Judicial scandal!Last minute: He was acquitted for 14 years and released by saying “I’m sorry”.

He was imprisoned for sexual abuse! 14 years later “I’m sorry!”

Breaking News … Dilek BC, who lives in the Chalayanserit district of Kahramanmaras, went to a health center in 2008 and learned that he was four months pregnant. Police began an investigation after the condition of 14-year-old Dilek was reported. Her cousin Mustafa Barker, she says is the father of her child, but Dilek BC was detained and arrested.

12 years and 6 months imprisonment in the first case

According to the latest DHA news, the arrested Mustafa Berker was released 21 days after the investigation was underway. The baby Dilek BC also died during childbirth. Mustafa Barker if he is tried. He was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison for “sexual abuse of infants” and the decision was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2013.

Someone married to his uncle’s daughter

Mustafa Barker, who was arrested in 2014 after the approval decision, was arrested again. Meanwhile, Dilek BC married another person in the process.

Death Babys Grave Open

The Mustafa Berker family, believing that the children were innocent, went to lawyer Serpil Yavaşoğlu in 2015 to explain the situation. When Wildoglu examined the file, he noticed that the deceased baby had not been tested for DNA. I applied for a decision on external evidence from the Kahramanmaras First Trial Second Civil Court and requested that the baby’s grave be opened.

Forensic report reveals

After the request was accepted, the tomb was opened and samples were taken. Blood samples taken from Mustafa Berker were sent to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute. Examination revealed that Mustafa Barker was not the father of the baby.

The judiciary said, “He must be tried again.”

The request for retrial submitted to the Second Higher Criminal Court along with the forensic report was dismissed by the court. At the request of a lawyer, in 2017 the Supreme Court of Appeals’ 14th Criminal Chamber ruled that the accused would need to be retried.

A hearing was held on December 6, 2017, in a case at the Kahramanmaraş Second Higher Criminal Court. Mustafa Barker, who did not accept her accusations, was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison for “sexual abuse”. Defendant’s lawyer, Serpil Yavaşoğlu, has appealed this decision and the Supreme Court has decided to retrial Mustafa Berker.

Judgment was made

Barker, who appeared before a third judge in the High Court Criminal Court for “sexual abuse,” said his cousin’s allegations were not entirely true, and forensic reports were born as a result of the abuse. He was not himself in the forensic report. At a hearing in the case last February, a court delegation said: This time he acquitted Mustafa Barker. This time, Dilek Berker C. opposed this decision. In a file brought to the Senate; the Supreme Court upheld the district court’s final decision in January.

“Despite DNA reports, they were punished.”

Mustafa Barker said he tried to prove innocence from the beginning, and 14 years later the stain on his forehead had cleared.

“I was arrested in the first place, stayed in prison for 21 days and released. In the latter case, I was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison. The decision was upheld and put in jail in 2014. Two weeks later, lawyer Serpil Yavashoul arrived and Serpil said, “Did you have a relationship? Did you not enter?” He asked. When I said I didn’t enter, a woman in Serpil demanded DNA, and the Supreme Court overturned the decision in that report. This time, the court sentenced me to eight years and four months in prison, despite reports of DNA. .. I appealed this and the Supreme Court pleaded me not guilty. I was retried and acquitted. This time my uncle appealed File, but the Supreme Court upheld my acquittal. “

“My youth my life, my life has declined”

Mustafa Barker complained to his cousin Dilek BC and his uncle and aunt, saying he had been acquitted for 41 months and said, “I wanted you to put everything out to clean the stain on your forehead.” He said.