Just before | The latest news of the Ukraine-Russia war … Hope for a humanitarian corridor in Kharkov

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As we enter the 11th day of the Russian-Ukraine War, conflicts in the region continue with all violence. The Ukrainian army released a new report in the morning, announcing Russia’s new goals to the world. While Australia’s promised military equipment and medicines arrived in Ukraine, a statement of hope for the humanitarian corridor arrived in Kharkov.

This is what’s happening in this area, every minute …

10.18 Russia has announced that 2,203 targets belonging to the Ukrainian army have been destroyed so far.

10.12 British intelligence claimed that Russia was targeting private territories. “The scale and strength of Ukraine’s resistance continues to surprise Russia,” the report said, saying Moscow responded by targeting private territories.

10.00 Washington is in talks to supply Warsaw Ukraine with fighters, according to Wall Street Journal news based on US authorities.

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White House officials said the United States could supply Poland with a certain number of F-16s while Warsaw could supply Kyiv with Soviet-era fighters.

Belarus rejected the claim

09.25 The Belarusian Ministry of Defense denied allegations that paratroopers were dispatched to Ukraine.

07.49 The Royal Australian Air Force’s C-17A Globemaster has delivered important military equipment and medical supplies to Ukraine.

Delivery will take place after Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that he will provide military aid for national defense.

Hope for the Kharkov Humanitarian Corridor

07.34 David Alachamiya, a member of Ukraine’s negotiation team with Russia, expressed hope that a humanitarian corridor from the eastern city of Kharkiv would open on Sunday.

Russia announces next goal

06.11 Ukraine says Russia wants to occupy a dam at a power plant.

Ukraine’s general staff said in a report released Sunday that Russia plans to seize the dam of the Kaniv hydroelectric power plant on the Dnieper River, about 150 km south of Kyiv.

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So far, Russian troops have destroyed, attacked, or captured many energy infrastructure facilities, including Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia.

Biden meets Zelensk

05.40 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that he had telephoned talks with US President Joe Biden on Ukraine’s security, financial support for Ukraine, and sanctions against Russia. “Especially Biden welcomed the decision to stop Visa and Mastercard services in Russia tonight,” the White House said in a statement.

04.00 Ukrainian President Zelensky held a meeting with US businessman Elon Musk in the form of a video conference. “I met Elon Musk. Thank you for supporting him with his words and actions. We talked about the space project and the possibility of a post-war visit to Ukraine,” Zelensky said after the meeting.

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03.30 Ukraine’s Kyiv Regional Governor Oleksiy Kuleba has announced that soldiers sent to Ukraine by President Chechen’s Ramazan Kadyrov have occupied the Psychiatric and Neurosurgical Hospital in the city of Borodyanka in the country’s Kyiv region and have accepted psychiatric patients and hospitals. Staff hostages.

02.03 Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has announced that the number of Ukrainian refugees has exceeded 1.2 million.

Two more companies decide on “Russia”

01.45 Visa and Mastercard have announced that they will suspend all operations in Russia.

00.45 US State Department officials told AFP that the United States had allowed the use of Russian airspace to accept exiled Russian diplomats.

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00.20 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the border with Poland. After the meeting, Kreva said: He has just returned from the Ukrainian-Polish border. “We met in a neutral territory at the border, and then we took some steps towards Ukraine to express our support,” he said.

23.10 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a new statement on Ukraine’s attack on Russia. He emphasized that the “national war” continued on the tenth day of the attack, and Zelensky said: Every day and night seems to be endless. It’s Saturday, but that doesn’t mean anything to us. In war, it’s the same as Saturday, Monday, and Thursday. All these days are equal to us because we are trying to protect our hometown in the same way every day. Our country doesn’t know about weekends, we don’t look at the calendar, we’re just moving towards victory, “he said.

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23.09 Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government to make a list of countries that have “acted unfriendly” against Russia.

22.50 Senator Lindsey Graham said in a video message on Twitter, “Give Zelensky, the plane, and Shiha what you like.” Graham’s implicit “assassination” for Putin to end the war between Russia and Ukraine has been criticized.

Immediately before | The latest developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia ... Hope for a humanitarian corridor that has blossomed in Kharkov

Description like a threat from Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is about to freeze the blood of the world with his harsh remarks in the live broadcast. Putin began by stating that Ukraine is an obstacle to the peaceful resolution of the Donbus crisis.

Putin described the sanctions on his country as a “declaration of war” and said that “the decision to operate was not easy.” “We will destroy Ukraine’s military infrastructure,” he said. President Putin said Ukraine should maintain its “neutral” status.

“Our goal is clear”

“There is no doubt that the Russian army will achieve that goal,” Putin said, emphasizing that all soldiers currently involved in the war are members of the Russian army and not necessarily recruited.

President Putin said he could not allow Ukraine to become a nuclear power and reiterated his pursuit of the goal of “disarming Ukraine and eliminating neo-Nazis.”

Airspace problem

Russian leaders said creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be considered a direct military intervention and also announced that they were continuing negotiations with airlines to resolve the crisis.

Putin said that if a flight over Siberia was blocked, this would definitely be reflected in the ticket price, and the only way was absolute financial freedom.

“We put the proposal on the table, and it’s up to Ukraine to answer it,” Putin said, touching on the issue of negotiations.

Contradictory statements from two sides

Meanwhile, President Putin’s remarks were added to the remarks of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Pentagon has stated that “Ukrainians did not use humanitarian corridors” regarding humanitarian corridors and evacuation, but the Ukrainians claim that evacuation from humanitarian corridors is not possible due to continued Russian fires. Made a new statement.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has announced that rumors that Russia is disseminating false information and that civilians are not allowed to leave the city by Ukraine are false.

They warned England

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry officials used the term “London sanctions hysteria,” which refers to the sanctions decisions made by Britain at the expense of worsening relations with Russia. The ministry said Russia’s response to these sanctions would end Britain’s investment in Russia.

Russian officials said London preferred to confront Russia rather than solve the problem.

It was commented that this action by officials who did not condemn US Senator Graham’s words about the need for Putin’s murder would jeopardize future relations with Russia.