Joshua King: I can’t wait to go to the match-TRT Spor


A Norwegian player who signed a two-year contract with the Yellow Dark Blue team answered media questions after training at the Samandira Kambaltu facility.

Emphasizing that his first days at Fenerbahce were great, the 30-year-old soccer player said:It was well received by everyone on the team. That made me happy. We train hard in training. All you need to do to reach the high level is hard work. I can’t wait to play with this jersey. ” He said.

Explaining that his best friend in Norway is a Turk and a fan of Fenerbahce, King continued:

“My best friend in Norway, my friend from 8 years old is Turkish. He gave his son a Fenerbahce jersey 3-4 days ago and said he would like to play for Fenerbahce someday. I’m a fan of. This is my wish. I’m very happy to be here. “I’m in a very big community. It’s the biggest club I’ve ever played in my career. Not much at Manchester United. I can say that the biggest club is Fenerbahce because I didn’t have time. My best friend is Turkish and good Fenerbahce makes me feel special. “

He participated in many positions depending on the formation of the offense, but described the actual position as a striker and said experienced players like to run behind the defense to make positions.


“I wish I could come to Fenerbahce sooner”

King said he went to Manchester United at a very young age and didn’t have enough time for the team at the time.While playing for different teams, I scored 4-5 goals against them. I have great respect for them. The time I spent at their academy had a positive impact on my career. I want to spend the best season here now. I’m 30 years old and it’s a very productive year for strikers. I wish I had been to Fenerbahce before, but that was how the process evolved. My goal is to make the fans happy. I want to contribute to the path to success. “ I made that evaluation.

“I’ve been in the Champions League for seven minutes and it’s been a dream since I was a kid.”

King has stated that he is focused on the match of Dynamokib, who will be competing in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

“I have been a professional soccer player for 10-12 years. The training method here is one of the highest level of training. Our teacher is a very detailed technician. He pays attention to everything. A person. Details. He is a very detailed technician in terms of fitness, tactical training and position. 100%. ” It takes a little more time to fit 100%. I went to Poland and participated in the Champions League for 7 minutes, which has been my dream since I was a kid. I’m looking forward to the match now. I’ll try my best. I will show you.“”

“Ozan Tufan is like my brother”

He explained that he loves Ozan Tufan who left Fenerbahce and previously told him about Fenerbahce, the striker finished his words as follows:

“Ozan Tufan is like my brother. At Watford I tried to help him, and we became friends. I asked him about Fenerbahce, and he said,” It’s you. Would be perfect for you. ” … I know someone who has played here before. If you disturb the ethics of your work, it becomes a problem for you. Players like Linnes, Omar and Cellulos have played at a high level since coming here. I have the same spirit. I want to work here with great ambition. We have very good teachers and a large community. I have a lot of fans. Passionate. “