Jorge Jesus rolled up his sleeves early in Fenerbahce


The new season’s work in Fenerbahce began on June 15th at the Samandira Kambaltu facility. The dark blue team drew 2-2 with North Macedonia’s Shkupi, beating Albania’s KF Tirana 4-0. In the final friendly match in Istanbul, the dark blue team beat Qatar’s al-Shamal 4-2. Fenerbahce then moved to the Bad Radkersburg region near Graz, Austria, where he played two more friendly matches. At the Merkur Arena in Graz, the dark blue team defeated the Serbian Partizan team and the Hungarian team Morfe Harbor 3-0.

Jesus was interested in Gammer

Jorge Jesus of Fenerbahce Coach took care of the players in preparation for the new season. In an attempt to remind his team of his own philosophy and playing style, Jesus conducted a one-on-one interview with his practice and friendly players. The experienced coach, who always warned and told him what he wanted, continued to interact with the players. By providing athletes with an intensive training program, especially twice daily, Jesus rolled his sleeves early on to succeed in both Europe and the league.

Ismail High, the essence of Jesus

In the dark blue team, Ismail Yuksek, who later played in Shkupi, Tirana and Al Shamal, became an integral part of Jorge Jesus in the Partisan-Mol Fehelber match. Jesus gave Ismail Yuksek the opportunity to play for 90 minutes in both friendly matches, but the fact that the coach was the player with the most dialogue on the field was not overlooked. A 23-year-old soccer player made a statement after the match at Mol Fehelber, emphasizing the importance of feeling the weight and pride of the Fenerbahce jersey. Yuksek expressed his particular interest in himself, saying, “Thanks to him, he takes care of me in every way. I will do my best in this area.” ..

EMRE MOR is worn for the first time in yellow navy blue jersey


Fenerbahce’s new transfer Emre Mor is part of the Austrian camp team. Emre Mor, who signed an official contract with the Yellow Dark Blue Club in Graz, wore a yellow dark blue jersey for the first time in a friendly match against the partisans. Emre Mor replaced Lincoln Enrique in the 64th minute of the partisan match.

All players of the camp staff will be tried

Jorge Jesus gave all players time during training sessions, especially in preparatory matches.

The Portuguese coach did not change his defense line in the two friendly matches at the Austrian camp. Altay Bayındır participated in the castle in two games of the Yellow Dark Blue team, while the defensive quartet consisted of Osai Samuel, Kim Min Jae, Attila Szalai and Ferdi Kadio. Ismail Yuksek, who attracted attention for his performance at the front libero, has become the name of the jersey that has not changed in two games. In the attack, Bruma and Rossi played in the first 11 of the last two friendly matches.

The obstacle has improved

Fenerbahce’s Crespo, Gustavo and Serdal Aziz were not brought to the Austrian camp, but Yandash, who felt pain in his muscles, returned to Istanbul on the first day of the camp. No negative controls were seen for the four players, but they will be competing in the Champions League qualifying round 2 Dynamokib match in Poland on July 20th. Treatment of Nagym Sangaré, who has partial damage to his anterior cruciate ligament, continues.

The future of the four players is not clear

The future of the four players on the dark blue team remains uncertain. The status of Remos, Meyer, Tiseland and Coker, who were not included in the Austrian camp due to obstacles, is still unknown. The work of the player who will leave the team will continue.

Friendly match against Hull City

Fenerbahce will play a friendly match against Hull City in Sakarya on July 10. The battle at Sakalya Ataturk Stadium begins at 20.30. After that, Fenerbahce, who continues to work at the facility, turns to the game of Dynamo Kiif.


All preparations at Fenerbahce followed the match of Dynamokib in the second qualifying round of the Champions League. Jorge Jesus wants to enter the season with a championship password in every lane, but he wants to overcome his first obstacle without any problems.