Just barely … cryptocurrencies are getting stronger and stronger! Is Russia behind it?Click here for details

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Market volatility continues while the world’s eyes focus on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Oil, gold, precious metals and foreign exchange prices are very volatile, but embargoes and sanctions against Russia remain on the agenda.

With the US’s recent oil decision on Russia, the balance has deteriorated again and speculative highs have begun to appear.

The cryptocurrency market continues to be affected by this situation. Since Russia is mostly in financial prisons, the only way to secure money inside and outside the country is beginning to emerge as a cryptocurrency.

There are many reasons, such as the U.S. blocking oil purchases from Russia, the rapid withdrawal of Russia from the system, the suspension of trade and activity of giant companies towards Russia, and the capital regulation of foreign exchange transactions in Russia’s domestic system. It was revealed. To stop money inside and outside the country. Those who have money in Russia, where trade is already stagnant, have also found a way to withdraw their capital from the country by looking at cryptocurrencies.

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It was a way out for billions of people

With the start of seizure of the property of Russian millionaires around the world, oligarchs are trying to convert their money into cryptocurrencies and keep them decentralized and secure.

Is it possible to ban crypto coins?

How effective sanctions on Russian cryptocurrencies remain is a mystery. Giant crypto exchanges try to block purchases with Russian credit cards, but it is unclear how to block the purchase, sale, or transfer of existing cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is unclear how transparent these applications are because they cannot track cryptocurrency exchanges.

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May be possible with a cold wallet

Also, it is very easy for Russian billionaires to send crypto assets from crypto exchanges to cold wallets, making them completely inaccessible. When you create a cold wallet and park your crypto assets in your wallet, the crypto assets are decentralized and are unlikely to be tampered with.

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According to JP Morgan, crypto coins are used

Troy Rollbow, Head of Global Markets at JP Morgan, said cryptocurrency adoption is increasing day by day and has decided to act in line with customer demands. “As the crypto asset class evolves, it’s important that we are there,” Rohrbaugh said.

Bitcoin is rising rapidly

The cryptocurrency market has begun to rise under the leadership of Bitcoin. Russia is said to have an impact on the rise. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 41,500 and the premium is close to 9%. Bitcoin’s dominance is over 44%, but the crypto market fear and greed index is 22. The lower the level, the higher the fear.

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Barely ... Cryptocurrencies are getting stronger and stronger Russia behind it has details here

Ethereum is also looking at premium

Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, is also about to become stronger. It’s difficult to break the $ 3,000 limit, and Ethereum is trading at $ 2715 with an 8% premium.

Barely ... Cryptocurrencies are getting stronger and stronger Russia behind it has details here

Solana can’t satisfy investors

Solana, which has fallen from $ 260 to $ 80, will rise, but it has a long way to go for those who buy from the summit. Solana is a 5% premium for $ 87.