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In Week 5 of the Sportoto Super League, Besiktas beat MKE Ankaraguçu 3-2 away, and after the final whistle, the black-and-white player received a one-game penalty from the PFDK for receiving a red card. I was. He attacked a teammate and intervened against a fan who entered the field. Soccer player Joseph de Souza made a statement at a press conference held at Vodafone Park.

“I am disappointed with this punishment.”

President Ahmet Nur Çebi began his speech by thanking the black and white community and fans. “Because the great support they have shown me over the last few days means a lot. It has been a very difficult and sad week. I worked day and night and got back on the field earlier than usual.I helped the team during the game.I also helped the referee during the game.There was an incident and at that time I was acting normal. I got a red card and was suspended for one game.I’m disappointed with this punishment.In life,some things you do are more shocking than what you say.I am one of those people.Me too. show their character by their actions Last week there was a meeting in the federation with a message of solidarity and solidarity and non-violence which was exactly what it was but where we are The situation is the other way around: in last week’s game, I defended my teammate, defended the referee, and received an unfair penalty as a result.The size of this penalty doesn’t really matter.The real problem here is The question is why the punishment was given.I think I did something there 100%.The federation could have given me a penalty of 5 matches.The main problem here is that such The consequences of actions are to be punished.” He said.

“Such penalties damage the image of Turkish football.”

“There is no need to argue that this punishment is wrong.” The experienced footballer continued the sentence:


“I would like to ask the general public a question. Let’s think about this incident in this way. At that time, fans who entered the field hurt Senku and Sally, and they were holding tools that could hurt them. If those players or referees are injured, people tell me 1 game. Will they give the penalty again? Many agree with this. I want more punishment.Punishment? Everyone will say it will get better soon. Such penalties damage the image of Turkish football.

Joseph said he wanted to go to the arbitration committee and tell them exactly what had happened, but their application was not accepted, so he apologized.

“We are feeling uneasy with our family.”

The 33-year-old actress also noted that she and her family are feeling insecure due to the incident in question. “I constantly talk to my family about how the punishment I received was given. I feel anxiety about the possibility.Those who should have been punished were not punished.In this sense it creates anxiety.Because something like that happened and the next action was not enough.” He said.

“I love this country”

Here’s what Brazilians say about their love for Turkey: “It is a country where I have perfected myself as a football player and as a person. I love my Turkish fans. I have a big dream here and I dream of Turkey doing other things in Turkish football When I have a lot of love , It makes me and my family sad.I love Turkey, Turkish people and Turkish football. He said.

“Always have a stance as a character”

Recalling being in Turkey for six years and seeing only two red cards, Joseph said: “Both happened in the VAR. A player who promotes football.I will not allow this to get in the way of my character who promotes football on the field.I am a person who wants to protect my teammates on the field.More talented than me. There are actors, but I always have a stance as a character.” He finished his sentence.

Josef de Souza got emotional in the middle of his speech and couldn’t hold back his tears.