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Ali Gultiken

Okan Buruk knows both Super League and Galatasaray very well. He will succeed… In Fenerbahçe, Jesus needs time, but the community has neither patience nor merit.

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Hunter is the luckiest coach. He has a staff that maintains the order of games he wants. Jesus has a difficult job in Fenerbahçe.Establishing team harmony and systems is not easy

Question: Sless than the start of the Super League left. 4 big team coaches What happens when you put it on the scale?

Murat Ozbostan: Let’s go one by one.. The most unlucky name of these teachers is Valerien Ismael.. why? Fans before the start of the league I started complaining.. On top of that, Ridvan, Emirhan went and Josef got injured..and the triple system debate flared the previous match he was back 4-3-3..but -4-3 at 1.5 Moon.. League starts now, system Weird.. isn’t it weird? 3-4 you can’t win the game It’s burnt! Okan Buruk.. Brand new team, transfers.. They are doing well.. Point shooting is very good. Mother’s Community Support If it happens, it does the job.. Galatasaray Good staff.. Jesus.. he does a tough job too. Crowded team.. Since Vedat Muriqi left, this team has been shouting ‘scorers’.. F. Garden He moves to a place where there are many people. What does it have to do with anything? F. Garden has to start at full speed.Otherwise the tribune will rock yes.Abdullah Avcı..He won the trophy.He was relieved..Friendly match was in trouble..Team is good..but the gap between defense and offensive line seems to be disconnected..there is a small problem..Avcı must..stay in the Champions League. Otherwise you will have problems.


Omer Products: Hunter is one of the luckiest coaches. Because he was head of Trabzonspor long ago. He has a staff that maintains the order of games he wants. Trezeguet’s contribution is significant. Larsen quickly adapted to the team. Ellen had already appeared in Kashin Pasha last year. Avcı’s most tiring task is midfield formation. The midfield of Bacacetas, A. Omr and Hamsik in the Super Cup final is not suitable for the principles of today’s football. jesus is a career technique Man. But it is difficult. Very recently, a transfer took place. Aligning staff and systems is not easy. Injuries followed for a short time. The most important transfer was Pedro. However, it is interesting that at Cagliari he faced a muscle tear before the game when he hadn’t had an injury in four years. From the sky of Istanbul, I don’t know if it’s water. Okan Buruk found success in his brief coaching career. G. Saray’s move is spot on. At Oliveira, he got both a striker and a midfielder as a promoter. Yunus, who debuted last year, came. Kerem is already a talented winger. A warrior player who runs the Mitsujo that was stolen last. and Ceferovic It’s okay to add burg peak I think he will play Valerien Ismael is an ambitious teacher. Besiktas also made a good move. Weghorst is definitely a striker to make a name for himself. Mureka can help. There’s Kenku, there’s Gedson. Sais is also good as a goalscorer in set pieces. But besides that he has three losses. There is the situation of Ridvan, Joseph who had surgery, and Emirhan. Ismael Mee in triple defense You should give up.

Ali Gürtiken: Some are beginners, while others have been doing it since last year. Being able to continue as a team is an advantage. here Pointing to Abdullah Avcı and Valerien Ismael we do From the moment Avcı arrived, he built a team on stone and brought important goals to the club. With an established staff, continuous system and quality players, Avcı starts the season one step ahead of everyone else. rebuild yourself for Ismael proof season. He was aware of the team in front of him, so he had the opportunity to build his own system with new players. All eyes are on him now. Okanburg, Turkey League and Galatasaray he knows well As a coach with league-winning experience, there is no doubt that Galatasaray will adapt to these goals. before Jesus It’s a tough season. He needs time to get to know the players. Expectations are high. He can’t go wrong with his choice of actors because the community has neither the patience nor the trust to give. Failure hurts not only him, but also the president and management team. If you can start with the right players without confusion, you’ll be on your way to championship goals.

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Levent Tüzemen: Abdullah Avcı has a fully restored team ready. I like Larsen and Ellen as attacking full-backs. Playing in three lanes, Trabzonspor need good defenders and players who can play both sides of the game in midfield. Next to Djaniny and Cornelius we need a striker. Valerien Ismael should stop obsessing over the 3-4-3 system now. There is no point in claiming a triple defense if Besiktas successfully defends the quartet. We need a player to replace Joseph. Gesar should play on the wing again. Besiktas should not have overlooked Emirhan. Emilhan behind the striker Besiktas position was playing It won’t be difficult to make. It is blasphemy for Jesus to make so many transfers. Last season’s late leaders, Fenerbahçe needed a strong striker and a good left-back. Replacing Kim is right, but changing teams all of a sudden is a big mistake.The fact that, in Van Persier’s time, Jesus created a cast of actors who spoke his own language is a reference to Pereira’s “Portuguese Speaker” make my job easier Like concept. G. Saray succeeds at Okan Buruk. The transition of points was done like needlework. Dubois, Abdulkerim, Oliveira and Mitsujo are ready. Seferovic becomes the most effective striker G. Saray is looking for after his Gomis. The participation of Yunus and his Emre Akbaba gave the team strength. Galatasaray should get another striker and wing to replace Kerem and Yunus.