Jeweler establishes a bank-Bloomberg HT

The Turkish jewelery industry is preparing to set up a bank. Mustafa Ataik, chairman of the Istanbul Jeweler Chamber (0054KO), said they are playing an important role in the economy with the value-added production they have developed.

As IKO, they have long worked hard to find a permanent solution to the credit and financial problems of sector members, and Atayık is now unique to the Turkish jeweler family of 40,000 jewelery businesses. Said to have a professional bank.

Atayık, who said he wanted to convey the good news that Altınbank would be established, said:

“We are proud and excited to announce a historic service that solves our colleagues’ financial problems thanks to this bank, which was established as a chamber of commerce. Altınbank will be a gold banking locomotive. All Stakeholders in the sector can be partners Banks bring different approaches to the development of sector-specific lending mechanisms. Altınbank Export-oriented companies can find simple lending at our factory. Especially small workshops and craftsmen are effectively supported. In addition, it also provides financial contributions to mega projects related to our sector.

As an IKO, we have reached an important stage in the assessments and discussions we have held with the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), the Banking Regulatory Authority (BDDK), and relevant ministries. At the meeting with SDIF and BRSA to establish a bank, under the leadership of IKO, we proceeded with the restructuring of banks suitable for the structure of the sector. “

Atayık said the roadmap and history will be revealed as a result of meetings between the preparatory technical team and SDIF and BDDK experts, and Atayık said they had meetings and technical committee work within the sector.

“It will be a locomotive”

Mustafa Atayik, along with Altınbank, meets the credit needs of the jewelery sector in the field of banking, appreciates its strong capital structure and supports and develops this sector and exports. underHe said its purpose was to bring gold into the economy.

Atayık points out that Altınbank’s previous responsibility for regulating the Turkish gold market can be fulfilled by using an electronic funds transfer system, the EFT infrastructure.

“Thanks to Altınbank’s gold / commodity / currency transfer system, EDT, it’s easy to create transactions using jewelery and licensed founding organizations. Physical delivery and storage centers Advanced services are provided. The opportunity for physical movement in this sector creates an unprecedented situation in our country, perhaps in the world. With the institutional structure of our jewelery and jewelery industry. The power of the organization, and the power of about 40,000 jeweler colleagues to serve even the most remote, the Turkish currency will be integrated in line with this goal and launch this initiative on behalf of our country, economy and industry. That was a very correct decision.

Altınbank will be a gold banking locomotive. You can build a strong partnership structure. This is because 40,000 colleagues will be able to use the institutional structure of the sector in their partnership structure. It brings a different approach to the development of sector-specific credit mechanisms in the forex-effective trading of precious metals, precious stones and partners. It is also a resource for Borsaðstanbul members. It will be the point where the slogans “Your Second Address” and “Your Safe Harbor” find meaning for the public. It aims to provide a banking identity with physical access to precious metals, stones and foreign currencies. “

“Dividends will be given”

IKO President Atayık said, “Precious metals collected from depositors are given dividends paid from the amount received from their credits. In other words, gold deposit account holders are the first in Turkey to add, albeit few. Will be provided with income, and probably in the world. “

In this way, Atayık used the following statement, stating that it plans to bring investment-type gold from domestic people and institutions into the economy and reduce the rate of gold imports from abroad.

“Altinbank, which operates in banks and other areas granted to banks in accordance with current law, is believed to occupy an important position in the banking sector and perform effective and professional duties. Sector member finances. Altınbank, a key need, also contributes to the gold economy under the pillow. ”We believe we are also a pioneer in the field of investment. It was announced in the hope that this initiative will be beneficial to our country. , Economics, banking and jewelry sectors. “