Just barely … the first step in the Metaverse from the AK party!President Erdogan: I declare the following period as a digital mobilization period

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The highlights of President Erdogan’s statement are:
Today is March 21st. March 21 is a harbinger of spring. The Nowruz tradition also includes symbols that transcend seasonal changes in our country. Congratulate all the brothers and sisters in the heart of Nowruz.

The beginning of this policy

Today we will discuss and discuss the Metaverse together. Metaverse can be called Nowruz of Digital Technology. This is the first in politics. Thanks to the President of Information Technology for achieving this first.

I speak for people of my generation. The changes the world has experienced over five generations are truly enormous. Our grandfather’s lifestyle was almost the same as his grandfather 10th century ago. Between our childhood and adolescents, we saw that the vision of the future world was realized in the same way, if not the same. On the other hand, our grandchildren live in a world far beyond our understanding and have a wealth of subject learning. The Metaverse and similar channels will probably be an integral part of children’s lifestyles, beyond their grandchildren. This process requires rapid construction of new infrastructure technologies such as 5G and 6G. You can’t make such a big investment in such a short amount of time.

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The world is heading for a new era

The world is heading for a new era based on digital technology. It is our duty to prepare our own people in the most accurate, safest, most powerful and most well-equipped way for this unavoidable future. That is why we hold such meetings.

Digital law needs to be enacted

In addition to creating the technology infrastructure, we want to ensure that we first create content that can be used by ourselves and ultimately the world. Insiders know best how bad the digital world is today. Even the legal and moral tendencies of the social media platforms that have become cartels are a concrete expression of the need to draw our way in this area. Now that the reality of the digital economy is rising, it is impossible for all countries to reach consensus and solve problems without establishing a lagging digital legal order.

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Currently there is Turkey building its own satellite

Not only did the AK Party build hospitals, school buildings, roads, bridges and dams, but the investment we made ensured the spread of information and communication technology. Currently, there is Turkey building its own satellites, preparing software and designing ballistic vehicles to occupy its place more powerfully in space. We follow this process in all respects, using an action plan developed by the Digital Media Committee established by Congress. From software to marketing, more and more companies were born and raised in digital media. The claim that “Turkey has no chance to stand out in technology” based on global trust is an insult to the youth of this country. There may be no resources based on the exploitative system. First of all, we have a rich accumulation of civilizations. We have people who have proven their ability to overcome every crisis over and over again.

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We support all the breakthroughs that support us to move forward on the international stage. We stand side by side with the young people who have tried to open their lanes. Those who say young people don’t understand themselves need to go back to the beginning and explain what they left behind. We cannot put this country in a position to give a say to the new order of the world, avoiding understanding the new generation in the name of the intergenerational gap.

I declare it as a period of digital mobilization

Everything we do and build, digital culture products also have a broad target audience. The potential of our country is at the level where we can create our own Silicon Valley. The last Ukraine-Russia crisis once again showed us this fact. In the digital world, you don’t have your own infrastructure, your belongings, your talent, and you’re on the verge of disaster if you don’t stand in a local or national position. If you can’t make a UAV, SSTRUCTHA, or Raiders, it means you’re always faced with slavery. A young man with a gun cannot be a young man of the AK party. I said youth of TEKNOFEST, but now I call them young people who make a little progress in the Metaverse. I declare the coming period as a digital mobilization period. The motto of our conference is “The future belongs to those who design it” …

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Tokat Airport will open on Friday

The Canakkale Bridge was opened on Friday. Healing was found there as well. Hopefully, Tokat Airport will open this Friday as well.