Joint statement from six opposition parties

DEVA Chair Ali Babajan today includes CHP Chair Kemal Kılıdarır, IYI Party Chair Meral Akshenar, Felicity Party Chair Temel Caramoor, Democratic Chair Gürtekin Weisal, and Future Party Chair Ahmet Dabtor. It was hosted at the party headquarters at 19:30.

The leaders’ summit, which brought together leaders from six political parties, lasted five hours. In a joint statement after the meeting, “Our goal is to end serious problems through consultations and enable each and every citizen to achieve a standard of living and welfare that is worthy of human dignity.” We offer the public to continue working with unity and reconciliation, contrary to the policy of separation and polarization. “

After the meeting, the leaders jointly issued a written statement. The description is as follows:

“We have set up a working group within the roadmap of the migration process.”

“As the six most broadly representative parties to society, we have reached a complete agreement on a” transition to a strengthened parliamentary system “based on consultation and reconciliation rather than polarization. Turkish history, and we announced a joint agreement with our country on February 28th. We shared. We reunited today to evaluate and move forward in areas of cooperation to build the “Turkey of Tomorrow” agreed at the February 12 meeting.

First, we formed a working group as part of the roadmap for the transition to a parliamentary system. We evaluated the political situation last month and exchanged views in this context on election bills aimed at disrupting our unity. We want our country to know that our unity based on the principles of democracy is unaffected by such political and engineering efforts.

“We have set up another working group to ensure the security of the elections.”

We are determined to continue to work in harmony. Meanwhile, to ensure the security of the elections, we have formed another working group to fully reflect the will of the country in the parliament under all circumstances.

“We valued the deep economic crisis.”

We also evaluated the serious economic crisis that Japan is facing today. Arbitrary policies separated from reason, science, reality and consultative culture, along with the presidential regime, have significantly increased living costs, unemployment and poverty, and severely increased economic fragility.

“We also came into contact with the Russian-Ukraine War.”

In addition to these issues, we also discussed the Russian-Ukraine War that led to a serious international crisis. The stability and peace of our region is threatened by the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, which violates international law. This crisis reiterated the importance of a rational and consistent foreign policy that takes into account Japan’s medium- to long-term strategic interests.

I would like to talk to all the citizens here. We are determined to take Turkey out of the dark ages. Our hopes and beliefs in the future are far greater than Turkey’s problems. The memorandum of strengthening the parliamentary cabinet system and continued cooperation have raised the hopes and beliefs of Japan in the future.

Our goal is to put an end to our deep problems through consultation and lead each and every one of our citizens to a standard of living and welfare that is worthy of human dignity. Contrary to government separation and polarization policies, we offer the public to continue working with unity and reconciliation. “

What happened?

Opposition leaders first met at the invitation of Kurti Darul on February 12, and after about a five-hour meeting, gave the final form of the “Strengthening Parliamentary Cabinet Memorandum” to cooperate on the election process and beyond. I said a message. ..