Journalist Crew and Sports Page


Where should I start and how would you explain it?

It’s a very delicate theme … it’s very difficult not to get messed up while sticking a needle …

During the week, the fight between Van Aanholt and Kerem suddenly emerged, and in the evening there was a “picture of happiness” on social media. No problem for now. But let’s take a look at the question. Why did reporters who followed the training wait hours to report this event? In the section published to the press …

What do you think?

Instinct to protect Galatasaray? Are you worried about being kicked out of the club tomorrow? Or is it a strategy that doesn’t scare the Management Technical Committee?

But sooner or later he had a bad habit of revealing the truth … in fact, he appeared on social media, and after that, even without a fight, a grudge came out.


Before; who, how, where, and everything of press value was the source of the reporter. Now; -You need to keep someone doing the job right-The club reporter is wearing his jersey … protecting the colors he follows and separating and supporting the manager he is near him. That is his duty!

It’s easy to write, but it’s hard to hide at this time of year!

Galatasaray was just an example here … The club’s “media” unit is like an adjutant set up to keep pressure on journalists … an example from Fenerbahce … now foreign I have a coach of people. At the time, Ikto Kojaman was having a chat meeting with the media, but the club brought it to the “Censorship Committee” saying “write down what you need.” He doesn’t trust his teacher or his previous journalist …

When Hande Sümertaş was in Galatasaray with Fatih Terim, she wanted to see it even before the interview was published. If not … If not, there is no interview!

Anyone who reports against the club, “even if most of them are true,” may be shamelessly denied and barred from entering the facility. How about “freedom of information”? The logic of “this is my facility” … the tragedy of extrajudicial executions …

When Süleyman Seba’s then-best friend Besiktas’s “legend” Bilal Meche picked up a transfer scandal at Nartallo and Manacello, Seba dismissed Gordon Milne from work and M0054 LLוYET. Thanks for writing. Who knows now, “the person who hides the news” will be rewarded!

Especially social media … those who almost fill their faces and eyes with the colors of the clubs they follow to get more followers from Twitter groups, those who become hooligan enough to confuse journalism and support, probably have them. You will receive salary or-anything-their money from those who have these colors.

I hope these so-called media members (who have already revealed themselves and their colors) will soon find their true place. Otherwise, there is no “journalism crew” to report or “sports page” to write …


12 minute penalty

A 19-year-old young man, Serdal Search … Turkish for this age group is “youth”.

Selder played in the 72nd minute of the Victoria Plzen match and was greeted by Valérien Ismael in 1984 … but he continued for another 6 minutes, with the harshest warnings and the hardest brushes of the rocker. If even thrown away, the room, Selder couldn’t say words or words. Momentary reaction … but no, in front of thousands of stadiums, in front of hundreds of thousands of people in front of the TV, worse than cursing in front of millions of people in front of the TV, at the discretion of the youth It didn’t fit.

Why did he really take it out, Ismael? Did his team score three goals in 12 minutes on the field move? Did he not respond to the teacher’s request with reluctance, lethargy, and mixed feelings?

Even in the “Football Manager” game, you can’t change players for such a long time.

This young talent, who is currently working in Besiktas’ equity system for 8.5 years, has been hampered in providing black and white colors.

The relationship between his manager and Besiktas was tense. Who is what? Stop playing all the football you want until you can’t handle it … If you have a jewel, it’s shining everywhere.

You see …