July 15th message from the world of sports



Mehmet Büyükekşi, President of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), issued a message on July 15th, Democracy and Unification Day.

In his message on the TFF website, Büyükekşi said, “We have not forgotten July 15. We will not forget it.” I used the phrase.

Turkey said it taught the world the lessons of heroes and democracy on July 15, 2016, and Büyükekşi said in his message:

“On July 15, 2016, members of FETO nested in the Turkish Army were in a dangerous coup targeting the integrity of our hometown, the unity and solidarity of our country, our independence and democracy. Attempts were made. Faced with this, betrayed, gathered under the leadership of our great country, President Receipt Typ Erdogan, and went to the streets and squares. He got off and his glorious With struggle and attitude, he taught the world the lessons of heroism and democracy. This epic, the blood of the 251 martyr of democracy, is always remembered as a symbol of the freedom of our country. As a family, we do not forget and remember the martyrs who are proud and honored. Dangerous coup attempts and terrorist organizations. I am grateful and merciful for the day of democracy and national unity. To commemorate the martyrdom left behind as a national heritage, we hope that all veterans will have a long and healthy life. “



Hidayet Türkoğlu, President of the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF), shared a message on the occasion of Democracy and Unification Day on July 15.

President Turcol used the following expression in his message:

“Six years ago, we showed the world that we were fully committed to the will of the country and the republic, despite facing a sneaky coup attempt. July 15, 2016 Is engraved in our memory as the date our country wrote the epic. Our country has shown unprecedented resistance to the attack on Turkey’s independence and prosperity. Democracy and national unity. On that day, I commemorate the deceased coups, with mercy and gratitude for their hometown, and in honor of our veterans.


The Galatasaray Club shared a message on July 15th, Democracy and Unification Day.

In a post shared on the club’s social media account, “Re-commemorating the veterans who sacrificed their lives to protect national unity and solidarity from the dangerous coup attempt of July 15, 2016, to veterans. Thank you. ”The expression was used.

Instead of the “Good Morning Galatasaray Family” message that yellow-red people regularly post on Twitter every morning, a photo of the Turkish flag was shared today using the “July 15” hashtag.


The Besiktas Club shared a message on July 15th, Democracy and Unification Day.

On the Black and White Club website, the message “We commemorate the Democratic Martyrs on July 15th with respect, mercy, and gratitude.” Used the following statement:

“July 15th is the holiday of our beloved country, which is deeply devoted to the flag and democracy. The heroic members of the Turkish army and police threaten the future and democracy on July 15, 2016. Opposed to the dangerous coup d’etat attempt Thus, the Republic of Turkey is never a day of democracy and national unity, we commemorate the citizens martyred by the bullet with respect and mercy 6 of this dangerous attempt Thank you for the anniversary and for our veterans. We offer. “


The Fenerbahce Club shared a message on July 15th, Democracy and Unification Day.

In a message on the Huang Navy Club website, “To commemorate the 6th anniversary of the attempted coup d’etat on July 15, 2016, we once again condemn this dangerous attack and this terrorist organization by those who ignored the will of the people.” rice field. Sovereignty belongs to the country unconditionally! We would like to express our gratitude to all the individuals and institutions in Japan who have evacuated for our country without thinking for a moment. We offer mercy and commemorate the martyrs who have taken their lives for our country. Our veteran in honor. ” I have been told.

The statement reminded us of the process of “correcting the match in football” on July 3, 2011, and “the Fenerbahce community sparked on the sixth anniversary of the day of democracy and national unity on July 15. Reminds me again. July 3, 2011, the first igniter of the fight against the FETO terrorist organization. The Fenerbahce Sports Club, as a whole, is needed for this sneaky organization, along with the president, managers, athletes and supporters. The most powerful reaction was shown. ”Equation was used.


On the day of democracy and national unity, we commemorate all the heroes who, with respect and gratitude, stopped the dangerous coup attempt on July 15.


On July 15th, the day of democracy and national unity, we would like to thank our country for confronting the dangerous coup attempt and writing the democracy epic. And recovery to our veteran.