Just before | The latest developments in the Ukraine-Russia war … Open threat to Putin: We are everywhere.We are in your palace

The Russian-Ukrainian War has entered its 31st day … Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky discusses what can be done to stop the war in Ukraine with President Receipt Typ Erdogan and NATO leaders. Announced that. The famous hacker group Anonymous sent a bloody message to Russian leader Putin while the Azov Battalion released images of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine. This is the latest development in the Ukrainian War.

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The war, which began on the morning of February 24 at Putin’s orders, entered its 31st day. Ukraine claimed that Russia used a phosphorus bomb while warning messages were sent to Russia and China from yesterday’s important NATO summit. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that he has discussed with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO leaders what can be done to stop the war in Ukraine. While the Azov Battalion released images of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, the famous hacker group Anonymous sent a bloody message to Russian leader Putin, claiming he was watching every move of Putin. .. Ukrainian Prime Minister Dennis Schmihar has announced that Ukrainian pensions will be paid for two days despite the war in Ukraine.

This is the development of this area, every minute …

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11:00 am As Russia enters the 31st day of its attack on Ukraine, the loss of lives is increasing.

The latest statement from the Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office states that 136 children have died and 199 have been injured since the attack began on February 24. It was stated that 570 educational institutions were targeted when Russian troops attacked civilian infrastructure and residential areas, of which 73 were completely destroyed.

Russian military attacks have destroyed or damaged more than 40 children’s facilities, including medical centers, art schools, sports facilities and libraries.

05.15 Anonymous, a world-renowned hacker group, has hacked the Central Bank of Russia and sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Anonymous says, “Vladimir Putin, the secret is not safe. We are everywhere. We are in your palace. We are in the place where you eat. We are at your table, I. We are in the room where you sleep. ”

Anonymous challenged Putin and claimed that all his movements were being monitored

“Shoigu had a heart attack.”

04.20 Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said in a social media account, “Shoigu had a heart attack. Therefore, he has not been public since mid-March. Shoigu had a heart attack after Putin. A harsh reaction to the failure of a military operation in Ukraine. He is being treated at headquarters and is currently at the Nikolai N. Brudenko Clinic. “

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03.50 Ukrainian Prime Minister Dennis Schmihar has called on the public to work to recover the economy despite the domestic war, and has announced that Ukrainian pensions, including the conflict zone targeted by Russia’s attacks, will be paid for two days. ..

03.10 Russia reportedly began military exercises in the region, including the Kuril Islands, which Japan calls the Northern Territory and claims its rights. This exercise, which took place after Russia suspended peace treaty negotiations with Japan after World War II, was interpreted as a “threat to Tokyo.”

01.00 French President Emmanuel Macron: We are working with Turkey and Greece to evacuate Mariupol

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Macron said he hopes to meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin within a few hours on these plans. “We will make adjustments and then negotiate with Russia,” Macron said in a “concrete” discussion with the mayor of Mariupol.