Journalists leave the venue protesting against Bayram Bektash


In Week 5 of the Süper Toto 1st League, Caykur Rizespor drew 1-1 with Samsunspor. In the post-match press conference, there was an interesting moment when technical his director Bektash entered the conference room. Bektash received protests from members of the press for not bringing some journalists working for Samsung to the facility. After the match, Bektash entered the press conference and was about to start speaking, but the journalists who had followed the match from Samsung to Rize left their seats and left the venue. On the other hand, Bektash, who used the sentence “Respect those who respect you, and beware of those who do not,” replied, “I do not respect those who do not respect me.” Bektash is embarrassed by “what have you done”. ”

When evaluating the match after the protests ended, Bektash evaluated the event based on journalists’ questions. Bektash called out to the left-behind Rize reporters, saying, “If it weren’t for you, the story would have been boring.” Those who come and don’t come know for yourself. I respect that. Like I said, I give objective comments. I expect comments. They are open to criticism. This team sets an example of struggle. The games they lose, the games they win show that. It’s always a question of conclusion. Like I said, if you are objective you will be convicted of exposing it to the institution to which you belong or to the public. So I respect you. , we speak in vain We are here through you Right what I said before I don’t speak nonsense I don’t speak nonsense I make mistakes You can, I know how to apologize. Therefore, it is not pleasant for everyone to comment on their own. I’m sorry,” he said.

“Despite the pitch, we set a good example of fighting”


Assessing the match, Bektash said he regretted returning to Samsung with one point, stating: A combination of two simple mistakes prevented us from clearing the ball. He also gave the ball to his opponent by moving it to the center where he had to leave the ball. As if that wasn’t enough, he shot at their own player and the ball went into the goal. At first, it was said that there was no goal, but the referee’s judgment was in that direction. We lost 1-0 due to consecutive mistakes. I found a chance to score. We had some troubles in midfield. I struggled to manshare because the opponent’s attacking midfield was always falling behind. In the second period, we had a little more balance. Despite being outnumbered, they are a team that always falls behind and draws, except in the first match. We could have moved on. A team that can win even if they are outnumbered. In fact, after dominating the game with passes, our opponents returned the ball a little longer. When I returned to the long ball, the flight distance increased. A spinning ball was also there. Once we got the spinning ball, we tried a more organized attack, but we couldn’t get the results. The most frustrating thing is that I resisted such a team in such a game. At the last second, I caught the position I trained in practice, but I didn’t manage to use it. Once the positions are completed, the match is over. Sorry, but here he returns with one point. Rize’s field is difficult for a team that fights with passes. Despite this field, we set a good example of struggle. ”