope …

Burak Yılmaz passed the ball. None of us forgot that he was very calm in the Latvian match and sent a significant 90 + 9 penalty to the net. I was confident as a team penalty shooter, but when pressure and stress peaked and I tried to throw the ball to 90 when the margin of error was zero and the ground was wet, there was a risk. How do we see it? He took that risk as a captain, but this time it wasn’t. That chance to recreate the odds of knocking out Ronaldo and his friends evaporates in 85 minutes. Great destruction of time left, 90 + 1 Matheus Nunes goal and closing …

Last minute: No one expected it, what the sports writer said after the match between Portugal and Turkey, it surprised everyone, a dangerous decision, a new tech team ...

Missed opportunity in North Macedonia

We were trying to increase our chances of going to the World Cup, which went to zero with our own mistakes and wrong choices, but after a disappointing performance at EURO 2020, another important milestone. I experienced disappointment. If we could play against Portugal, we would have played against North Macedonia in the final and eliminated European champion Italy 90 + 3. At Konya’s stadium, Selcuk Inan recorded a free kick that brought a ticket for EURO 2016.

There is no doubt about their struggle. The players who took care of the Brak brothers for their post-match remarks, Kuntz’s support for Brak, and hope for the future did not disappear completely despite the bad results … Stefan Kuntz and these players. Both deserve more luck and support.

Support for KUNTZ is essential! Can I go to Euro 2024?

We are on TV at the 2022 World Cup. We also know that work has already begun so that we do not experience the same end in EURO 2024. Kuntz’s choice can be criticized, but supporting him is the greatest benefit, given what he’s trying to add, his perspective and how it affects the player. I understand.

Turkish football, which has long admired the German football system, has entrusted a team of 85 million countries to the person who formed one of the most important gears of the system. What we have to do to get that praise is very simple. We haven’t done what we did before … Do you think we can succeed?